Number 1102 - Saturday 7th August 2021


Edinburgh Fringe Magic 2021. The Fringe will return from 6th August to 30th August 2021, online and in person. Big thanks to Peter McLanachan ( for compiling a list of magic shows for MagicWeek, see What's On. Also see and for full details and age restrictions as some of the PBH Free Fringe shows are usually performed in pubs. 7.8.21


Steve Valentine's Magic On The Go. Steve Valentine writes: Love magic? Billy Kidd calls Magic On The Go "the best kept secret in magic"... I haven’t really advertised the site; it’s been growing since 2017 and our exclusive member program has been pure word of mouth. If you haven’t checked out Magic On The Go yet, feel free to browse over 650 videos, almost all taught by me, Steve Valentine.

The price has been crazy low for the amount of content members can stream. Because of that I wanted to let everyone know that if you have been thinking of joining Magic On The Go and put it off, a quick word of warning, October 1st 2021 will see a major price increase. The sheer volume of content on the site, and the sheer number of courses and in-depth magical immersion has reached a critical mass where, I believe (and many others have told me), it’s worth way more than I've been asking.


Magic On The Go is the exclusive home for all my marketed projects, plus ever growing courses such as: Egg Bag, C2P - Cards to Pocket, Booked, Cloth, Three, Suspensions and Diminishing Cards, are alone worth the price. As well as limited run items, such as the current Three Month Teach-In on my number-one performance piece from my show, The Chocolate Box, (Runs from August to October, only on Magic On The Go). This will be the only time the effect is taught in Masterclass detail on the site. Not to mention the talks, lectures, and historical value fused into everything we do. It’s a site I’m proud of, a site of secrets great and small, a site that truly celebrates the fabulous art of magic. You can find out more and see the Trailer at or

So if you're thinking about it, come join us now: Join up for the Chocolate Box, or because the ridiculously cheap price is going away forever, or because you just love magic and just want to support what I’m doing here with the creation of a massive online database of magic, or because that last $100 you spent on that one trick DVD and gimmick with the fabulous packaging is already in the back of your Magic Junk drawer... Whatever the reason, please support, come join, and feel that wonder you felt the first time you fell in love with magic. Sincerely, Steve Valentine.


"TV Magician Wayne Dobson Life Story Tribute" YouTube. 7.8.21


Chris Cox Talks Wonderville on The Magician's Advice Podcast. "Ian Brennan and Phil Taylor chat with Chris Cox about Wonderville - an amazing magic and variety show playing at the Palace Theatre in London's West End of London" 7.8.21


Paul Martin on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician. A creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. From Tuesday, "Paul Martin - The Magical MC talks Pro Magic Academy, getting more gigs and more YouTube. 7.8.21


Wayne Fox Zoom Lecture at The Magic Room. Mark Paul writes: Following the success of our first physical meeting where Wayne lectured, Wayne has offered to do a completely different lecture for us via Zoom @ The Magic Room on Wednesday August 11th at 7.30pm. This lecture is completely free. Please Join our fantastic Facebook group The Magic Room. We have Zoom meetings every other Wednesday, all completely free. We look forward to seeing you there. 7.8.21


Leeds Magic Jam - Tomorrow! Chris Stewart writes: Lecturing at Leeds Magic Jam on Sunday, 8th August 2021: Harry Robson, Lawrence Turner, Steve Faulkner, David Penn and Peter Turner, with a headline show from Sean Heydon. Tickets are strictly limited; advance bookings only. To book your ticket visit: Doors open at 11.30am. Leeds Magic Jam, The Legion, Kippax, Leeds LS25 7HF - also see 7.8.21


Beyond Brainwave by Martin MacMillan - International Magic. Martin MacMillan writes: This is a new twist on the Brainwave/Invisible deck and has caused great reaction on its showing in our London shop. Here's a typical presentation...

A blue backed pack is placed on display while a spectator is asked to name a card (no force, no elimination). The pack is removed and the cards spread, the named card is reversed. The card is removed, turned over and shown to have a red back. Until now, everything seems similar for those familiar with the Brainwave deck. But here's where things change, the deck is turned over and freely shown to be entirely blank, the only printed card is the spectator's named one!

