Number 1128 - Saturday 5th February 2022


Blackpool Magic Convention 2022. Amazing Gala Shows featuring world-class performers, star lectures, an extensive Dealers Hall and much more. Blackpool Magic Convention promises a world-class lineup of international award-winning magicians, illusionists and acts, brought together for a convention like no other. We hope to see you in Blackpool from Thursday 17th February to Sunday 20th February 2022. 5.2.22


Wessex Magical Association Convention 2022. From the organisers: We're excited to announce that tickets are now available for the Wessex Magical Association's 2022 Magic Convention on Sunday 3rd April. Join us as we celebrate our 90th Anniversary with another great One Day Convention, culminating in a Gala Show in the evening. We'll be announcing the great names already secured to lecture and perform in our Gala Show in due course, as well as letting you know which top dealers will be in attendance. Adult Tickets are just £27 (Day) + £12 (Gala) and Junior Tickets are just £7 (Day) + £8 (Gala) and can be purchased from our website: Sunday, 3rd April 2022. Venue: Bournemouth School for Girls, Bournemouth, Dorset BH8 9UJ. 5.2.22


The Midnights deck. An exclusive deck of luxury playing cards celebrating 10 years of making magic and changing lives. Jez Rose writes: Over the past 18 months I’ve been developing a special new deck of playing cards: Midnights. I am proud to work with Breathe Arts Health Research as one of the Breathe Magic magicians, which inspired me to create this fundraising project for them. At the stroke of midnight, a new day begins, but for children attending the Breathe Magic camp, that strike of midnight represents a genuinely life-changing moment. Printed on luxury cardistry stock by Cartamundi and designed with magicians in mind, the Midnights campaign is available to back now: with 100% of profits donated to help Breathe Magic reach more young people on a long waiting list. Perks include a limited edition deck signed by the likes of Imelda Staunton, Dynamo, Jim Carter, Laura London and Andy Nyman; an exclusive VIP party, and a special deck deal for magicians. The campaign is live now and runs for just 30 days. 5.2.22


Andy Nyman is off to Broadway to star in Martin McDonnagh's play 'Hangmen'. He is reprising the role of Syd, which he played at the Wyndham's Theatre in the West End. The show opens on April 8th at the Golden Theatre, see: 5.2.22


"'Growing up I'd never heard of a Black magician': How Peckham legend went from busking around London to touring the world. Peckham born magician Magical Bones is best known in the UK for his run to the finals of Britain's Got Talent in 2020, but he's also starred on the West End and toured the world with his magic. Now aged 39, Magical Bones, real name Richard Essien, has come a long way from his early days spent busking on London's Southbank." To read the full story by Dan Wiggins in My London Click Here. 5.2.22


Britain's Digital Illusionist, Keelan Leyser, amazed on the Huckabee Show last week, together with his wife Angela, performing his digital and technology-based magic and mind-reading routines. Filmed in Atlanta, The Huckabee Show is a late-night chat and variety show hosted by the former governor of Atlanta, Mike Huckabee. See YouTube. 5.2.22


"Could it be magic? NI woman hoping to cast a spell on Swedish talent show. It will be just magic if Northern Ireland woman Nikola Arkane wins a national talent show — in Sweden. Nikola, who is probably better known locally as children’s entertainer Fizz Wizz Pop, is hoping to go all the way on Talang, a show similar to Britain’s Got Talent..." To read the full story by Claire McNeilly in the Belfast Telegraph Click Here. 5.2.22


Fake Psychic - now on BBC Sounds. Written and reported by Vicky Baker. Drama by Nick Perry. If you wanted to speak with the dead in 1960s America, there was one man who was ready to help. For more than a decade, Lamar Keene was at the top of his game, becoming known as the Prince of Spiritualists. Then, quite suddenly, he turned his back on it all. Lamar Keene went public and revealed his whole operation had been one big con. He not only implicated himself but claimed that he had been part of an underground network, which had conspired to defraud the unsuspecting public. He called it the "psychic mafia", and said that his confession made him a marked man. In a series that mixes documentary with drama, Vicky Baker (Fake Heiress) takes a deep dive into Lamar Keene’s stranger-than-fiction life story. 5.2.22


Wayne Fox Lecture - The Surrey Society of Magicians, Thursday 10th February. Adam Mosley writes: Wayne Fox is back with his brand new lecture, Knockout FX, at The Surrey Society of Magicians. It’s a two-hour lecture, consisting of mind reading and visual magic. Most importantly, each item is easy to do, and runs around the theme of "always be prepared to perform magic whenever asked". Featuring effects and ideas using props and components that magicians may already have, or can easily obtain. Card magic, mind reading and how to be unique at the party, are just some of the subjects covered. Although this isn’t a dealer dem, there will be an opportunity to buy the new line of Magic Fox products at special lecture deal prices. Members are free and visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture will take place in East Horsley, Surrey at 8pm on  Thursday 10th February. For full details please contact Adam Mosley: 5.2.22


Paul Gordon and Graham P Jolley. If you enjoyed Paul Gordon and Graham P Jolley's magic session a few of weeks ago, then here's some more, filmed last Tuesday. The full session lasted six hours, but here's a twenty-minute snippet: YouTube. 5.2.22


