Number 1210 - Saturday 2nd September 2023


The Magic Circle Awards. Reported by Charlie Burgess.


The Maskelyne Award for Services to British Magic
Fay Presto’s contribution to magic has been recognised with her winning the top UK honour at this year’s annual awards ceremony at The Magic Circle. Fay won the Maskelyne Award, for services to British magic. Outgoing president Megan Swann who presented the trophy highlighted how Fay had helped many of today’s professionals get started, how she had shared her immense knowledge with others, and how she had popularised an entire section of the industry - close-up in restaurants - from which many magicians make their living today. Megan said: "She was also one of the first women to join The Magic Circle, and was the person who gave me the idea to run for my first officer role here at TMC."

Fay’s award was one of the highlights of a special evening at The Magic Circle’s headquarters in London on Thursday (August 31) - and Fay thought she was just there to do close-up in the club room before the awards ceremony! Fay, famous for her bottle through table routine amongst others, joins a roll-call of top UK magicians who have been previous recipients.


The David Devant Award for Services to International Magic

The award for services to international magic went to Cyril Takayama, an American with Japanese and Moroccan parents. Megan described him a truly international performer who has captivated millions worldwide with his incredible sleight of hand, illusions, and unique mix of traditional magic with cutting-edge technology.

The Carlton Award for outstanding Comedy

The Carlton Award for outstanding comedy in magic went to Neal Austin. Megan said that Neal, who spends a lot of time performing on cruise ships, had had a long and successful career, putting a lot of thought and dedication into his act, creating something original, very funny and unique.

he Chapender Award for Magic in the Community
One of the biggest cheers of the night was for the winners of the Chapender Award for services to the community using magic. Spread a Smile brings joy and laughter to seriously ill children and their families thorough hospital visits, outings and events. Their team of performers include several members of The Magic Circle including Lance Corporal Richard Jones who is one of their Ambassadors. Megan said: "For their use of magic to make a real and positive difference to young lives at the most challenging of times, I am proud to present this year’s Martin Chapender award to Spread a Smile." Co-founders Vanessa Crocker and Josephine Legal were among those to accept the award.

The John Nevil Maskelyne Prize for Magic Literature

The JN Maskelyne prize for noteworthy contributions to the art or literature of magic went to the 90-year-old American author William Rauscher. William has written on numerous magical topics and researched what have become definitive biographies of major magicians, including John Calvert, Servais le Roy and The Great Raymond, as well as broader subjects such as spiritualism and magic in the time of the Second World War. Megan picked out his 2015 book, Death Camp Magicians, the story of two Holocaust survivors as being expertly researched and written.

Silver Wand for outstanding service to the Society
One of the stalwarts of The Magic Circle, Chris Wood, was awarded a Silver Wand for outstanding contributions to the society. Megan said that Chris had gone above and beyond in his service - producer of the close-up shows, the education days, and the half-term Monday morning shows. He had also stepped in to become Director of Public Events playing a key role in ensuring magic for the public could return as the lockdowns began to lift. Chris had also served as a member of Council, on the board of the Foundation, had taught at The Young Magician’s Club, had led hands-on sessions - and was still a very welcoming and welcome regular on Monday night club nights, ever eager to perform his magic and pass on his skill.

The Cecil Lyle Award for the best contribution to The Magic Circular

Charlie Burgess was the winner of the Cecil Lyle award for the best item published in The Magic Circular, the society's monthly magazine. In a 3,700 word piece for the February issue Charlie recreated the night in 1975 that the future King Charles became a member and also told the remarkable story of the member who taught the then Prince Charles the Cups and Balls routine.

The awards ceremony ended with one surprise announcement - a Silver Wand for Megan. Vice-president Katherine Rhodes described Megan as a "unifying force" for the society. She had served The Magic Circle in many roles since joining The Young Magicians Club many years ago.


The audience in the theatre were also treated to a show. The performers included Megan, with her Black Swan routine, Neal Austin, Arabella Crawford, the award winning member of The Young Magicians Club, and the mentalist duo TranscendenT. The MC was Ada Campe.


