Number 1136 - Saturday 2nd April 2022


Blackpool Magic Convention 2023 - registration opens Monday, April 4th, at 10am. From the organisers: Blackpool Magicians Club are pleased to announce that the online registration hub for the 2023 Blackpool Magic Convention opens at 10am on Monday, 4th April. Book early to make sure that you get the best seats in the house and remember that our VIP Tickets are available in very limited numbers and sell-out almost immediately. 10am Monday April 4th: Watch the brand new "Blackpool Magic Convention 2022 highlights" video here: YouTube. 2.4.22


The David Berglas Award 2022. Many congratulations to John Archer, seen here receiving The David Berglas Award at The British Magical Society's annual dinner on Friday, 25th March. Formed in Birmingham in 1905, The British Magical Society is the oldest magical society in Europe. The first President was David Devant, who was also the first President of The Magic Circle. The Trophy is awarded annually to a British magician for "Outstanding Contribution to Magic". See and Photo: John Archer and British Magical Society President Dr Bob King. (See John Archer tonight in 'Stand Up For Ukraine' at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, live and online. Details: 2.4.22


Paul Zenon on Paul Boross's Humourology Podcast. Paul Zenon is a master magician, comedian, actor, and writer. Paul joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss how comedy and magic have a lot in common. From television to the stage to the street, he walks Paul Boross through his life of magic and comedy: YouTube. (Great chat with Paul Zenon here. DT). 2.4.22


Peter Clifford's Magical Mythologies. 5th-9th April at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Discover why you can't trust your eyes... and you may well not believe your mind, with Peter Clifford's latest, mind-melting magic show. In the intimate space of The Wardrobe Theatre, Peter Clifford will weave his magic around stories of life, conjuring and the wonders of the world. Join him as he plays with puzzles of perception and prestidigitates for your pleasure. Let your grip on reality slip for a moment and be transported into something far more fantastical and exciting. You really have to see it to not believe it. For details and to book visit 2.4.22


The Comedy Helpline - a brand new book from Magicseen. From the publishers: On Monday 25th April 2022 Magicseen Publications will be releasing a new book on magic comedy! Entitled The Comedy Helpline, this 120 page, soft backed, full colour printed tome is designed to help you to add comedy to your performances. Using our network of magic comedy contacts from around the world, Magicseen have asked top acts such as Scott & Muriel, Michael Finney, Nathan Kranzo, Alan Hudson, John Archer, Graham Jolley and many more the questions to which you would want the answers. Such as "Can you use comedy even if you're not naturally funny?", "Is it important to write your own original comedy material?", "Why is comedy important to audiences?", plus many more. You will learn pearls of wisdom from those who have been there and done it, plus we have included a selection of great one liners, magic routines and visual gags for you to include in your own shows. Pre-Order your copy of The Comedy Helpline at £25.00 + p&p before midnight (BST) on Sunday 24th April 2022 and we will add to your Magicseen account a free download copy of the Comedy For The Well Groomed Performer PDF, which is the 2016 99 page compilation of comedy articles extracted from the pages of Magicseen. For more information and to order go to 2.4.22


Travis Perkins Assembly - Ferrybridge Day of Magic, Sunday 3rd July. Danny Hunt writes: We are back with a bang! Travis Perkins is pleased to announce the date for the 28th Ferrybridge Day of Magic: Sunday 3rd of July 2022. With Lecturettes and the Showette, Dealers and traders, the day looks like it will be another promising event - put it in your diary now. More news as we approach the day!

The venue is The Community Centre, The Square, Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire WF11 8PQ. Doors open at 9.45am and the day ends at 5pm. For more information please visit our Facebook page Ferrybridge Day of Magic or email Danny Hunt


Alec Powell's Magic Car Boot Sale in Birmingham returns on Sunday, 11th September, with loads of stalls and thousands of bargains. The venue as ever is The Austin Sports and Social Club, Tessall Lane, Birmingham B312SF. Ten minutes from Junction 4 on the M5. Ample free parking. Admission is £5 and it opens at 10.30am. Hot food and drinks available. If you are interested in a stall a few are available. Contact Alec Powell on 07831 115 448 or email to book. 2.4.22


Keith Barry Reconnected Tour 2022 - Ireland. Join Keith on tour with his brand new theatre show Reconnected, where he will reconnect the people of Ireland with a unique blend of magic, comedy and brain hacking. From April 29th to June 30th 2022, see 2.4.22