Michel Huot on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Michel Huot - Super creative Canadian talks socks, performing, business and more" YouTube. 5.2.22


Chris Congreave Lecture - 3SM. South Staffordshire Society of Magicians would like you to join us for an evening with our friend and founding member of 3SM, Chris Congreave. Chris is well known for his commercial close-up magic and will be demonstrating effects and principles from his repertoire and books, and will also be showing off some of his new releases. Monday 7th February at 8pm. Free for members, £5 for visiting magicians. Beefeater, Watling Street, Cannock WS11 1SJ. Tony Dawson. 5.2.22


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Nathan Burton's act goes down the toilet on 'The World's Greatest Magic III' from 1996. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 5.2.22


Magic Car Boot Sale - tomorrow in Birmingham! The Magic Car Boot Sale returns this Sunday, 6th February, featuring over 27 stalls with thousands of bargains. The indoor venue is, as ever, The Austin Sports and Social Club, Tessall Lane, Birmingham B31 2SF. Ten minutes from Junction 4 on the M5. Ample free parking. Admission is £5 and it opens at 10.30am. Hot food and drinks available.  A list of traders can be found on The Magic Car Boot Sale Facebook group. Contact Alec Powell on 07831 115 448 or email for more information. 5.2.22


Magicseen Lite Issue 17. From the publishers: We are pleased to announce that the latest free taster edition of Magicseen is ready for you to download. In this issue we have cherry picked the following content from the main January 2022 edition. The Sentimentalists - discover what makes this unusual double act so special. Impact - we reflect on the difficulties caused by the pandemic for children's entertainers. Masterclass - learn a feature kid show effect from Pat Fallon. Selecting Magic To Perform - the late, great Eugene Burger gives advice on how to put together the material for an act. Shop Talk - Illuminati Magic give background information on their modern magic business. Product Reviews - a selection of comments on some of the recent marketed magic. You can download your complimentary copy right now from 5.2.22


MLM Select - New Additions. Mark Leveridge Magic write: Here are the details of the two new routines extracted from the E-Club Pro files for February and available for a limited time. 1. Cash Withdrawal. One of five small coins (10p/ US quarter size) is chosen and marked both sides with stickers bearing a spectator’s initials. The coin is openly dropped into an empty pay envelope where it can be heard rattling around inside, and the envelope is left in full view on the table. The remaining four coins are stacked and placed into the spectator’s fist. A snap of the fingers and the envelope is torn up – the marked coin has vanished. The spectator then opens his fist to reveal the signed coin in the centre of the pile of coins he is holding. This product reveals a great envelope steal principle that you will also use in other effects. 2. Divination Cards. A spectator cuts anywhere in a shuffled deck in order to select a card. At this stage the card’s identity remains a secret from everyone. Four blank faced cards are then shown and one is placed face down to one side. One at a time the other three blanks print themselves. The value of the first card will hopefully be the value of the selection, and the colour and suit of the other two cards will complete the card’s identity. When the chosen card is revealed it does indeed match the composite card value arrived at, plus the original card placed to one side has now printed itself also to match the selection. Both downloads are available for just £7.00 each from 5.2.22


Puzzled by Roddy McGhie - Alakazam Magic. Turn an impossible puzzle into an impossible object that your audience will never forget. Assemble puzzle pieces that impossibly fuse together and then can be examined. From the quixotic mind of one of Scotland’s best, this is Puzzled by Roddy McGhie: 5.2.22


The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau: A Video-Masterclass offering a new approach to the classic linking rings. Have you performed the rings for decades? This will give your routine a real boost. Would you like to learn the rings from scratch? This will guide you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the linking rings. You will not only learn the how, but the why?...


FISM winner Axel Hecklau has compressed 40 years of experiences into 3 and a half hours of crystal clear magic teaching. On top of very important theoretical thoughts on structure, dramaturgy, and routining classical moves and figures, you will learn how to link two rings with absolutely no sound in fluid motion in many different ways. Watch the trailer.

You will get a very practical 7 ring routine with all theoretical background information (deep analysis), all the mechanical moves plus all the silent links and unlinks that Axel developed over the past 5 years. Rediscover this very practical piece of magic - performable for 10 people or 1,000 people. If you like the linking rings you need to study this masterclass. If not, you still need to study it! Instant download and online video:


David Hemingway. 21st May 1935 - 1st February 2022. David Hemingway passed away on Tuesday, 1st February, at the age of 86. Born in Yorkshire on 21st May 1935, David soon came under the influence of Ken Brooke, and went on to excel in several areas of magic. He created and constructed many large-scale illusions under the banner of Designer Magic, and advised on popular television programmes such as Lost Empires and the Jeremy Beadle series. David was a prolific writer and lectured extensively, producing the highly acclaimed DVDs An Audience Against David Hemingway and The Magic Fly on the Wall, along with his old friend and sparring partner Donald Bevan. John Fisher said of him: "David represents a rare breed amongst magicians. His style is as readable as his ideas are practical. It is as if someone like Jack Hughes or Gil Leaney had been crossed with the likes of Al Koran or Billy McComb." Above all, David was an engaging performer and a courteous gentleman. He was predeceased by Marjorie, his wife of over fifty years, and there is no remaining family. Brian Lead. 5.2.22


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