Photo: Magic Circle President Megan Swann presenting The Maskelyne Award to Fay Presto. Photo by Stephen Martin, used with kind permission. 2.9.23


Stellar Magic Presents CCC - The Midlands Convention, April 2024. Chris Congreave writes: I am organising a small convention in the Midlands 13th & 14th April 2024. Lecturers appearing are Gary Jones (in his first lecture in almost 5 years), Rodd Hogg, Mark Elsdon, James Brown and Michael Murray. There will also be a few select dealers and it will be a very intimate and fun convention with time for conventioneers to hang out and session with the lecturers. There will also be other surprises! Tickets go on sale at 11am on Sunday 3rd September. Available only at 2.9.23


The I.B.M. British Ring No.25 85th Annual Convention 7th-10th September 2023 in Eastbourne. From the convention team: We are very excited that the Convention is almost here! Don’t miss out on four full days of magic, fun and friendship! Full line up and schedule now announced and can be found on our website and social media. With 39 artistes presenting ten lectures and eight shows as well as three competitions and nine Dealers, we are confident there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Cover priced at £10, the Key Ring Book of Magic is completely free, on arrival, to every delegate attending the British Ring Convention 2023 in Eastbourne. This A5 sized sixty four page full colour publication (limited edition) has been compiled by former Editor, Geoffrey Newton. It contains tricks and articles of magical interest, which have appeared in the Key Ring over the years. A number of long term writers, who will be well known to many of you, have given consent to republish their material here to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the society.

To be part of this unique and exciting convention, book on our website or email the registration officer Online registration will close at 6pm on Wednesday 6th September, after that registration will still be available each day of the Convention in person at the Registration Desk in the Welcome Building. President Oliver Tabor looks forward to greeting you at Eastbourne!


Trick Trick Boom! - The Home of Offbeat Magic. Roddy McGhie and Noel Qualter have set up their own magic production company, Trick Trick Boom! - The Home of Offbeat Magic. Noel spent years nagging Roddy to quit Penguin and set up something together, well he’s finally agreed! Both well known creators in their own right, they are now joining forces to bring commercial, impactful magic to magicians around the world. Their debut release is in a few weeks. To celebrate this they are running a competition to win $800 worth of their magic. All you have to do is sign-up to their email list to be in with a chance of winning, and be the first to hear about their new magic 2.9.23


Christian Grace Lecture at Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle, 14th September. Matthew Gill writes: Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle are proud to present a lecture with one of the most creative minds in magic at the moment, Christian Grace. The event is free for members and £12 for visiting magicians. Thursday 14th September at 8pm. Venue: St Stephen's Church Hall, St Stephen's Road, Hightown, Liverpool L38 0BL 2.9.23


Leeds Magic Jam, 17th September, latest addition. Chris Stewart writes: We are pleased to announce our final lecturer is the incredible Nicholas Einhorn! He is a FISM award winner, fooler of Penn & Teller, and an all round incredible performer and creator. Not only that, but we have lectures from Christian Grace and Jack Rhodes, workshops from Sam Fitton and Jack Rhodes and some amazing magic dealers. Leeds Magic Jam is a one-day magic convention in Garforth, Leeds taking place on Sunday 17th September 2023. For more information and to book tickets visit: 2.9.23


Chris Congreave Medway Magical Society lecture. Tim Meadley, Vice President, writes: On Tuesday 5th September Chris Congreave will be lecturing at the Medway Magical Society. Well known as the creator of numerous commercial, entertaining and easy-to-perform effects, including Omen, Stop, and Roll, and author of a number of books on magic, Chris is sure to give a lecture that will be both entertaining and informative. Visiting magicians are welcome to join us at The George, City Way, Rochester ME1 2BH starting at 8pm. Entry for non-members is £10. 2.9.23


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Max Maven from 'Something Strange with Max Maven' on 22nd August 1996. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 2.9.23


Arts For Health: Magic. Richard Wiseman has a new book out on health and magic. It is a semi-academic review of all of the work examining how watching and learning magic is good for your wellbeing, including how it boosts confidence, social skills, dexterity, curiosity and much more. Richard brings this work together, identifies key lessons, and also interviews several key practitioners, including Richard McDougall (Breathe Magic), Julie Eng (Magicana), Mario the Maker Magician (USA), David Brookhouse (UK), David Gore and Marian Williamson (College of Magic), and Tom Verner (Magicians Without Borders). The book is part of a well respected series on how the performing arts promotes wellbeing, and Richard hopes that it will encourage more magicians to carry out this type of work. See

