Number 1201 - Saturday 1st July 2023


Don your 3D glasses, live and in living colour, it's Mind Reader extraordinaire Marc Paul at the London Magic Convention! Marc’s show creates a unique interactive experience that never fails to enthrall audiences. Considered to be a Master Mentalist by his peers, his mind blowing performances of mental agility, influence and startling mind reading have made him one of the most sought after mentalists in the world. Marc is the second artist to be announced for this year's London Magic Convention in November, joining John Lovick (Handsome Jack!) announced just days ago!


London Magic Convention 2023. Sunday November 5th at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London: 3 amazing lectures, The London Close-Up Magic Championship 2023, the Patrick Page Award, and the unmissable '£4 Gala Show'! It's the funniest, tensest magic show ever, and you could be the star of the show... Apply now! The 10 performance spots will be drawn just two weeks before the convention, and we'll email you to let you know if you made it onto the bill. All this plus a plethora of magic dealers open all day. Book now at 1.7.23


Derren Brown’s Unbelievable. The Cast: Laura Andresen Guimarães (photo), Izalni Batista Nascimento Junior, Alexander Bean, Samuel Creasey, Simon Lipkin (photo), Yolanda Ovide and Hannah Price. (Understudies: Samuel Brenton, Emily Redlaff and Rhys Shone).

The Creatives: Conceived by Andrew O’Connor. Directed and Written by Derren Brown, Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor. Illusion Designer – Steinmeyer Design. Set & Costume Design – Hayley Grindle. Lighting Design – Natasha Chivers. Sound Design – Nicola T. Chang. Projection Design – Simon Wainwright. Choreography and Movement – Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe. Music – Charlie O’Connor. Casting Director – Harry Blumenau. Magic Consultant – Harry De Cruz. General Management – Kenny Wax Ltd. Executive Producer – John Dalston.


"Derren Brown’s Unbelievable – in rehearsals"


Three venues, over nine months, starting at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester in July, see What's On.


Meanwhile, two Radio 4 shows from 2012 to catch up with: Chain Reaction "Chris Addison Talks to Derren Brown. Comedian Chris Addison turns his hand to interviewing and is joined by illusionist Derren Brown, who discusses magic, comedy, art, faith and Hitler." 10.30pm on Sunday 2nd July on BBC Radio 4 Extra. And the following week: Chain Reaction "Derren Brown Talks to Tim Minchin. Last week's guest illusionist Derren Brown takes on the hosting duties to interview comedian Tim Minchin." 10.30pm on Sunday 9th July on BBC Radio 4 Extra. 1.7.23


Exclusive UK Appearance: Mind2Mind at The Magic Circle Convention! We are thrilled to announce that the internationally acclaimed mentalist duo, Mind2Mind, will be making a special appearance on The Magic Circle Convention's Gala Show! This is a rare opportunity to witness the mesmerising talents of James Harrington and Marina Liani, who have captivated audiences worldwide with their unique blend of mentalism and mind-reading.

In this exclusive UK appearance, Mind2Mind will present their renowned 'Second Sight' act. This segment is a highlight of their show 'Connected', which is currently headlining at the prestigious QE2 theatre. It explores the mysteries of the human mind and the profound connection between James and Marina.


Don't miss this chance to see Mind2Mind live. It promises to be a moment of intrigue, wonder, and world-class entertainment that will leave you questioning the limits of the human mind. Secure your tickets now and prepare to be amazed by Mind2Mind! Sunday, 30th July. Member VIP Gold £100 - Member Standard £65 - Non-Member £85. Book here: 1.7.23


Jeff McBride. All is Revealed: Unmasking the Mysteries of Jeff McBride by Larry Hass. And the Winners Are... AMA Awards Show Returns by Dustin Stinett. Remember The Alamo, Think The Magician’s Agency Theatre by William Winters. A Most Unusual Lighter in 'Chamber of Secrets' by John Gaughan. All in the July edition of Genii The Conjurors' Magazine. See 1.7.23


