Number 1119 - Saturday 4th December 2021


John Fisher's Heroes of Magic. John Fisher, the acclaimed British television producer, former head of Light Entertainment at Thames Television and prolific author has assembled an unparalleled cast within the 448 pages of John Fisher's Heroes of Magic. Combining first-hand experience and behind-the-scenes stories with a deep historical understanding, each profile captures the essence of its subject. Weaving together life stories, anecdotes, and historical accomplishments, these pages contain rich and personal profiles of lives often shrouded in secrecy.

From the kind-hearted conjuring of David Devant to the thought-thievery of Maurice Fogel; from the laugh-provoking trickery of Tommy Cooper and Jay Marshall to the adroit sleight of hand of Ricky Jay and Cardini; from the grand illusions of Richiardi and Robert Harbin to the elegant sorcery of Fred Kaps and Rene Lavand, John Fisher presents 24 profiles of his heroes of magic. Now available in the UK from Roy Davenport's The Vintage Magic Company for only £56.50 plus £3.50 UK p&p. Cost to Europe on request. For payment details contact or call 07380 136 228.


Drummond Money-Coutts gives us an insight into his journey as a magician. "As the descendant of a British financial family, magician Drummond Money-Coutts is one of magic’s elite. He has completely mastered the world of magic and is conquering it day by day. Drummond comes from the line of Coutts & Co, the bank that serves the British royal family. But his heart lies in the realm of magic. " To read the full story by Dhwani Ajmera in Lifestyle Asia Click Here. 4.12.21


Will Goldston’s 1934 classic Who’s Who in Magic is now back in print and available to buy today from As a cornerstone of the global magic scene for decades, Will Goldston was ideally placed to produce a "Who’s Who" of magic. The idea was suggested to Goldston in 1904 by Professor Hoffmann and Houdini provided further encouragement. Despite this, he didn’t start producing the work until 1932, completing it in 1934.

The book contains an unusual mix of professional magicians, semi-professionals and amateurs. It is by no means a complete list of magicians of the time, but it is a place to find details of some magicians barely recorded elsewhere. This makes it an indispensable reference for people researching magic history today.


114-page paperback with 24 additional pages of photographs and autographs of magicians, £12. Available exclusively from 4.12.21


The Illusioneer Presents - with special guest Guy Hollingworth. From the organisers: After a stunning performance last month, Guy Hollingworth is returning to join us once again as our special guest in December. Guy is regarded by his peers as one of magic's greatest talents and together with the Illusioneer team, we have a full evening of stunning entertainment for you!

Bringing together some of London's most talented magicians for a full evening of sophisticated entertainment in an elegant setting. The Illusioneer Presents is a mix of close-up magic, casino magic, parlour magic and magical games presented by our eclectic team of talented performers in the magnificent surroundings of Dulwich College Lower Hall.

Before the show, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink at the bar which will remain open throughout the evening. The evening starts with an hour long presentation of parlour magic and feats of illusion performed by individual members of the Illusioneer team and guest performers. Continuing the evening you can stroll around, drink in hand, pausing at different performance booths to enjoy the entertainment on show.

Dulwich College Lower Hall, Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD on Thursday December 16th. Doors Open at 7pm for drinks. Parlour style show at 7.30pm. 8.30pm Booths open for Close Up, Street Games, Prestidigitation & Puzzlements. 9.30pm Drinks and Close. 10pm Carriages. Tickets from


The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau: A Video-Masterclass offering a new approach to the classic linking rings. Have you performed the rings for decades? This will give your routine a real boost. Would you like to learn the rings from scratch? This will guide you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the linking rings. You will not only learn the how, but the why?...


FISM winner Axel Hecklau has compressed 40 years of experiences into 3 and a half hours of crystal clear magic teaching. On top of very important theoretical thoughts on structure, dramaturgy, and routining classical moves and figures, you will learn how to link two rings with absolutely no sound in fluid motion in many different ways. Watch the trailer.

You will get a very practical 7 ring routine with all theoretical background information (deep analysis), all the mechanical moves plus all the silent links and unlinks that Axel developed over the past 5 years. Rediscover this very practical piece of magic - performable for 10 people or 1,000 people. If you like the linking rings you need to study this masterclass. If not, you still need to study it! Instant download and online video:


Ryan Mentis has just launched 'Mentalist Blogger'. "Created to blog my journey through the amazing art of mentalism, and hopefully help aspiring mentalists/mind readers along the way. I'll also be doing my best to keep you informed of what’s going on in the exciting world of mentalism." See 4.12.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week 'Paul Daniels: This is Your Lunch', a Variety Club lunch in honour of Paul Daniels following his Golden Rose of Montreux award. Recorded on the 3rd October 1985 and aired on the 4th. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 4.12.21


Magician and actor Ali Cook plays CI Terrence Simmons (the ultimate in middle management, think David Brent with a badge) in a six-part series Ragdoll showing on Alibi (Sky and Virgin) from Monday, 6th December, at 9pm. It's a dark, comic, thriller from Sid Gentle Films (the team behind Killing Eve) and is currently airing in the States on AMC +. Trailer: "Interview: Ali Cook Teases Dark New Crime Thriller ‘Ragdoll’" 4.12.21


Vinny Sagoo on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Neo Magic owner talks changing jobs from solicitor to magic dealer and more!" YouTube. 4.12.21


Castle Magic is one of the leading dealers in pre-owned and second-hand magic apparatus and books, often handling antique and vintage apparatus from around the world. Based in Great Britain, where a considerable amount of vintage magic equipment started life, we supply and ship items worldwide. We also purchase and exchange magic props, books and allied arts apparatus from individual items to complete acts. During 1997 we launched our Castle Premier Range of exclusive magic tricks for children and close-up entertainers: 4.12.21


Santa has Vanished, Christmas is Cancelled! Mr E Enterprises write: Table-hopping pro size cards. This routine is wonderful both at Christmas & anytime of the year, I have used it for all age groups from children to pensioners. You show four picture cards, one featuring Father Christmas and the others Christmas trees. Two cards are turned with their faces down and your audience guesses which face down card is Santa, but they simply cannot find him. Instead they get a Christmas tree every time! The Christmas trees are slowly rejected leaving just two face down cards, despite this no one is able to pick out the Santa card and because Santa has vanished without a trace you announce Christmas is cancelled!

Where on earth can Santa have got to, and, more importantly, can he be found in time? Eventually Santa can turn up to loud cheers hiding in your inside jacket pocket or some other unlikely spot in the room, so Christmas is on again, hurrah! Available in Table-Hopping Pro size.. Comes with the set of special laminated picture cards and instructions. Post free within the UK for a limited time. Only £9.99. Order from


MLM Select New Additions December 2021. Here are the two new routines released into the MLM Select range this month: 1. Star. Two sets of five ESP cards are shown, one set with red backs, the other blue. A spectator mixes the blue set under the table and the performer does the same with the red set. Despite this random ‘blind’ mixing, the top two cards of each pile are shown to be matching star symbols! That’s a surprise, but the kicker comes when all the remaining eight ESP cards are seen to have changed to also become star symbols! 2. The Blacks And The Reds. Two sets of four cards, one consisting of red spot cards, the other black, are freely shown. There are genuinely only eight cards. The four red cards are dealt face down onto the table in a row. One at a time the red cards are placed at various positions in the pile of four black cards and each time the red card instantly penetrates up to the top! As with all Select routines, these downloads cost just £7.00 each. For more information and to order go to 4.12.21


Magician Blake Vogt joins Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform some magic on 8th December. See TV Magic for details. 4.12.21


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