Number 1097 - Saturday 3rd July 2021


The Session 2022. New dates have been released for The Session - it moves from the planned October 2021 date to 14th, 15th & 16th January, 2022. And the first wave of performers have been announced: Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, Mario Lopez, Tobias Dostal, Nicholas Einhorn, Harry De Cruz, Michael Vincent, Christian Grace and Andy Frost. All existing registrations have been moved to the January 2022 convention date. For more info visit 3.7.21


The 6th annual KFC (Karl Fulves Convention) - today, in London. The 6th annual KFC (Karl Fulves Convention) celebrating the great genius of card magic, close-up and mentalism, Karl Fulves, will take place at 1.30pm today, Saturday 3rd July, at the Rose Cafe, 279d Finchley Road, London NW3 6LT. Nearest stations are Finchley Road tube (Jubilee line) and Finchley Road and Frognal overground station. The event is organised by Allan Brown. Last year's zoom event was attended by magicians from the USA, Switzerland, Scotland and England. Admission is free and the event extremely informal, no need to register, just turn up. Attendees are expected to demonstrate at least one trick from one of Karl Fulves many publications. 3.7.21


The Century of Deception: The Birth of the Hoax in Eighteenth-Century England by Ian Keable. In 1749, a newspaper advertisement appeared declaring that a man would climb inside a bottle on the stage of a London theatre. Although the crowds turned up in their hundreds to witness the trick, the performer didn’t. Over the following decades, elaborate jokes and fanciful tales would continue to bamboozle people across England.

In The Century of Deception, magician and historian Ian Keable tells the engrossing stories of these eighteenth-century hoaxes and those who were duped by them. The English public were hoodwinked time and time again, swallowing whole tales of rapping ghosts, a woman who gave birth to rabbits, a levitating Frenchman in a Chinese Temple and outrageous astrological predictions. Not only were the hoaxes widely influential, drawing in celebrities such as Samuel Johnson, Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Swift, they also inflamed concerns about ‛English credulity’. ‘Fake news’, ‛going viral’ and ‛social media’ may be modern terms, but as this entertaining, eye-opening book shows, these concepts have been with us for centuries.


Author Ian Keable obtained a first-class degree from the University of Oxford in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, qualified as a chartered accountant and then became a professional magician. A member of The Magic Circle with gold star, he has won several awards for his unique brand of comedy magic and has made numerous appearances on television and presented programmes for BBC Radio. Keable is the author of three books for the general public as well as three works for professionals including Stand-Up: A Professional Guide to Comedy Magic and Charles Dickens Magician: Conjuring in Life, Letters and Literature. This new title, The Century of Deception, will be published on September 7th, 2021 and is now available for pre-order from 3.7.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Martin Daniels and his version of Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell in a guest spot on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 24th February 1990. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 3.7.21


Magicseen Issue 99, July 2021. From the publishers: The latest edition of Magicseen is now out and serves up a varied menu of celebrity interviews, event and product reviews, helpful articles and magic to learn. The cover and main feature article belong to one of the UK's finest sleight of hand card magicians, Ben Earl. He is joined by Israeli comedy mentalist Amir Lustig, as well as Brian Johnson, who gives a behind-the-scenes account of his run of gigs at the Tower Of London. In the Masterclass you will find a stand up mentalism routine from Sean Taylor and a close up coin effect from Dave Loosley. We offer you two advice articles, one explaining ways to avoid making bad magic purchases and the other giving you top suggestions from Paul Gordon and Denis Behr on how to become a great card magician. And of course, there's plenty more, including our legendary product review section, In The Phonebox, letters and other content to keep you entertained. You can get your copy as part of a 1 or 2 year printed copy or download subscription, or purchase just the single issue also in either format, from 3.7.21


A Show of Hands. BBC Radio 4. Touch. Series 1, episode 5. The documentary about the importance of the human hand focuses on the power of touch, with massage therapist Cathy Hagan reflecting on the way she uses her thumbs, palms and the heel of her hand to sense and locate areas of tension in her clients' bodies. Different insights into touch comes from magician and sleight-of-hand expert James Freedman, and hand surgeon Simon Kay. On Tuesday 13th July on BBC Radio 4. See TV Magic for details. 3.7.21


An Evening with Nikolas Mavresis - Tony Junior's free Zoom Magic Lecture Evenings. Tony Junior writes: All magicians are invited to my next free Zoom Magic Lecture event on Monday, 5th July. The virtual doors open from 7pm UK/London, 2pm EST for general socialising with the lecture starting 30 minutes later.


Limited to the first 100 logins on a first come basis. As usual the Zoom links will be here: I have two lectures on Monday 12th July who will be announced next week, and have a very special guest all the way from Las Vegas for August 9th - please make sure you reserve those dates!

