Number 1100 - Saturday 24th July 2021


'Slydini: The Definition of Misdirection by John Fisher', 'The Subliminal Messaging of Posters from the Golden Age by Richard Wiseman and Mike Caveney', 'Meet Jon Martin in the Chamber of Secrets by John Gaughan' and more, in Genii The Conjurors' Magazine for August 2021. For subscription details visit Watch Slydini performing in 1978 on Hocus Pocus It's Magic on The MagicWeek Video Archive: YouTube. 24.7.21


Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician. A creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. From Wednesday, "Ashleigh Goodwin - The Best Kept Secret In Magic" YouTube. 24.7.21


Fancy a day out cruising on a canal with a top magician? Lee Hathaway and friends are organising a handful of 'magic teach-in cruises' throughout August. Up to 8 guests will be invited onto his beautiful widebeam canal barge along with a top magician, to go for a cruise, stop off and spend the afternoon workshopping, and to learn from some of the best in the business, onboard. This really is a unique opportunity, guaranteed to be a day to remember. The ticket price will include refreshments throughout the day and lunch. Currently the schedule throughout August is 10th: James Brown, 15th: John Lenahan, 16th: Paul Martin and 22nd: Marc Oberon. If you’d like to be invited to one of these special events visit for full details. 24.7.21


Celebrate with Magicseen! From the publishers: We are delighted to announce an upcoming landmark edition of the UK's only independent magic magazine - Magicseen 100 (Sept 2021)! As publishers we feel that to produce a bi-monthly magic magazine for over 16 years is something to celebrate, and to that end we are in the process of producing a special 100th bumper issue to mark the occasion. Issue 100 is likely to be our widest read edition ever, and we would like to offer you the chance to be part of it and to have your face and name included in this unique issue. We are making available a limited number of special spaces (a Celebration Box) measuring 50mm wide x 20mm high in which you can have a picture of your face and your name, as well as a choice of a congratulatory message chosen from 'Well Done!', 'Congratulations!', 'Good Job!', 'The Big 100!', 'No.1. Mag!', 'What A Landmark!', 'Great Issue!', 'Top Marks!' or 'Let's Celebrate!'.

If you would like to be seen by magicians all over the world as part of Magicseen 100, you can book your Celebration Box by emailing to request your space and attaching a jpg picture of your face that we can crop and use in the box. You can also select one of the congratulatory messages listed above, or if you don't specify one, we will make a choice for you. On receipt of your email we will send you a PayPal Invoice for £15.00, and on receipt of that payment, not only will your personal space be guaranteed in Magicseen 100, but we will also send you a Special Discount Code worth £15.00 which you can redeem by purchasing something from the Magicseen website. So, make a purchase, and your Celebration Box is effectively free!

Magicseen 100 is going to be specially exciting and will be made even more so by having you as part of it. All applications for a Celebration Box must be received no later than Wednesday 4th August 2021, so send your email with your picture and choice of message very soon to Numbers are limited and will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. We look forward to celebrating 100 issues with you!


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Mandy Muden on late night show The Warehouse from 26th June 1998. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. Mandy can be seen live on stage this evening at Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol, see 24.7.21


The Newcastle Magic Circle presents Jeki Yoo's Zoom Lecture on Monday 26th July at 7.30pm. From the organiser: Korea’s Jeki Yoo is a phenomenal, multitalented magician. His stage magic and quick-change act have earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. His close-up magic has been rewarded with top awards at major magic competitions such as I.B.M. and FISM. He has appeared on both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent as well as multiple appearances on Masters of Illusion. Recently, Jeki’s incredible YouTube and Instagram videos have earned him thousands of fans around the world. This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle. Guests, £5. Please contact for more information. 24.7.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. "We thought we'd show you just a few of the many ways Wayne had used the 'Sawn in Half' illusion... great magic from his TV show 'A Kind of Magic' and 'The Children's Royal Variety Performance'. See YouTube. 24.7.21


Magic Goes Wrong - London Apollo Theatre now booking from October. From the promoter: Mischief conjures up the grand return of Magic Goes Wrong, reappearing at the Apollo Theatre from 21st October -27th February 2022. Join a hapless gang of moderately skilled and accident-prone magicians presenting a charity fundraiser. As the accidents spiral out of control, so does their fundraising target! Created with magic legends Penn & Teller, this evening of grand illusion with breathtaking tricks and typical Mischief comedy will tickle your funny bones and fill you with wonder. Magic Goes Wrong opened to critical acclaim and was nominated for Best Entertainment or Comedy at the 2020 Olivier Awards. Be astounded and surprised this winter with tickets to a magic show like no other. "Joyously silly and entirely wonderful" Stephen Fry. See 24.7.21


Blink 2 - Read My Mind. Designed by Looch and produced by the incredibly talented Alan Wong, Blink 2 is a modern peek case that offers a variety of peeks to suit its owner. You are still able to utilise the peek methods used in our original Blink but now you have the ability to work with a myriad of new peek mechanics such as the Turnover Peek and the now legendary Hookway Peek! Blink 2 has an integrated money clip built into the gimmick which allows you to hold bank notes/predictions etc., and the pockets are wide enough to accommodate Poker size cards.


