Number 1151 - Saturday 16th July 2022


IBM British Ring Convention, 1st-4th September, Eastbourne. From the organisers: We are excited to announce the addition of two more star guests to the Convention lineup at Eastbourne. Craig Petty is best known for his incredible award-winning tricks and performances and for the last 25 years he has risen through many challenges and achieved success like no other. We are delighted that he will be presenting a lecture for delegates on the Saturday of the convention.

The Jeffery Atkins Memorial Lecture will be a Q&A on Sunday and we are thrilled to announce this will be with Nick Mohammed. Nick is best known for his character Mr Swallow which he has portrayed across both stage and television for over a decade. A star in the comedy world, and increasingly in demand as an actor and comedian, this is a must see event at the convention.

To register for the full four days, the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) or individual days go to Discounted rates for I.B.M. British Ring members and all young magicians (aged 17 and under).


Circus 1903 with Ringmaster David Williamson returns to London for Christmas! Experience all the thrills and daredevil entertainment of a turn-of-the-century circus in an all-new home for 2022 – Eventim Apollo! There’s a world of "entertainment to delight all ages this Christmas" (Evening Standard), as sensational puppetry from the award-winning team behind War Horse puts elephants back in the ring as never seen before, alongside a huge cast of the most unique, jaw-dropping and surprising acts from all four corners of the globe! From strong men to contortionists, acrobats to high wire and much more, Circus 1903 will astound, captivate, and transport audiences of all ages to the mesmerising Golden Age of circus.


For an intimate circus experience, sit within the stalls to be up close to all of the magic and daredevil action. Or soar to great heights and witness the spectacle with a cinematic view from our circle seats. Wherever you sit, you are guaranteed a magnificent circus 1903 experience. 15th December 2022 - 1st January 2023. 11am, 3pm, 7.30pm. 16.7.22


Christian Grace lectures for The Surrey Society of Magicians on Thursday, 21st July. Christian's reply to a question recently in an interview was: "My desire to create comes entirely from a pursuit to find the best solutions for effects that I see myself performing. It starts from how I think magic should look and feel to the audience. I strive to create direct and deceptive methods that emulate what it might look like if it were actual magic and I seldom compromise this. It's an ongoing process and I love it. Selling and sharing my magic on a bigger scale came about by happenstance a few years back at The Session Convention. I was casually performing my magic to new friends and it was Vanishing Inc. that approached me and showed an interest in working together on projects." Members are free and visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture takes place in East Horsley, Surrey at 8pm on the 21st. For full details contact Adam Mosley: 16.7.22


Dave Jones Lecture - Manchester Circle of Magicians. Alex D Fisher, Entertainment Secretary, writes: Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle Dave Jones will be lecturing for the Manchester Circle of Magicians this Monday, 18th July from 7.30pm. The club is proud to have such a renowned worker, teacher, and all-around good egg at the club room. Pizzas and burgers all on a two for one deal, so why not come along grab a meal first, and then join us for what promises to be an amazing evening. Non-members welcome, £10 on the door. Venue: The Micker Brook, Councillor Lane, Cheadle, Greater Manchester SK8 5NU. 16.7.22


Chris Congreave Lecture - British Magical Society. Our last lecture before the Summer recess is with Chris Congreave offering something for everyone. Non-members welcome for the very modest fee of £5. No need to book, simply turn up. Tuesday 26th July at 7.30pm at Weoley Castle Working Mens Club, 158 Barnes Hill, Birmingham B29 5TY. 16.7.22


"Magician Graham Jolley joins Patrick Christys and predicts the new Prime Minister" YouTube. 16.7.22


Card Craze by Martin MacMillan - International Magic. Two Jumbo Cards, each cut into three pieces, are removed from a wallet, mixed and placed face down according to a spectator's instruction. When the pieced together cards are turned up, the magician's prediction is shown to match their order exactly.

Only one prediction is used, it's 100% correct, the spectator's choices are random, no equivoque, instant reset and easy to do. What's more, everything is fully examinable. Supplied with cards, prediction and a specially designed wallet. This is a novel trick that you'll do right away and use again and again. New release, in stock now, priced £10.50. Watch the video and find out more at


Alexandra Park & Palace Kaleidoscope Festival, Saturday July 23rd. Samuel Hurst 'The Peoples Magician' and UK Family Entertainer of the Year 2019 winner will be running a full day of Family Cabaret and Magic at the Festival with his company, Beautiful Magicians Club, featuring: UK Family Entertainer of the Year 2022 Jezo Bond; Dov Zaks Captain Calamity; Amazing Hula Hoop artist Oopsie Ooh and child juggling sensation Harvey Juggling. Plus multiple secret celebrity guest magicians, games, music and shenanigans. Tickets to the whole festival with headline acts Orbital and the Happy Mondays via 16.7.22