Nikolas Mavresis is a rising star in the magic industry who has built a reputation for consistently releasing strong, practical effects to the magic community. In 2020 he won the "Consistent Creator of the Year" award. His releases, such as Cinemental, The Collector, Poison, Spellebrity and Zener Match have all received critical acclaim and have been performed by countless magicians across the globe. For this lecture Nikolas has handpicked some of his favourite magic and mentalism creations including some of his marketed items as well as unpublished gems. Following the lecture, there will be exclusive discounts and bundles for Nikolas's products offered to all attendees. Look forward to seeing you on Monday, Tony Junior.


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. This week "A day in the life of Dobbo!" - YouTube. 3.7.21


The Bermuda Triangle - a grand illusion on a micro scale. For David Copperfield's 10th TV special he succeeded in creating one of the most ambitious (and expensive) illusion sequences ever filmed as he challenged the mysterious forces of nature in the Bermuda Triangle. Now with a significantly smaller budget, Matt Pritchard with the help of his Lego collection and a fish tank, has reimagined in miniature this iconic illusion. To watch this amazing video Click Here. 3.7.21


Magic Goes Wrong - UK tour. Back with their biggest comedy catastrophe to date, multi award-winning Mischief (The Play That Goes Wrong, BBC One's The Goes Wrong Show) return to the stage with their hilarious new show created with magic legends, Penn & Teller. A hapless gang of magicians are staging an evening of grand illusion to raise cash for charity. But as the magic turns to mayhem, accidents spiral out of control and so does their fundraising target! Raising the bar with their dare-devil stunts, jaw-dropping feats and irresistible comedy genius, Mischief’s Magic Goes Wrong comes to Leeds Grand Theatre direct from the West End. Book your tickets now, before they vanish out of sight (or sellout!). From July 20th, see What's On for tour dates. 3.7.21


New In E-Club Pro Select. Mark Leveridge Magic write: Each month two new effects are made available for sale in the E-Club Pro Select section of the Mark Leveridge Magic online shop. Here are the details of the July additions. 1. Mental Photography. This is a clever way to create a sort of Brainwave effect but without the usual roughed card pairs. A card is genuinely freely chosen from a pack, and when a second deck is ribbon spread, the matching card is seen to be the only one reversed in that pack's centre. 2. Seeker Coin. A card is selected (no force) and signed if required before being shuffled back into the deck which is sealed in the card box. A coin, which has been marked with a sticker bearing the spectator's initials, vanishes leaving both the performer's hands empty. Removing the deck from the box, the coin is found in the deck's centre sitting on top of the chosen card. Both effects come as downloadable video files and cost £7.00 each. For more details and to watch dems, go to 3.7.21


Snaps by David Jonathan and Dan Harlan - Alakazam Magic. This isn’t just a gimmick that hides in plain sight. It’s not just two beautiful decks of cards designed to elevate your magic beyond simple tricks. It’s an invitation to more than a dozen different routines and a community of creators using a revolutionary tool that will blow your audience away. This is Snaps. Find out more and watch the video: 3.7.21


David Jonathan Zoom Lecture, Wednesday 7th July. From the organisers: On Wednesday 7th of July at 8pm the South Downs Magicians invite you to a Zoom lecture by David Jonathan. David, who will be speaking to us from the United States, is a lecturer, inventor and performer with many marketed items to his credit. He will be talking on general magic, close-up and mentalism. South Downs Magicians invite visiting magicians to this lecture free of charge. Anyone interested should contact Jonathan Cann: or call 01444 230409 or 07850 917126. 3.7.21


Magic - V - Miracle by Mr E Enterprises. A miracle card trick with three different applause-pulling climaxes! Explaining that you are often asked, "What is the difference between magic and a miracle?" you answer this with a deck of playing cards. The pack is shuffled and then cut into halves, a spectator takes one half, and you take the other half. Each of you select a card from your half-deck and turn this face upwards one card in each half-pack. Both halves of the deck are spread faces down on the table, so that the two face up cards can both be seen – incredibly they both match each other in value and colour. Perhaps one is the Queen of Hearts and the other the Queen of Diamonds. You explain this is a magic trick. The two removed cards are left faces upwards on the table.

"Now let’s try for a miracle!" you say. The deck is reassembled, and you start to deal card faces down on the table, your spectator calls stop at any time and inserts one of the Queens face up into the pack at that point. You continue dealing and again they call stop, and they insert the other red Queen face up into the deck at this new point. Again, the cards are spread across the table so the two face up Queen cards can be seen, they are removed together with the cards directly next to them both of which are faces down. When the all the four cards are turned faces up, they prove to be four of a kind in this example the Queens of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs as you exclaim, "That’s what I call a miracle!".

The rest of the pack is now spread face upwards across the table and it is seen to everyone astonishment that each and every one of them has a blank face as you exclaim, "Even I don’t know what on earth to call that!" No sleights are used so it is very easy to do. Comes complete with all the quality Bicycle poker-sized playing cards and instructions. Post free within the UK. Order from


News Deadline reminder. Please submit news by Thursday if possible - absolute deadline 12 noon Friday, no exceptions. Many thanks, DT. 3.7.21


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