In 2018 we brought you the original Blink. A premium leather business card case designed to do one thing perfectly... peek! Blink quickly sold out and was regarded by many of the world's top mentalists as one of the finest peek cases ever. Soon after the release of Blink, Looch was already creating designs for its successor. The fundamental mechanics behind Blink's ingenious peek were retained, but this time built into a modern, minimalist, business card case. Limited Edition. Find out more: 24.7.21


Kevin Quantum: Eyes Open Eyes Shut - London and Brighton. From the Britain’s Got Talent 2020 semi-finalist, gain a unique insight into deception. Watch with your eyes open and see everything or shut your eyes, and have a completely different experience. Never has an audience been given so much control over how they view/enjoy/observe a magic show. Surprise, misdirection, and lots of laughs.
London Wonderground, Earl’s Court 24th July at 2pm
Brighton "Warren on the Beach" 23rd July at 7pm and 25th July at 5pm
You won’t watch magic the same way again!

"Astonishing" ★★★★★ Evening News

"Art of Deception demonstrated perfectly" ★★★★★ ThreeWeeks. 24.7.21


The Mark Leveridge July Podcast. Mark's monthly online audio podcast is always worth a listen as it is full of discussion and opinion on a varied series of magic topics. This month: Zoom events can be more than just a poor substitute for a live show. Why we shouldn’t let fascination with moves cloud our judgement about what looks natural to an audience. Should you change tricks to suit the audience or the performing situation? Post-pandemic show fee levels may need adjusting to reflect the uncertainty still felt by many bookers. Fantastic value to be had from E-Club Pro Select. ‘Carbon dating’ magic and magicians. A couple of chuckles. You can get free access either from or, where you can also sign up to be a follower and receive each new edition automatically. 24.7.21


Merlins of Wakefield News! Our latest Summer ‘Mail’ brochure is out now and it's free! Just Click Here to download a PDF copy or if you would prefer a printed copy, just email your postal address to us at Also check out our monthly Dealer Dem Click Here. We have also just received the latest release from Retro Rocketeers, the Aztec Monolith Click Here, an excellent piece of 3D printed magic. Check out our website for loads of Used Magic and Special Offers. 24.7.21


Zoltar’s Opener - Alakazam Magic. Peter Nardi writes: 12 years ago I set myself the task of developing a quick, sure-fire, high-impact effect for my mix and mingle performances. I was looking for an alternative to the Invisible Deck (which I used as part of a larger routine at tables) I created an effect which I performed for many years, which because of the reactions soon became my opening piece. It really ticks all the boxes.

In 2018 I had a new presentation idea which was fun and I believe took the effect to a new level. Zoltar’s Opener was never designed to be a magician fooler (even though it does fool a lot of magicians!) it was designed as a worker. The method is simple, yet sound, the presentation and story are fun and it may be performed in less than a minute, or, if you’re like me, you can build it up to a 2 to3 minute effect with patter. Everything about this effect pleases me. The story, the method, and most importantly the impact it has on my spectators. Zoltar’s opener is also perfect to perform over Zoom. Comes complete with custom designed deck and tuck case - see


Mandy Muden - Smoke & Mirrors, tonight! "With her striking personality and razor sharp wit, Mandy Muden immediately creates a fantastic rapport with every audience. As seen on Britain's Got Talent." First Show 7pm. Second show 8.45pm. Saturday 24th July. See 24.7.21


Cardfixes 1 by J Racherbaumer - International Magic. More than 50 items from "the thinking magician's magician," Jon Racherbaumer. 24.7.21


When Magic Goes Wrong. "A compilation of illusions that went spectacularly badly, including several cases where magicians nearly died for their art. Escapologist Spencer Horsmann nearly drowned three times performing his water tank act, while Canadian magician Dean Gunnarson was pronounced dead after being fished out of a river following a stunt, and Shahid Malik has suffered both serious burns and a 40-foot fall from illusions gone wrong. Plus, mishaps featuring famous magicians including Dynamo, Paul Daniels and David Blaine." (Repeat) See TV Magic for details. 24.7.21


Deception. Pilot. Episode 1. "The art of illusion takes the stage as disgraced magician Cameron Black puts his skills of deception and illusion to work at the FBI." (Repeat) See TV Magic for details. 24.7.21


"Illusionarium collects ‘magic’s greatest hits’ for an immersive experience … and there’s a secret room" Click Here • "Magic Singh takes his tricks to Wonderville" Click Here • "The show can’t go on: Covid tracking app crippling theatres and venues" Click Here • "Readers’ Choice—Best Magic Show: Shin Lim" Click Here • "Old dog, new tricks. Magician Dynamo struggles to take huge dog out on a walk" Click Here • And finally, not magic, but hey, "Dune - Official Main Trailer" YouTube and "HMV at 100" Click Here • Keep your UK magic news coming, see you next week, Duncan. 24.7.21