The Travis Perkins Ferrybridge Day of Magic is tomorrow, Sunday 2nd July! From the organisers: With Lecturette from Steve Macrow and Freddie Wilkinson, a Q&A from Michael Jordon, and Dealers including Castle Magic, Neo Magic, Magic Box, Merlin’s, Macrow Magic and a selection of private sellers, the day will be another fun event. There will also be a spectacular Showette by Michael Jordon from High Jinx with a little guest appearance from Amethyst! Venue: The Community Centre, The Square, Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire WF11 8PQ. Doors open 9.45am and the day closes at 5pm. Price £7 (simply pay on the door). More information can be obtained from: or 1.7.23


Talking Tricks Absurd: Rockstar Magician Arron Jones. Arron Jones quit his job as an unsatisfied clone close-up magician to work for the Government. He joins us to chat about now quitting that Government role to become a full-time magician again. But this time a satisfied Rockstar magician.


Also, in Would Me Lie To Thee?, find out which of these three facts about Arron is the lie and which are the hilarious truth: He hid a teabag in every ceiling at his school, he joined a troupe of Morris dancers and in an attempt to woo his now-wife, he performed a magic trick that went horribly wrong (oh, and we mean horribly wrong). Listen via Podbean, Apple Podcasts/ iTunes, or however you get podcasts. 1.7.23


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Paul Daniels and his Ambitious Card routine on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 26th October 1985. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 1.7.23


Diamond Jim Tyler on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every week Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. This week: "Diamond Jim Tyler: Inventor, Performer, Award Winner, Jokester..." YouTube. 1.7.23


Houdini - released today! Unlock the magic – own a captivating piece of art of the legendary Houdini. This new open-edition print by magical artist Jay Fortune is a must-have for collectors. Painted entirely by hand (no digital manipulation), this mesmerising portrait captures the intensity behind Houdini’s piercing eyes. Displaying this stunning study of Houdini in your collection is not only a tribute to Houdini’s legacy but also a conversation starter that will amaze your guests. Order yours today and capture the essence of Houdini forever. Hand-signed by the artist. (Artwork specification: A3 size with 10mm white border. Full colour on 350gsm premium art paper. All orders dispatched in heavy duty cardboard poster tube. Fits into a standard A3 frame.) Only £40. Special Offer: Use coupon code KEY23 at the checkout and get free postage! Offer valid until 07-07-23. Jay has painted official portraits of Dai Vernon, Eugene Burger and his art can be seen in fine art galleries across the UK. 1.7.23


Steve Spill's 'The Lecture You Never Thought You'd See' - Bath Circle of Magicians. Roger Nicot writes: Steve's lecture is about creativity in presentation and method and putting together acts and shows that have fluidity as opposed to a feeling of being pasted together. Original versions of several modern classics are taught with principles that can be applied to all performances. Bath Circle of Magicians, St. Mary's Church Hall, High Street, Saltford BS31 3EL at 8pm on Thursday, September 21st. Entrance is £10 for non-members (welcome, pay on the night). Website: 1.7.23


Merlins of Wakefield at the Ferrybridge Day of Magic. Merlins of Wakefield write: We will be at The Ferrybridge Day of Magic tomorrow with some exclusive Special Offers. If you are going and want anything taking, contact us before 2pm today, Saturday 1st July. We also have our latest 24 page Summer Mail available. Just email your postal address and we will send you a free copy! and we are having a Magic Auction at the shop on Sunday 16th July, Auction Details: Click Here. And finally, we are very pleased with our new shop sign (photo) big thanks to Lee Stakes. Come and pay us a visit at Merlins, 15 The Springs, Wakefield WF1 1QE 10am-4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 1.7.23


Graham P Jolley in Reading this Thursday! Robert Wilson writes: Join us at the Home Counties Magical Society for our Graham P Jolley lecture, presenting his quirky, funny, and astounding mentalism on Thursday 6th July from 8pm-10pm. Visiting magicians welcome. £10 fee on the night. Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm at Maiden Place Community Centre, Maiden Place, Kilnsea Drive, Lower Earley RG6 3HE. 1.7.23


Two New Products From Mark Leveridge Magic. The latest releases from the MLM Select range are now ready. Here they are:


Impact. A genuinely freely selected card is signed and then the rest of the deck is returned to the card box which is placed on the palm up left hand. The chosen card is now slid under the sealed box and the right hand is slapped firmly on top of the case. With his empty right hand the performer lifts the card box to reveal that the signed selection has vanished, the box itself being shown freely from all sides. The box is now opened and the deck slid out and spread across the table to reveal that there is one card reversed in the pack’s centre – it’s the signed chosen card! No palming or sleight of hand, this is very simple and direct to do.