The pack is freely shown both sides. The named card is entirely and individually shown back and front. No force, no thin cards, only one pack is used. Printed on Bicycle stock with the Rider back. Supplied with special pack, printed instructions and video tuition. Watch a video demonstration at


Magicseen Lite Issue 14. From the publishers: We are delighted to announce the availability of the latest free digital taster edition of Magicseen, the content for this issue being taken from the main July 2021 Magicseen. We offer you the big feature article on cover star Ben Earl, whose silky magic skills are legendary, while for advice, we have included the article Buyer's Remorse, which sets out to help you avoid making bad magic purchases. From the Masterclass we have selected Dave Loosley's coin effect Uniquely Surrounded, and there is also the fascinating behind-the-scenes tale of Brian Johnson's run of gigs at the Tower of London. Add to this the latest readers' letters, In The Phonebox with actress Laetitia Casta, Magic By Numbers and a selection of the Product Reviews, and you can see we have put together an interesting teaser edition. To download your free copy visit 7.8.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week the 6th 'Doug Henning's World of Magic' show, recorded at the Osmond Entertainment Center in 1980 with guests Marie Osmond, Shields & Yarnell and Ricky Schroder. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 7.8.21


Chris Mallon presents Damfino, An Evening of Psychological Magic at The Majestic Theatre, Darlington. From the promoter: Have you ever wondered if mind reading is real or if ghosts exist? Or why the line between entertainment and reality is so blurred? Welcome to Damfino, An Evening of Psychological Magic. Join Chris Mallon in, what is sure to be, an improbable evening where the juxtaposed notion of what we are led to believe is fact or fiction. The theory of mind reading will be simultaneously proved and disproved. And the supernatural phenomena of the past will be brought into the modern era. Get ready for an ‘unreal’ evening that will leave you questioning what you really believe! Saturday 23rd October at 7.30pm at The Majestic Theatre, Darlington. See for more info and to book. 7.8.21


"Wonderville Gala Opening Night" YouTube

"‘Wonderville Magic and Illusion’ is a love letter to magic for the ages"

"Wonderville – Magic and Illusion. Engaging and entertaining" (free sign-up)
"Review: Wonderville, Palace Theatre"

"Wonderville Magic & Illusion at the Palace Theatre - review"
"Wonderville review – pick ‘n’ mix variety show loses its magic"
"Wonderville Magic & Illusion at the Palace Theatre - review"
"Wonderville at Palace Theatre review: Magic show veers from WOW to so-so"
"Wonderville review — magical mayhem just about does the trick" (subscription)

"Wonderville, Palace Theatre review - magic and illusion family show"
"Wonderville, Magic and Illusion"


E-Club Pro Select - Latest Additions. Two more great video downloads have been added to the special Mark Leveridge E-Club Pro Select range: 1. Names. A spectator writes her name on a blank card which is lost, writing side down, in a double blank deck. The performer now tries to read the helper's mind and writes a name on a second card which is mixed, writing side down, into the deck as well. Three things then happen: Firstly, the spectator's name card turns face up in the deck. Then, right next to it is found the performer's card, and finally the name he wrote on that card is discovered to be the spectator's name. 2. The Exchange. Two spectators each choose a card which they slip into an envelope, the name of their card being written on the envelope flaps. They swap their envelopes. Yet when they themselves remove the cards, they discover they each still have their original selections! All 10 E-Club Pro Select routines currently available cost just £7.00 each and full details can be found at 7.8.21


Master Peek Envelopes by Looch. The Only Peek Envelope you'll ever need! Read My Mind Ltd are proud to present our 'Master Peek' envelopes! A custom made utility prop that allows you an easy, yet ultra deceptive peek of anything written onto the back of a business card. The Master Peek envelopes are not simply existing envelopes that have been modified. These envelopes have been designed and engineered from the ground up to be the absolute best in the business. The Master Peeks were designed and made for one thing... Peeking! Watch the video, find out more, visit 7.8.21


New - Kellar and Chung Ling Soo prints with free worldwide shipping! Jay Fortune writes: My latest mini-print set of magician portraits is now available. These beautifully rendered mini-prints capture my oil paintings of Chung Ling Soo and Kellar, two titans from the Golden Age of Magic. Each has a vintage era feel, and are a perfect addition for your magic den, games room or ‘man-cave’. Each print is on premium silk stock and fits into a standard A4 frame. I’ll personally hand sign your set! Visit this link as there’s also a link to a time-lapse video of me painting the original Kellar for you to enjoy too. Limited stocks, order your set today for only £30 which includes free global shipping. Chung Ling Soo/Kellar - Mini-Print Set. 7.8.21


R&D Mind Control. Rick Green and Dean Williamson, aka R&D Mind Control, present an Evening of Magic and Mind Reading. From the promoters: Highly interactive and theatrical we begin with Mind Reader Dean Williamson who will open the evening with his 'Influence' show. This show transcends what it means to influence and be influenced. Followed by International Personality Magician Rick Green back performing in the UK for the first time in eleven years. He was the first magician to get a yes from every judge on Britain's Got Talent. Rick will take you through a spectrum of magic from pure sleight of hand to grand illusion. With support from comedy magician Lewis Hill.

Early bird tickets £15 each. Families welcome (minimum age 12).

11th August: Alexander's Live - Rufus Court, Chester CH1 2JW.

13th August: Prohibition Cabaret Bar - 25-27 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW.

See for more info and to book. 7.8.21


Brian Miller. Really sad to report that Brian Miller MIMC died on Friday 6th August after suffering a massive heart attack. Brian was always great company. Sending love to Audrey and the family. DT. 7.8.21


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