Number 1146 - Saturday 11th June 2022


Ehrlich Brothers Dream & Fly - The OVO Arena, Wembley, London, Saturday 13th August. From the promoters: From appearing in a helicopter mid-air to sculpting a golden Lamborghini from flames to producing the world‘s largest candy jar, this show is something that has to be seen to be believed. Dream & Fly is being performed at Wembley for the first time ever in English. It is perfect for the entire family and will enchant imaginations... bringing to life the kid inside all of us. With the Ehrlich Brothers, illusions become reality. Using a perfect mixture of elaborate illusions, sleight of hand magic, energy and charm, the Brothers’ performances captivate audiences of all ages. For more information and to book visit 11.6.22


South Tyneside International Magic Festival. Steve Gore writes: South Tyneside International Magic Festival, 14th-16th October 2022. Starring: Gregory Wilson (USA), Jeffrey Wang (China), Javi Benitez (Spain), Juan Luis Rubiales (Spain), Arkadio Jose (Portugal), Solange Kardinaly (Portugal), and from the UK: Alan Hudson, Kat Hudson, Roddy McGee, Matt Daniel-Baker, Jezo Bond, Romany and Taylor Morgan illusions. Limited space with maximum 150 registrations, so everyone gets to socialise together and have a fantastic seat! £65 for the whole three days registration! See 11.6.22


The Wayne Dobson Show - Live on Stage, Friday 24th June, Haslemere Hall, Surrey. From successes in Las Vegas, the Royal Variety Show and his own TV series, magician Wayne Dobson returns to the stage with a magic show combining eye-boggling tricks and Wayne’s special brand of comedy. At the height of his stardom, which included three hit TV series of ‘Wayne Dobson: A Kind of Magic’, attracting audiences of 11 million, Wayne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As the condition worsened and consigned Wayne to a wheelchair, he retired from public performance believing audiences wouldn’t accept a disabled magician, paralysed and with impaired speech.

Since then, Wayne has created hundreds of original magical effects for the world’s leading magicians. The Magic Circle presented him with the Maskelyne Award and The American Academy of Magical Arts their Award of Merit; the two highest awards in magic. Feeling the urge to perform again, Wayne tried out a couple of private shows and was overwhelmed with his audiences’ response. So much so he has decided to do some more!


"I'm not interested in the money anymore but whether, as so many people are kind enough to assure me, there is still an audience for a weird act like me to bob up now and again. And it will be fun finding out either way: I’ve no longer anything to lose, no career to boost, no ego to massage; just the joy of performing my favourite material for people who have come out to be entertained." 7.30pm on Friday 24th June at Haslemere Hall, Bridge Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2AS. See 11.6..22


Ben Hart: Wonder. From the promoter: West End star and multi award-winning magician Ben Hart returns to Edinburgh with Wonder this August. Alongside sell-out Fringe shows, Ben has performed for royalty, was a Britain's Got Talent finalist and had dozens of TV appearances including The One Show, Now You See It (BBC One), Pure Magic (BBC One) and even his own series on BBC Three. Using only the simplest of props and the minds of the audience, Hart conjures a show that is always amazing, sometimes shocking and shines a light into the darkest corners of your imaginations... An unforgettable experience, leaving you in Wonder. 11.6.22 are excited to announce their biggest sale yet starts today! There are discounts of up to 50% on dozens of books across the site with free postage for UK orders over £75. The sale ends at midnight on the 22nd of June. Many of the vintage and antique books are in very low stock, so act fast to avoid disappointment. To view all books in the sale visit 11.6.22


Nikola Arcane at The Magic Circle Convention. From the organisers: Nikola Arcane will be lecturing and performing at The Magic Circle Convention on Sunday 11th September, alongside Marc Oberon and Marc Spelmann. We will also have a 'Sunday Night at The Magic Circle' show in the evening featuring stars of the convention and special guests including 9 year old Ryland Petty as just seen on Britain’s Got Talent. The last few tickets are available online Click Here. 11.6.22


