Number 1122 - Saturday 25th December 2021


It’s Christmas Day! And MagicWeek is delighted to announce that there's still one unopened present under the tree, just for our readers... but you'll have to wait until next week to unwrap it, when we will be the first to share a link to a new documentary film about the legendary Berglas Effect. It includes unseen footage of David performing, as well as contributions from well known magicians. Be the first to see this unique film on 1.1.22 via MagicWeek. 25.12.21


Edinburgh International Magic Festival. This year's festival (17th-30th December) has a packed lineup. Here's just one of the events: On Tuesday 28th December R. Paul Wilson will take part in an "Ask Me Anything" presentation. Star of BBC's "The Real Hustle" R. Paul Wilson reveals how con artists keep finding new suckers and why. No matter how much we think we know, all of us can still fall for the right scam. Featuring live demonstrations of classic con games, magic, mystery and a little bit of creative BS, this is a rare opportunity to hear the truth about professional liars and manipulators. See for the complete programme of events. 25.12.21


The Session (14th-16th January 2022) postponed. From the organisers: Unfortunately, due to the anticipated UK regulations in January, The Session has been postponed until later in 2022. We'll be confirming new dates early January. The Session. 25.12.21


The Magic Circle Christmas Show is now on! "A seasonal spectacular at our wonderful London headquarters... Take the festive season to another level and experience one of the true highlights of the magical year. Magicians and variety performers from around the world will bewilder and astound you in an action packed show in our own theatre. Grab a drink beforehand and enjoy some fun close-up magic in the club room and elsewhere, and explore our fabulous building and museum, jam packed with artefacts and memorabilia." Book via 25.12.21


Ehrlich Brothers Dream & Fly, The SSE Arena, London, 13th August 2022. In this gigantic show, the two World Record breaking magicians will present jaw-dropping and unique illusions that have to be seen to be believed in their spectacular live show. They will appear from nowhere with a helicopter, fly in a golden Lamborghini and make the world's largest candy jar appear. In addition, the two magic brothers will perform magic in the middle of the audience.

Andreas and Chris Ehrlich said: "After our first phenomenal show in 2019 in the UK, we were very excited to come back to The SSE Arena in 2022. Unfortunately, Covid-19 thwarted our plans. We are very happy that we have now found a new date. See you on 13th August 2022" Tickets:


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, The Paul Daniels Magic Christmas Show 1985, starring: Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, The Brian Rogers Dancers, Kate Bellamy and Donald Waugh, The Jazzy Jumpers, Zhou Shurong, Fenella Fielding, Ali Bongo, Lance Burton and Sooty & Sweep with Matthew Corbett. From 26th December 1985. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 25.12.21


Will Goldston’s 1934 classic Who’s Who in Magic is now back in print and available from As a cornerstone of the global magic scene for decades, Will Goldston was ideally placed to produce a "Who’s Who" of magic. The idea was suggested to Goldston in 1904 by Professor Hoffmann and Houdini provided further encouragement. Despite this, he didn’t start producing the work until 1932, completing it in 1934. The book contains an unusual mix of professional magicians, semi-professionals and amateurs, making it an indispensable reference for people researching magic history today. 114-page paperback with 24 additional pages of photographs and autographs of magicians, £12. Available exclusively from 25.12.21


David Britland's Cardopolis Newsletter. Cardopolis issue 22 'With a Flourish' has just been published. Magic, notes, trivia, and other fragments from the deceptive art. It's free, but a click on the 'Buy Me A Coffee' link is a nice thought. Subscribe at: 25.12.21


The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau: A Video-Masterclass offering a new approach to the classic linking rings. Have you performed the rings for decades? This will give your routine a real boost. Would you like to learn the rings from scratch? This will guide you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the linking rings. You will not only learn the how, but the why?...


FISM winner Axel Hecklau has compressed 40 years of experiences into 3 and a half hours of crystal clear magic teaching. On top of very important theoretical thoughts on structure, dramaturgy, and routining classical moves and figures, you will learn how to link two rings with absolutely no sound in fluid motion in many different ways. Watch the trailer.

You will get a very practical 7 ring routine with all theoretical background information (deep analysis), all the mechanical moves plus all the silent links and unlinks that Axel developed over the past 5 years. Rediscover this very practical piece of magic - performable for 10 people or 1,000 people. If you like the linking rings you need to study this masterclass. If not, you still need to study it! Instant download and online video:


Damian Surr on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Damian Surr - Business of Magic, Business Success, App Development and more" YouTube. 25.12.21


Colour Change Cheek to Cheek by Frank Paul. Mr E Enterprises write: Frank Paul was a local Stoke-on-Trent magician who I first met when he demonstrated at our local magic shop (sadly long since closed). His speciality was card tricks, among the shop’s selection was this effect which I understand was his adaption to the Hoodwink’s routine Cheek to Cheek.

Paul showed a blue backed deck of playing cards to be ordinary front and back, then he allowed me to select a face up card which was inserted face upwards into the centre of the pack. The deck was cut into halves and one face up half was shuffled into the other face down half. The pack was then spread to show it was in a muddle. Suddenly, spreading the deck across the shop counter, I was amazed to see all the backs had magically changed colour to red. All except one card that was face up. When Paul removed this face up card it was the very card I had chosen and as a surprise climax it had a blue back!

It was a sale there and then and became one of my favourite card effects with which to fool not only my audiences, but other magicians as well. It proved the perfect stunner to end any card session. Paul died many years ago and he gave me the rights to this superior trick on the understanding I would be sure only to sell them under his name and give a mention of Douglas Hood the then owner of the popular Hoodwink series of card effects. Comes with quality poker sized Bicycle cards and instructions. Post free within the UK for a short time. Only £14.99.


Meet the scientists who perform magic tricks on birds. "Performing magic tricks with Eurasian jays helps scientists to understand the animals’ powers of perception, but also their ability to read minds, remember the past and anticipate the future." Read the full story (with video) by Sam Wong: 25.12.21


A Woman's Hour Christmas Mixtape. "Emma Barnett looks back over her first year at Woman's Hour, from holding those in power to account to hearing from women who found themselves in the most ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. Clemency Burton-Hill explains the choice she felt she was presented with after a brain haemorrhage. 'Annie' describes how home-schooling three children while trying to work made her feel that she was failing at everything. Lady Lavinia Nourse and Amanda Knox spoke exclusively about the experience of being cleared of the most serious crimes. Plus, knitting patterns as code and what can go wrong when you are being sawn in half by Paul Daniels." 10am on Monday 27th December on BBC Radio 4. See TV Magic for details. 25.12.21


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Merlins! Phil and Mark of Merlins of Wakefield would like to wish all their friends and customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Their latest ‘Mail’ magazine will be out early January with loads of new magic, articles and offers. Just email them your details for a free copy: 25.12.21


Light Box - Alakazam Magic. Sebastien Calbry and Dylan Sausset combine their limitless creativity to offer you a unique card revelation which will not fail to amaze your spectators! A card is chosen and then lost in the deck. You then take your card case which you show to be empty and light it with the flashlight of a borrowed smartphone whereupon the light turns into the chosen card! Find out more and watch a demo at 25.12.21


"Magic Immersive reviewed by Frank Meccia" Click Here • "Watch as Birmingham magician stuns crowds with mind-boggling tricks you won't believe" Click Here • "British magician DMC opens up about his meeting with Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. Interview" Click Here • "How is the Omicron variant affecting West End theatres?" Click Here • If you are reading this on Christmas Day Happy Christmas again! See you next week, Duncan. 25.12.21