Signed Coin Transpo. Two coins are shown and one of them has a sticker bearing a spectator’s initials placed onto it. A handkerchief is placed over the signed coin and the plain one is positioned on top of the cloth which is folded back across it. A wave of a magic marker pen across the handkerchief, and immediately the cloth is unfolded to reveal that the signed coin is now resting on top of the handkerchief, and on the table below the cloth is the unsigned one. These downloadable video files cost just £7.00 each (£3.50 for members of E-Club Pro). To view dems and to order go to


Index to Peter Warlock’s Pentagram completed. Dr Michael Colley writes: I’m pleased to announce the completion of my Index to Peter Warlock’s Pentagram which ran from October 1946 to December 1959. There are 1,325 entries for Articles with up to 10 categories for each entry and a total of 403 different categories. Additionally, 3,767 occurrences of people’s names are recorded under such headings as Author, Inventor, Reports of performances, etc. together with 57 Photograph entries. A typical entry is

Lambert, Hubert After Annemann 5 10 73 MEN TEL PHO CAR SET CDE July 1951

where the numbers are Volume, Issue and Page and the three letter codes represent Mentalism, Telepathy, Telephone, Cards, Set-Up Deck and Code. The Index is available in a number of forms, as a searchable Access Database, as .csv files for importation into spreadsheet or other database and as searchable .pdf files. The price is £15.

This is the latest addition to my other indices to ABRAcadabra, Club71, The Gen, Goodliffe’s Magic Monthly, Annemann’s The Jinx, Max Andrews Magic Magazine, Magigram, Ted Lesley’s Mind and Magic, Stanyon’s Magic and The Wizard. There is also an index to the Photographs in the first 100 Volumes of the Magic Circular.

For further details please contact Dr. Michael Colley


Andrew Normansell - Order of The Magi Evening. Secretary/Treasurer Mike Sharples writes: The Order of The Magi (Manchester’s Magicians’ Society) is proud to present on Tuesday, July 11th 2023 - "Conversations from the occult lounge by Andrew Normansell". This promises to be different from your normal lecture with a fascinating evening, airing both a discussion on Andrew’s intriguing past as a paranormal investigator and his time as an expert paranormal panellist, on the James Stannage late night phone-in show on Manchester’s KEY 103 radio, true accounts, tales and recollections from the world of the psychic and paranormal investigator, plus... for the edification of the ardent bizarre enthusiasts, a discussion, performance and demonstration of a number of bizarre routines and effects. An enthralling and stimulating, alternative evening for connoisseurs of the unusual! Visitors are welcome to attend for an entrance fee of £5.00. Please contact or call Mike on 0774 8833666. 1.7.23


What Happens in Vegas by Liam Montier - Alakazam Magic. What Happens in Vegas is a super-easy, ultra baffling, double prediction effect that's really easy to do and comes with all the beautiful custom props and a full online tutorial. You will love performing this great effect! Watch a performance and find out more at [If you love "easy-to-do", and there's nothing wrong with that, then this routine is the perfect example. Very strong in the right hands; it's all down to you and your presentation. DT]. 1.7.23


South London Magic Society Close Up Competition. Simon Rosselli writes: Recently we had South London's Magic Society Close Up Competition. We had eight contestants and all were of a high standard, so it was a tough competition. Gary Fairplay won best overall trick, Shafeen Tejani was the runner-up and best newcomer and the winner was James Cowan (photo) with a brilliant and well rehearsed act, combining skill, patter and timing. Many thanks to our judges: Roberto, Nicola and Barry, who had the hard job of coming up with the winner. 1.7.23


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