Number 1120 - Saturday 11th December 2021


Noir thriller Nightmare Alley is set to open in UK cinemas on January 21st. When charismatic, but down on his luck, Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) endears himself to clairvoyant Zeena and her has-been mentalist husband Pete at a traveling carnival, he crafts a golden ticket to success, using this newly acquired knowledge to grift the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society. With the virtuous Molly loyally by his side, Stanton plots to con a dangerous tycoon with the aid of a mysterious psychiatrist who might be his most formidable opponent yet... Open January 21st. Trailer: YouTube. Directed by Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water). 11.12.21


Released today: Ellisdons: The History, Volume One by Philip David Treece. This book describes and illustrates the amazing story of the legendary magic, joke and novelty shop Ellisdons. The Ellisdon family established the London shop that inspired generations of magicians who visited or used their mail order service. Prior to this, the Ellisdons had been through boom, bust and scandal which led them to flee to the other side of the world. This deluxe illustrated 138-page hardback book includes 22 full-colour plates. The first of two volumes on the colourful history of the firm are available today for £20 exclusively from 11.12.21


Blackpool Magicians' Club Annual Mega Convention Auction – Thursday 17th February 2022. From the organisers: From today, Saturday 11th December, Lot lists will be posted on the Club website, as and when received from sellers - Admission is free for Convention Registrants and visiting magicians. Commences 10am prompt, with viewing from 9am on Thursday 17th February at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. For further details please contact Michael Shepherd – 11.12.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, from 15 years ago, Dynamo, on Richard & Judy. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 11.12.21


Oliver Tabor on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Oliver Tabor talks musicality, manipulation, illusions, stage magic and more" YouTube. 11.12.21


Further names released for MagiCon 2022 - the Irish Magic Convention. From the organisers: Britain’s Got Talent Runner Up Jamie Raven will headline the "Stars of The Magic Circle" Sunday night Gala Show and will be joined by their Vice President Katherine Rhodes as well as previously announced Oliver Tabor and Rodd Hogg.

Saturday night's headliner Tom Crosbie will present one of his "Magic Nerd" shows as the second half of an extended after dinner cabaret celebrating 80 years of hosts The Ulster Society of Magicians. Tom will also lecture and perform close-up and Jamie will feature in a special interview/Q&A on the Sunday afternoon.

Further names are yet to be revealed and registration will open on 1st January 2022, but those planning to attend are advised to book accommodation now as the convention takes place on a busy Bank Holiday weekend (29th April to 1st May).


Edinburgh MagicFest 17th-30th December. Hogmanay House, Laura London 'Cheat', R Paul Wilson 'Deception, Secrets & Scams', Kevin Quantum 'The Trick That Fooled', Snow Tale, Tricky Ricky 'Christmas Cracker', Elliot Bibby 'Magic in a Jiffy', Kevin Quantum 'Eyes Open Eyes Shut', Magic School Workshop with Gary James, Gary James 'The Magic of Christmas and Magic Gareth 'The Big Birthday Show... For full details of all the events and activities see 11.12.21


Hull Magicians' Circle presents Magic, Wine & Dine. Jon Marshall writes: A night of fun, fine food and magic featuring comedy magician Mark James on Friday, 14th January, 2022 at Lazaat Hotel, Cottingham HU16 SX5. Tickets are £26 and are available for all who enjoy comedy, magic and great company. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements when you book your tickets. Includes a 3-course dinner, coffee, close-up magic at your table and after dinner comedy magic entertainment from Mark James. Mark has worked professionally for almost two decades in over 40 countries worldwide. He combines expert sleight of hand magic with comedy, juggling and other vaudevillian variety skills to create a unique and amazing show. "Your show was wonderful. You’re amazing!" Scarlett Johansson. Contact 01724 850518 to reserve your tickets or email 11.12.21


Bob Ostin A Lifetime of Magical Inventions - New Softback Edition. From Alakazam Magic: The name Bob Ostin has long been synonymous with creative close-up and card magic, but until now the true depth and breadth of his original effects and methods has remained hidden. No longer! This landmark volume, The Magic of Bob Ostin, will ensure the author his deserved place in history as one of the pre-eminent creators of the 20th Century. "Bob was the first real magician I ever met. He's a charming guy with an utterly devious mind when it comes to creating magic effects. And best of all, they’re all wonderfully practical. This book is long overdue." David Britland.