Friday Night Magicians at The Headgate Theatre, Colchester. From the promoter: Impresario and Magician Martin Cox presents his acclaimed show, 'Friday Night Magicians' on Friday 24th June at The Headgate Theatre, Colchester. Join Martin and internationally renowned magical artists Mark Bennett, William Spencer and Lee Bell Sceptre for an evening of magic and wonder. Audiences will equally laugh and be enthralled by the entertainment of this wonderful trio of world-class magicians. All three magicians have very different and unique styles of magic, so there will be something for everyone in this treat of a show. This is a night not to be missed and is suitable for those aged 11+. 24th June at The Headgate Theatre, 14 Chapel Street, North Colchester CO2 7AT. Tickets and more info: 11.6.22


Milton Woodward. Brian Lead writes: Milton Woodward is possibly the most significant magician you have never heard of – until now. His one-time sorcerer’s apprentice, the late David Budd, had been researching his magic mentor since his death in 1964, and left copious notes which have now been collated and edited by the legendary Abracadabra editor, Donald Bevan. In this attractively produced book, Donald has captured the colloquial voice of David, relating a fund of priceless anecdotes and describing the life and career of Milton and his assistant of over thirty years, Millicent Cooper. Woodward billed himself as ‘The World Master of Magic’, while Budd calls him ‘The Magician that Changed Magic’. Beginning with a floral at which filled the stage with colourful blooms, Woodward later created his ‘Woodward’s Wonder Bar’ drinks act to great acclaim. In the words of David Budd: ‘Milton and Millie produced some of the finest magic to be seen on British stages.’ You can read more about this publication in the Book Reviews section this week, and purchase it directly from David Budd’s daughter, Janet, for £16 plus £3.95 UK postage. Enquiries to or 07856 862977. 11.6.22


James Hessler on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday and Saturday Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "James Hessler: Ultimate guide to working the streets as a professional magician" YouTube. 11.6.22


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week you'll like this, not a lot, but you'll like it. Paul Daniels from 31st January 1987. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 11.6.22


M&M, New Magic Society in Scotland. Secretary John Hearn writes about the newly formed 'Magic & Mayhem Magical Society' in Scotland: At the moment we are a small group of experienced magicians, but it is our intention to promote magic and grow our membership through the performance of all types of magic. Recently we were out and about entertaining residents of a Nursing Home at their Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration events. You can find more information regarding our group on our Facebook page: and we can also be contacted by email 11.6.22


The June E-Video Newsletter. To access the latest 30+ minute online video presentation from Mark Leveridge you simply have to be signed up to Mark's free E-Club Lite. Membership provides you with an email newsletter at the start of each month featuring news, advice, offers, freebies and a link to the E-Video Newsletter itself. If you are not registered already it is quick and easy. Go to for more information. In the June E-Video Newsletter: The Teach In – a new handling variation is taught for the previously published Instant Card Reversal. Pro Peeks – on offer here this time is a commercial borrowed ring routine extracted from E-Club Pro’s Lecture Room. Keeping Control Unplugged – in part 24 Mark considers how light and shade in trick planning and 'bribery' (!) can help to control youngsters at your shows. Web Offers – a classic close-up feature routine with a strong ending plus a commercial carry-around card effect are discounted during June. 60 Seconds To Success – Mark recommends the idea of ‘casing the joint’ on arrival at a venue to get a proper feel for what the gig will entail. The Review Corner – Ignacio Lopez’s startling production cloth called Thin Air is scrutinised. To watch all this and similar every month join E-Club Lite. 11.6.22


