Number 1147 - Saturday 18th June 2022


Derren Brown Showman to play London's West End from December 9th. Derren is at his finest live on stage. His one-man shows have received wide critical acclaim and more Olivier wins and nominations than any other in history. Now, following his current UK tour, Showman is set to open at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue in December (December 9th 2022 to March 19th 2023) with tickets going on sale from June 24th: Showman is directed by Andrew O'Connor and Andy Nyman and written by Andy Nyman, Andrew O'Connor and Derren Brown. Trailer: YouTube. 18.6.22


IBM British Ring Convention, 1st-4th September, Eastbourne. From the organisers: Convention Countdown – bringing you all the information you need! Eastbourne is the ideal location for this year’s British Ring Convention for many reasons. It is easily accessible via train from London Victoria, by aeroplane to nearby Gatwick airport, and of course by road! It also has plenty of accommodation to suit all budgets. The Convention itself is packed with lectures, workshops, shows, competitions, magic dealers and much much more. Lectures and Workshops will take place in the Welcome Building, which is also the home of the Dealers Hall. The various shows will be in The Devonshire Park Theatre, and the Ali Bongo Micro Marathon will once again be held in The Stage Door Bar which is situated between the two venues.


This is a full four-day convention starting at 10am each day, so early arrival is strongly advised. Why not join us at our Welcome Party on the evening of Wednesday 31st August on the top floor of the Hardwick Suite in The International Lawn Tennis Centre? The Convention closes at approximately 5pm on Sunday. Prices range from £50 to £200, with discounted rate for Members and Juniors. To register either contact or go through our website: 18.6.22


Northern Magic Circle One Day Mini Convention - Harrogate. Northern Magic Circle Secretary Brian Lead writes: If you’re in striking distance of the Crown Hotel in Harrogate on Sunday 26th June, you’re in the right place for a touch of Midsummer Magic! At the centre of the NMC’s ‘Return from Covid’ mini-convention convention (10am – 6pm) will be a two-part auction, with guest auctioneer Mike Shepherd who will be bringing his hammer down on over 200 books and a range of magic props, from modern to collectable.


The day will be ‘topped and tailed’ by President Roy Field’s presentation on ‘Magic at the Seaside’ (winner of an Award of Excellence from the International Brotherhood of Magicians) and a closing show starring Chris Cross and featuring Clive Moore, Rick and Carol Tynan, Roy Field and Brian Lead. The day will also include a parlour magic competition for cash and trophy prizes – entries, please, to Stuart Clarkson: The Enchanted Rabbit Magic Company will also be there, and Doug Gregg as a guest performer.


To celebrate our return to near-normality, the day is free to all NMC members and partners, and those who join on the day. For others there will be a nominal £5 entry fee, to include complimentary tea and coffee. To assist with catering, please register your intention to attend with organiser John Russell: 18.6.22


The Magic Circle Convention, 11th September - latest update. From the organisers:  We are very excited to announce we have the incredible Tom Stone joining us at The Magic Circle Convention on September 11th, with his sensational lecture and live performance in the 'Sunday Night at The Magic Circle' gala show!

Also lecturing and performing will be Marc Oberon, Marc Spelmann and Nicola Arkane and a unique performance from Alan & Kat Hudson! Additionally, we are delighted to have Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Ryland Petty performing in the show.

Finally, we are hoping to have some very very very special guests (tbc) which we hope to be able to announce in due course! Watch this space! The last tickets are selling fast. If you haven’t got yours yet now is the time to reserve your space for what is certain to be an unforgettable day!


The Wayne Dobson Show - Live on Stage, this Friday June 24th! From successes in Las Vegas, the Royal Variety Show and his own TV series, magician Wayne Dobson returns to the stage with a magic show combining eye-boggling tricks and Wayne’s special brand of comedy. At the height of his stardom, which included three hit TV series of ‘Wayne Dobson: A Kind of Magic’, attracting audiences of 11 million, Wayne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As the condition worsened and consigned Wayne to a wheelchair, he retired from public performance believing audiences wouldn’t accept a disabled magician, paralysed and with impaired speech.