Those who prize commercial, practical magic have long praised Bob’s earlier work, Fingertip Fantasies, as a classic in the field. Yet despite that book’s deserved status, and Bob’s underground reputation as creator par excellence, he has remained something of an unknown to the magic community at large. Well all that is about to change! In an era when so many are striving to ‘invent’ tricks that are fresh, novel and commercial, it is a genuine pleasure to see a master at work. Bob Ostin has been devising cutting-edge magic for over half a century and the material he created fifty years ago is as ingenious, practical and fooling as the new material he developed last week! For more info and to order visit 11.12.21


Magicseen Lite Issue 16. From the publishers: The latest download edition of Magicseen Lite (#16), which features selected taster content from the main November 2021 issue of Magicseen, is available to you right now for free. It contains the full cover feature on Kat Hudson, goes behind the scenes to discover how Chris Stewart and Craig Walker organised a live convention in just 4 weeks, and has details of a new magic documentary being crafted in Canada with Shaun Farquhar. Plus... the Readers’ Letters page, a Masterclass parlour effect from Tony Griffith and a selection of the Product Reviews. You can download your copy now from 11.12.21


E-Video Newsletter, December 2021. The monthly 30 minute online video programme from Mark Leveridge Magic is out now, featuring: The Teach In – learn an envelope principle that is capable of several variations. Pro Peeks – a useful idea is extracted from E-Club Pro’s Top Tips section. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 18 covers how to deal with unusually high and low lighting conditions when working close up. Web Offers – a combined total of £12 can be saved on an e-book and a close up coin effect in December. 60 Seconds To Success – how to get extra benefit from your library of magic books. The Review Corner – Mark considers the pros and cons of Twister Magic’s Get Money. To gain access to the full E-Video Newsletter simply sign up to MLM's free E-Club Lite. This will bring you an interesting email newsletter at the start of each month which contains advice, tips, MLM related news and info, a link to the monthly podcast, and of course the link to the E-Video Newsletter itself. To join now go to 11.12.21


Magician re-opens Stourbridge's House of Magic shop. "A magician who was bedazzled by a magic shop nestled in Stourbridge’s Old Quarter when he was just nine-years-old has taken over the business and given it a new lease of life." To read the full story by Bev Holder in Stourbridge News Click Here. 11.12.21


Magician’s Notebook. Brett Sirrell writes: I have made some notebooks for magicians that are now available from Amazon worldwide. They are for anyone that likes to keep their magic organised, and note what they learn at magic lectures. Some super-cool notebooks to help you. Designed just for magicians. 3 different cover designs. Handy 6" x 9” size, 124 pages. For each lecture you get a section for a summary, the effects and your notes. Followed by 3 pages to make additional notes. £7.99 each from design 1, design 2, design 3. 11.12.21


Is it magic? Is it science? Is the image doctored? The The Davenport Collection website contains many amazing magic tricks and novelties. The December quarterly e-newsletter is out now. If you’d like to join the mailing list, just contact the curator via the website. There’s much of interest, including the answers to the above questions. 11.12.21


New 'Houdini Freedom' mini-print! Jay Fortune writes: My Christmas gift for magicians is now available to pre-order. My new charcoal portrait of Houdini can be yours for free. Simply visit and enter the coupon code FREEDOM at the check-out and all you'll pay is p&p. However, if you wish to pay the asking price of only £10, 100% will go to Shelter to help the homeless this Christmas. Each mini-print will be hand-signed, is A4 on premium silk stock. Fits into a standard A4 frame. Please note: all orders will be dispatched from 14th December. Due to ongoing delays, international orders are unlikely to arrive in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays! 11.12.21


South London Magical Society Stage Competition. Simon Rosselli writes: On Tuesday South London Magical Society held its annual stage competition. We were oversubscribed with those wanting to enter and in a tight finish James Cowan was crowned winner, Rafik 'Best Newcomer', Theo Theodoris (aka Theo Lee) Originality Medal and Sarah Campbell won the Comedy Medal. Many thanks to Roberto Forzoni, Barry and Paul for judging and all those that came and supported and took part. For more info visit (Photo credit: Mark Hesketh-Jennings). 11.12.21


Santa Monte by Mr E Enterprises: A marvellous pocket trick that can be performed at Christmas or anytime of the year. You show your audience four festive picture cards. One is Santa and the other three are Christmas trees. One Christmas tree is placed protruding from your pocket and Father Christmas is mixed in with the other two trees. Your spectators try to pick out the Santa card when the cards are face down, but they simply cannot find it - instead they get a Christmas tree every time. Where is Santa Claus? When the protruding card is taken from your pocket it amazingly proves to be the missing Santa and the other three are Christmas trees!

Cards can now be left for examination, very easy to do requiring no skill. Comes with special laminated picture cards and instructions. Post free within the UK for a short period. Only £7.99 from


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