E-Books From Magicseen Publications. If you want access to the excellent magic of top performers for a bargain price, the Magicseen range of e-books will fit the bill perfectly. For instance, you could get The Travelling Trickster which is full of Mel Mellers magic, mentalism and cheeky mirth for just £20.00. Or how about learning from 24 of the UK's best performers in The Best of British for only £12.00. Then again if card magic is your thing, why not try Crafted With Carey featuring 70 effects for just £20.00. And if you enjoy the tricks featured in the Masterclass section of Magicseen Magazine, you can get volumes 1, 2 and 3 offering a combined total of 168 effects all in e-book format too. So, if content is important to you, the Magicseen range of e-books provide plenty of variety and expertise, so go to and see what bargains you can find. x. 11.6.22


Ulster Society of Magicians AGM. Secretary James Hobart writes: At the AGM on Monday 6th June David Lillie took over the position of Chairman from Peter Gunn. They are joined on Committee by Vice Chairman John Donnelly, Secretary James Hobart, Treasurer Paula McIntyre, Membership Secretary Paul Gomac, Lucie Wilson and Darren Close.

Following our 80th year, culminating in MagiCon 2022 we are looking forward to another successful year of lectures and club nights with particular emphasis on teaching and learning. Lecturers interested in visiting Northern Ireland are invited to contact the Secretary. The Chairman’s Dinner will return to its usual slot in March 2023. (Photo: David Lillie and Peter Gunn)


Supermarket Surprise - Mr E Enterprises. A terrific triple prediction, that’s entertaining, effective, straight forward and practically works itself. Offer to mentally determine the choices three spectators will make during an imaginary visit to a supermarket! An unbelievable routine, combining a classic principle of mentalism that Eddie used very successfully on a late-night television show. For more info and to order visit 11.6.22


Into the Wolf’s Mouth. A novel by Wayne Slater. Wayne Slater's first novel, 'Into the Wolf’s Mouth' is currently ranked number 7 in Disability Fiction and 1,208 in Crime, Thriller & Mystery Adventures by From the publisher: Wayne Slater, aka El Loco, has just published his first novel featuring magic and illusion, titled Into the Wolf’s Mouth. Gee Valentine’s life is the pits. Abandoned at birth and raised in a care home, he’s learnt how to survive the hard way. When he secretly escapes the care system, fate intervenes, he’s befriended by the mysterious owner of a Blackpool magic shop who teaches him the art of sleight of hand magic. When he is entangled in the murder of five stage magicians he flees Blackpool in the dead of night, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, to Italy, in his 1967 VW Campervan. In an emotional search for his parents, he encounters friendship, betrayal, love and death. Now available via Amazon: Also see 11.6.22


Waken by Bond Lee, Hawin and MS Magic. Coming soon, pre-orders now being taken by Alakazam Magic. What is real magic? It might look something like this. The true power of haunted deck. An extremely visual magic piece. Imagine finding your spectator's signed card with the power of shadow. Or using Psychokinesis to raise their card from the deck. Multi-card haunted effects and rising cards are all possible. The deck is self-contained, and can be performed completely isolated. Multiple applications and routines create endless possibilities. The power of a super human, are you ready to Waken? 11.6.22


The Illusionist Brain: The Neuroscience of Magic. How do magicians make us see the impossible? The Illusionist Brain takes you on an unforgettable journey through the inner workings of the human mind, revealing how magicians achieve their spectacular and seemingly impossible effects by interfering with your cognitive processes. Along the way, this lively and informative book provides a guided tour of modern neuroscience, using magic as a lens for understanding the unconscious and automatic functioning of our brains. Order via 11.6.22


Hawaii Five-0. Chin Ho and Jerry attend a high-school reunion, where one of their old classmates winds up dead. The finger of suspicion soon points at a struggling illusionist, but has he really got blood on his hands? Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny head to the secret burial site in search of clues. (Repeat) Friday 22nd November on Sky One. See TV Magic for details. 11.6.22


Magic Conventions! The MagicWeek Conventions page is really filling up as the year progresses. See who is putting on what, where and when! DT. 11.6.22


John Wade obituary by Eric Midwinter in The Guardian. 11.6.22


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