Since then, Wayne has created hundreds of original magical effects for the world’s leading magicians. The Magic Circle presented him with the Maskelyne Award and The American Academy of Magical Arts their Award of Merit; the two highest awards in magic. Feeling the urge to perform again, Wayne tried out a couple of private shows and was overwhelmed with his audiences’ response. So much so he has decided to do some more!


"I'm not interested in the money anymore but whether, as so many people are kind enough to assure me, there is still an audience for a weird act like me to bob up now and again. And it will be fun finding out either way: I’ve no longer anything to lose, no career to boost, no ego to massage; just the joy of performing my favourite material for people who have come out to be entertained." 7.30pm on Friday 24th June at Haslemere Hall, Bridge Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2AS. See 18.6..22


When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong. "A compilation of illusions that went spectacularly badly, including several cases where magicians nearly died for their act. Escapologist Spencer Horsmann nearly drowned three times performing his water tank act, while Canadian magician Dean Gunnarson was pronounced dead after being fished out of a river following a stunt, and Shahid Malik has suffered both serious burns and a 40-foot fall from illusions gone wrong. Plus, mishaps featuring famous magicians including Dynamo, Paul Daniels and David Blaine." (Repeat) Sunday 26th June on Channel 5. See TV Magic for details. 18.6.22’s Summer Sale has just doubled in size! Their summer sale continues this week with 100 books now discounted. Act fast to take advantage of these deals as the sale ends this Wednesday at midnight. Free UK 2nd class postage on orders over £75. To view all books in the sale visit 18.6.22


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week 'Trick on Two' with magicians: John Lenahan, Carey Marx, Michael Vincent, John Simonett, Zap and Fay Presto. And guests: Ken Livingstone, Eve Pollard, Cathy Shipton, Victor Ubogu, Tony Underwood, Albert Roux and Paul Foot. From 31st December 1993. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 18.6.22


Ryland Petty on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every week Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Ryland Petty talks about Britain's Got Talent 2022" YouTube. 18.6.22


Neil Henry, Influencer and Magician, announces a new Podcast called 'Transforming' with Ex Celebrity Agent Stuart Piper and first guest Wim Hof: "Neil Henry is one of the most viewed social media magicians in the world with over 1 billion views annually. His mind blowing visual magic tricks, crazy stunts and hilarious comedy and prank viral videos often get more than 100 million views and have got him worldwide recognition working alongside some of the biggest artists and brands in the game. Mixing magic and comedy in original and engaging viral videos is not just a living for Neil, it’s a full-time passion." 18.6.22


The Karl Fulves Convention - London. Now in its 7th year! This year's event will take place on Saturday 2nd July in London at the Rose Cafe 279 Finchley Road, London NW3 6LT, from 12.30pm. Nearest tube station Finchley Road on the Jubilee & Metropolitan line. This year promises a few surprises! The convention is set up to honour one of the greatest unsung geniuses and giants of close-up magic, Karl Fulves. As always attendance is free and informal; just turn up. And be prepared to show at least one trick from any of Karl Fulves publication. Any questions simply email organiser Allan Brown: 18.6.22


Miki Travis Comedy Workshop. Mike Ingham writes: The Kent Magicians Guild are very pleased to announce we have arranged a really fun night for the next KMG evening. Stand up comedian and comedy warm up man Miki Travis has agreed to come along and present a workshop on how to include more comedy in your magic.

Miki is an excellent entertainer, who performs magic and comedy to a top level, and is happy to explain some of his techniques that have helped him entertain a variety of audiences. Please support this very special evening. Guest tickets are available at £5 per person... open to non-members; so do please come along and enjoy an evening of top class entertainment. Tuesday 28th June 2022 at The Stag Theatre, London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1ZZ


Davenport Collection updates. In the last three months over a hundred items have been added to the website,  mostly in the Magic and Novelties, Toys, Games & Jokes categories. The Davenport Collection is nothing if not eclectic! 2022 has already seen the launch of the Davenport Film YouTube Channel. Many more clips are in the pipeline but it takes time to get the best quality images off the film, much of which is nearly 100 years old. 18.6.22