The Northamptonshire Magicians Club present 'The President's Lecture - An Evening with Patrick Page'. Nigel Quinn writes: An Evening with Patrick Page - A magical talk presented by Janette Page (daughter of the late Patrick Page) and her husband Philip Pound. They will be sharing exclusive unseen footage and photos of Patrick Page performing his magic with stories of magical friends such as Albert Gosham, Ricky Jay, Jay Marshall, Dai Vernon and many others. Be a part of this intimate insight into Patrick's legacy in magic. The evening is free for any other magic club members, so please join us for a magical evening followed with a prize raffle. The talk is on Tuesday 5th April at 8pm with further details at Nigel Quinn. Photo credit: Philip Pound. 2.4.22


Kevin Quantum: The Trick That Fooled - Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre, 9th & 10th April. Kevin Quantum: The Trick That Fooled. Unearthed! Incredible magic that’s fooled some of the most brilliant and creative people ever to have lived. Lincoln, Curie, Einstein and others – they’ve all been fooled. But would these same tricks fool you? Trained by Penn & Teller, a Guinness World Record Breaker, with a rare standing ovation from Simon Cowell and 'Four Yesses' from Britain’s Got Talent judges, Kevin Quantum is a unique performer in demand all over the world.


Kevin Quantum: The Trick That Fooled. Saturday 9th April and Sunday 10th April at Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1SR. For times and to book visit "Quantum's execution of his craft is still as smooth as can be" ★★★★ The Scotsman. 2.4.22


Ulster Society of Magicians 80th Anniversary Dinner and Gala Show on the Saturday night of MagiCon 2022. James Hobart writes: With a month to go we hit capacity for the Ulster Society of Magicians 80th Anniversary Dinner and Gala Show on the Saturday night of MagiCon 2022. Luckily the hotel has agreed to give us more room so bookings are still being accepted until the deadline of 15th April. A drinks reception, bunco booth, close-up magic, raffle, three course meal and two hour show are all included in a very full night of entertainment.

The dinner is included with a full or partner/guardian registration for the convention which currently includes: lectures by Fritz with a Z, Oliver Tabor, George Firehorse and Tom Crosbie, a presentation by Katherine Rhodes on The Magic Circle, an interview/Q&A with BGT runner up Jamie Raven, and Close-up Magic and Stage Gala Shows. The Dealers Hall will include Chris Congreave - who has just been added as a bonus lecturer following his success in 2019, joined by Retro Rocketeers, Magicbox, Peter Pellikaan and Fritz Alkemade.

Registration packages to suit everyone are available but accommodation in Belfast is becoming more limited and expensive the closer we get, as the convention takes place on a busy Bank Holiday weekend 29th April - 1st May. has just started cheap flights from regional airports just in time for the event. All other details you may need can be found on the Facebook page or website


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, silent magic from Carl Dean on New Faces of 86 introduced by Marti Caine with judges Nina Myskow, Bernard Manning and David Jensen. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 2.4.22


Nightmare Magic - April 9th, OSO Arts Centre, London. When Robert Blake discovers a coded journal in his late uncle's attic, he enlists his oldest friend David to help decipher the contents. Join David, as he demonstrates their terrifying discoveries to the world. Writer and magician David Alnwick combines acting, storytelling, and magic to create a unique theatrical experience.

"Nightmare Magic is as much a one-man play as it is a magic show... Between the perfection of his execution and the well thought out props, the magic blends seamlessly into the plot of the show. The show is scary, especially for the easily frightened... Alnwick has reached a point in his career where he could coast on the formidable skill set that earned him his reputation and probably still cause daily stampedes for a spot in his shows. But Nightmare Magic shows that he has instead chosen to innovate, pushing his own boundaries and the boundaries of magic as a genre." ★★★★★ World Magic Review. "Really well done... thoroughly enjoyed it... Really impressive work" Andy Nyman.


Saturday April 9th at 8pm at OSO Arts Centre, 49 Station Road, Barnes, London SW13 0LF. Tickets: 2.4.22


Daniel Dorian Johnson on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Daniel Dorian Johnson, aka 'Mr Freak': Sideshow Stunts, Magic, Mentalism and More" YouTube. 2.4.22


Magic related posters. Phil Shaw (co-owner of Magicseen Magazine) has opened up a graphic poster Etsy shop (The Graphic Print Hub) and is offering a selection of magic related posters. Available in various sizes, starting at A4, they make the perfect wall decor for your magic den. Lots more magic posters will be added over the next few weeks so keeping checking back: 2.4.22


New Releases in the MLM Select Range. Here are the two fresh products which have been added to the Select range for April. 1. The Lightning Coin Matchbox. A matchbox drawer is pushed open and a coin tipped from within. The box is closed and left in full view. The coin is marked with a sticker bearing a spectator's initials and is then vanished, only to be found immediately back inside the tabled matchbox. This simple idea can be used as a finish to any coin or finger ring routine. 2. Cup And Ball. A sponge ball is tipped from a regular coffee mug and placed away in a pocket. The performer's hands are unmistakably empty and the cup is openly displayed to be also genuinely empty. Inverting the cup on his palm the magician snaps his fingers and then on slowly tipping the cup back the ball is seen to be lying once more underneath. No palming, no gimmicks, this is a sneaky method to achieve a simple, magical plot. Both these video downloads cost just £7.00 each (or £3.50 for E-Club Pro members). To watch a dem and order go to 2.4.22