Fay Presto elected Honorary Vice President Ulster Society of Magicians. James Hobart writes: The Ulster Society of Magicians are delighted to announce that the legendary Fay Presto has been elected as our Honorary Vice President. Fay commented: "I did indeed have an Irish Grandmother on my fathers side, and the status of her husband has been lost in the mists of time, it may be that I am in fact half Irish. I have always been drawn to the Emerald Isle and have had some quite wonderful times driving around your beautiful countryside. I have always met with warmth and legendary wonderful Irish Hospitality. I hope in the near future I may visit again and renew my links with your organisation." We're looking forward to a long and happy association and friendship 16.7.22


Seth Race on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every week Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Creator, innovator, magician, head manufacture at Penguin Magic and more..." YouTube. 16.7.22


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Wayne Dobson in one of his weekly guest spots on 'The Joe Longthorne Show' from 5th October 1988. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 16.7.22


The Science of Magic Association 2022 Conference - this Thursday & Friday. From the organisers: We plan to hold a gala show on the evening of July 20th, followed by two full conference days on July 21st and 22nd. We’re looking forward (with cautious optimism) to once again bringing together academics, researchers and magicians from around the world and featuring top keynote speakers, with presentations and poster sessions about the latest science of magic research.

This event will take place in-person at Goldsmiths University of London, and we’ll also be integrating some of the virtual tools and options to provide some free virtual access to selected events on the day. Various recordings will be posted online afterwards.

Featured Speakers: Guest of honour: Derren Brown - Mentalist and Illusionist (virtually attending).
Keynote Speakers: Prof Sophie Scott - Director of the Speech Communication Lab at UCL.
Prof Chris French - Founder of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths.
Laura London - Sleight of hand artist.
Luke Jermay - Mentalist and magician.

For registration information visit


Supreme are back! Under new ownership since the 90s and now formally trading as Magic Supreme Ltd., the carefully warehoused Supreme Magic product archive has been quietly accessible for quite some time, but now the virtual door has been flung open and much more stock is being made available to online customers.

As one of the Supreme team posted on social media after his first visit: "It's breathtaking. There are tens of thousands of boxes here, with pristine items within them that have been carefully stored for decades and are now being organised, catalogued, and gradually made available again to the magical world. I repeat... tens of thousands!"


It’s not just Supreme... What are believed to be the last stocks of some original Morrissey products are also now available, along with quite a few sought-after publications coming to light. For more information, currently available products, and to sign-up for emerging stock news visit There’s also a Facebook page: 16.7.22


Flash Sale! Merlins of Wakefield have updated their website to make it quicker and easier to use: Right now they are having a Flash Sale until Midnight on Tuesday 19th July with over 1,000 items at up to 60% off RRP – Click Here for details. If you have any used items or collections you are looking to sell, contact them for a quote: 16.7.22


Dave Allen is the WAM Stage Magician of the Year 2022. Dave was particularly thrilled as this was a brand new act that he has been working on with a  completely new character. A silent act, which for those who know Dave will agree he is anything but! Dave was working on the act in the back of his ebike shop after closing hours, in preparation for the competition.

The competition took place at the new WAM (Watford Association of Magicians) HQ in Abbots Langley on July 5th on their fabulous stage with full lighting and racked seating. Dave's act included many visual magic effects including two different types of levitation and the appearance of a Lamborghini ('ride on' Children's version). Dave said he was thrilled to get the award again after winning it over 14 years ago. He also currently holds the title WAM Close-up Magician of the Year. See and


The Mark Leveridge July Podcast. Pull up a sun lounger, adjust the parasol, pop in your ear buds and enjoy half an hour with Mark Leveridge: Contemplating what is likely to be the next big thing for magic. Does street magic really actually exist as an entertainment format? The importance of self-evaluation in magic. Defining at what moment a prop, move or idea can be classed as ‘public domain’. Marc Paul’s Masterclass – an exercise in total professionalism. Analysing the unofficial magic contract between you and your audience. You can get free access either from, or from where you can also sign up to be a follower and receive each new monthly release automatically. 16.7.22


Magic at the Barn - Rochford, Essex, today and tomorrow. Award-winning magic, illusion, impossibilities, mind-reading and comedy, in an enchanting 17th century red brick barn theatre in Rochford, Essex. Featuring the conjuring feats of Oliver Tabor, magic and comedy from Wayne Trice and incredible mysteries from Joel Dickenson. Now in its 19th year, this will be the first set of summer shows since the pandemic. The perfect magical treat for all the family. Saturday 16th July at 7.30pm and Sunday 17th July at 3pm. £7.50 child, £12.50 adult, £35 family of four. Tickets: Ticket line: 01702 543242. Red Brick Barn, Sutton Hall, Shopland Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1LH. 16.7.22


Matt Berry Interviews Uri Geller. "Matt Berry presents a series of interviews with the greats of the stage, screen and music worlds. Uri Geller. Matt talks to self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller, recorded at Geller's home in 1974 just as the star was on the rise." (Repeat) Monday 25th July on BBC Radio 4 Extra. See TV Magic for details. 16.7.22


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