MLM Select New Releases June 2022. Added this month to the list of routines extracted for a limited time from the E-Club Pro vaults are the following two effects: 1. Loose Change. Two different coloured poker chips (or coins with coloured stickers or spectators’ initials on) are shown and one is selected to be dropped into a small brass box. The lid is put on and the box left in full view. The other chip is placed under a handkerchief which is held by a spectator. Apparently using the ‘quickness of the hand to deceive the eye’, the magician causes the coin placed under the handkerchief to be found inside the box, and the first coin turns out to be held under the cloth by the audience member. 2. The Invisible Glass. A regular empty wineglass is covered by a handkerchief where its shape can clearly be seen. Suddenly the hanky collapses flat onto the performer’s hand and the glass has become invisible, and the cloth is whipped away to reveal the empty hand beneath. Covering the hand once more, the centre of the cloth is lifted up and released, and instantly the shape of the glass is back. On removing the hanky the real wineglass is shown to be standing again on the magician’s hand. No gimmicks, no preparation, the glass can be picked up off a dinner table and the effect immediately performed. This makes a great table opener. Both effects cost £7.00 each from 18.6.22


Days of Ancient Egypt - Mr E Enterprises. Here is a fascinating close-up and parlour mystery using small pictures of ancient Egyptians. A spectator lays the three intriguing picture cards onto a small mat in any order he likes. While your back is turned the cards are switched about and the participant merely thinks of any one of the ancient Egyptians. Then the cards are again changed about on the mat. All this is done while you have your back turned or you can even be out of the room if you prefer. Immediately when you turn around you can correctly pick out the ancient Egyptian that the spectator is only thinking about. Finally, as your climax, you can show that you have predicted in advance the very character that the participant has mentally chosen!

Stunning although this effect is, you immediately repeat it with uncanny accuracy again and again. Yes, this trick grows more baffling with each repeated performance. Truly astonishing magic and ideal for walkabout. A Mr E superior quality mental effect. Comes complete with four laminated picture cards, mat, gift bag and instructions. Order from


Nixon Magic. Nixon Magic write: Nixon Magic is a new creator of exclusive close-up magic tricks for professionals, hobbyists, and beginners. You can’t buy these tricks from any other dealer.

Chris Nixon has been around magic for twenty years and has learned from the best – Pat Page, Ali Bongo, Anthony Owen, Jerry Sadowitz, Stephen Mulhern. He says "I’ve decided to use all my knowledge and experience to create new highly visual close-up tricks with personality that will make you stand out. I understand what it's like being a working magician. There’s a shortage of eye-catching quick reset props that are fool-proof, angle-proof, and get a brilliant reaction, giving you the reputation that you want as a close-up magician."


"I am designing baffling effects which you can learn quickly and have confidence in to enhance your performances." This is a new venture, but Nixon Magic will be adding more exclusive tricks over the coming months. See 18.6.22


A New Messiah by Tony Nicholson is reviewed by David Leigh this week. "Though this is Tony Nicholson’s first novel, he is already a successful biographer and draws on background in TV production, in particular magic shows, to conjure a political thriller very much for these times..." To read the full review Click Here. 18.6.22


Ulster Society of Magicians award Honorary Membership to Joel M. James Hobart writes: At the AGM on Monday 6th June the club unanimously voted to give Honorary Membership to Joel M in recognition of his contribution to the club by performances over many years, the most recent of which was a sell-out show to open MagiCon 2022. Joel commented: "This is such an honour. Thank you so much. This has made my week!" Joel M on 'Good Morning Britain' last year: YouTube. 18.6.22


The World On One Street. Urban Elephant is a colorful, vibrant, and unique community arts festival. It’s a free festival! It’s a zero waste, carbon neutral festival. It’s coming to Walworth, South London on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of July. See the best in contemporary urban street art, theatre, and culture. Gaze in wonder at circus, magic, dancing, street art, theatre, puppetry, and more. Come and join us for a great family day out in London: 18.6.22


"The Former Magician Who Now Owns Magic Castle Has Big Plans for the Place" Click Here • "Who is magician Julius Dein on TikTok?" Click Here • "The story of Alexander Fay, the magician performing on the day of the Victoria Hall disaster in Sunderland" Click Here • "Matricks illusionists on Newark Palace Theatre stage fresh from Britain's Got Talent" Click Here • "British Magician Uses Magic Skills to Protect Environment" Click Here • "Jitendra Kumar appears as a Magician in his New Netflix Romantic Drama film" Click Here • Well, that's all for another week. Thanks as always for your magic news - see you next week, Duncan. 18.6.22