Chris Wardle's 'Crafty Conjuring' Lecture – Leicester Magic Circle, 4th April. This is a new lecture of 'crafty' magic covering close-up, children's magic, impromptu items and mentalism, with the emphasis on cunning, streamlined methods. An evening of practical material you can use, with something for everyone. His ideas have appeared in books, magazines and have been used on TV, radio and on the stage. Chris has regular columns in both the IBM British Ring's and The Magic Circle's magazines, and he is an award-winning Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. There is a charge of £10 for visiting magicians. 7.30pm on Monday 4th April at Braunstone Civic Centre, Leicester LE3 2PP. Contact Secretary Barry Martin for details: 2.4.22


Chris Wardle's 'Crafty Conjuring' Lecture – North Western Society of Magicians, 6th April. This is a new lecture of 'crafty' magic covering close-up, children's magic, impromptu items and mentalism, with the emphasis on cunning, streamlined methods. An evening of practical material you can use, with something for everyone. His ideas have appeared in books, magazines and have been used on TV, radio and on the stage. Chris has regular columns in both the IBM British Ring's and The Magic Circle's magazines, and he is an award-winning Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. There is a small door charge of £5 for visiting magicians. 7pm on Wednesday 6th April at The Labour Club and institute, 91- 97 Cavendish Street, Barrow in Furness LA14 1DL. 2.4.22


Henri White lectures for The Surrey Society of Magicians on Thursday 7th April. From the organisers: Henri is one of London's most popular magicians, and is known as "The Swiss-Army Human" through his vast range of experiences in and out of the world of magic. His career has seen him work on countless TV and theatre projects as well as performing and working with over a dozen international royal families and dignitaries. Free for members; visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture takes place in East Horsley, Surrey at 8pm. For full details please contact Adam Mosley: 2.4.22


The Big Bang Theory. Friends and family gather as Amy and Sheldon prepare to tie the knot - but it seems the happy couple's minds are elsewhere. Sheldon Cooper and Mayim Bialik star, with guest appearances from Laurie Metcalf, Kathy Bates, Mark Hamill, Jerry O'Connell and Teller. Saturday 2nd April on E4. See TV Magic. 2.4.22


The Mind of Adam Hudson - 28th April, Masonic Hall, Barrow-in-Furness. From the promoter: Award-winning magician Adam Hudson presents his one-man evening of magic, mystery and mind-reading. Audience members will have thoughts, memories, star signs and dates of birth mysteriously revealed without ever having to leave the comfort of their own chair. Adam will demonstrate systems to accurately predict the roll of a dice, spin of a roulette wheel or even how to guarantee a win in the childhood game 'Snap!'. Savant like memory skills will be shown when a shuffled packet of cards is memorised instantly and people's behaviour is shown to have been influenced through verbal suggestion. Adam will also share intimate thoughts on how he uses his skills to stay positive whilst fighting the degenerative disease Multiple Sclerosis.

"Magician and mind-reader Adam Hudson heading to Barrow" Thursday, 28th April at Masonic Hall, Fairfield Lane, Barrow-in-Furness LA13 9AH. Doors 7pm, Show 7.30pm. All tickets £6 available from


Symbol Sensation - Mr E Enterprises: You display five laminated plaques each bearing various coloured symbols and pictures. Five spectators are asked to mentally select and remember any symbol or picture of their choice (no force) and yet you correctly reveal all five selected symbols and pictures in an entertaining variety of ways. Symbol sensation is very easy to do and yet extremely baffling! Based on a classic method of mentalism which allows you have five spectators each simply thinking of a symbol or picture and then reading their minds and revealing each thought of symbol or picture in turn. Find out more, visit 2.4.22


Orpington Magic Society's 3rd Anniversary celebration. OMS write: On Saturday 26th March OMS had a very special guest at our club. Social Media Magician, 12 year old Magic Maisie to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary as OMS. We are very pleased to have had Masie at our club and she has our full support in encouraging other youngsters and females to become magicians. She's an inspiration! Believe in your Magic. 2.4.22


Columbo Goes to the Guillotine. Columbo delves into the world of magic, ESP and sleight of hand as he investigates the death of a magician. Look out for Christopher Hart and Dan Birch. (Movie 1989). Sunday 3rd April on 5USA. See TV Magic. 2.4.22


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