In other news, The Royal Society have just given Richard the prestigious David Attenborough Award. This is a lifetime achievement award for his work promoting psychology and carrying out research into magic. See


The Magic & Illusions of The Inferno Aces, 7th October, Glastonbury. Lee Joseph writes: The Inferno Aces are a troupe of four magical acts, pooling there talents to bring you a jam-packed evening of magic, illusion and circus. The Aces are Tom, who does a mixture or grand scale illusion along with dangerous stunts and escapes. Lucy, who as well as her magical skills specialises in retro circus style hula hoop dancing. Lee, a charismatic character who likes to bring the classics of magic and illusion to theatres. And Gaz, who performs the fiendish type of stunts you'd expect to see in an early 1900s sideshow. One thing's for certain, this is sure to be a fun-filled evening with plenty of energy, and most definitely not to be missed at an absolute bargain price of £10 a ticket (£6 under 16s). Show may contain minor use of adult language and strong lighting. Saturday, 7th October at 7pm at The Assembly Rooms of Glastonbury, High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU. Tickets: 2.9.23


Mark Raffles - official portrait. Jay Fortune writes: I’m honoured to announce that I will be painting an official portrait of Mark Raffles, one of the UK’s most distinguished entertainers, who started performing at the age of 14 and ‘retired’ at 97! Mark passed away on 18th September 2022 aged 100. His family have kindly provided me with a huge amount of Mark’s publicity shots from his 83 years in the world of professional entertainment. With their help, I’ve whittled those amazing photographs down to a choice of 2… and that’s where you come in! Both photos are crisp and have amazing light and tone to work with. Each would translate great into a painting. However, I can only choose one. Whichever photo I base my portrait on will be reproduced as a very exclusive limited-edition print. Mark is held in high regard and in the hearts of many magicians worldwide. I hope my painting will be a lasting memory and tribute to this wonderful man. To see the two photos and cast your vote, please visit - thanks for voting! 2.9.23


Orpington Magic Society John Derris Book Fair - today! From the organisers: This Saturday, 2nd of September, Orpington Magic Society is holding a book auction at 10am, so come along and get a bargain. Free tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits will be provided. £5 for non-members, plus a free paperback with your first purchase. Orpington Magic Society, Poverest Coronation Hall, 1 Fordcroft Road, Orpington BR5 2DA. 2.9.23


New From Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge is pleased to announce the release of two new magic downloads in the Select range. 1. Inside Job. A small envelope with a hole cut from its address side is examined. A deck of blank faced cards is then freely displayed and one blank card openly slid into the envelope which is left in view. From a regular deck a spectator touches the back of any card. Let’s say it is the 6C. This card is waved over the envelope and when the previously blank card is slid out it is seen to have now printed itself to match the selected 6C.

2. Six Appeal. An envelope is shown and a single card removed from inside, but not shown. The envelope is otherwise empty. This card is a prediction and is replaced into the envelope and left in view. Six Jumbo cards are freely and openly displayed and various spectators are asked to choose any of the cards to eliminate until just one is left. Despite the fact that there is genuinely no force or selection control, the prediction card exactly matches the randomly arrive at selection. This direct effect is ideal for a close up or parlour show. Both the above effects are extracted from the E-Club Pro archive, cost just £7.00 each and are available for a limited time only. To watch dems go to


Chris Cross, Steve Faulkner and Peter Wardell represented the United Kingdom last week at the Lisboa Magica Street Magic World Festival in Portugal for Luis De Matos. They were joined by some of the best street magic show performers in the world from Singapore, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Italy and Spain. 2.9.23


A Miscellany of Mischief and Magic: Discover history's best hoaxes, hijinks, tricks, and illusions. From the publisher: Welcome all rascals and tricksters to this marvellous miscellany of mischief and magic! This playful book explores the world of deception and trickery – both the good and the bad. Learn the secrets of infamous magic illusions and tricks and discover the stories of some of history’s most notorious hoaxes, pranks, and cons. While some are great fun, others contain a serious lesson . . . after all, understanding scams of the past can help protect you in the future.

Meet infamous pranksters such as Marcel Duchamp (the French artist who pranked the art world), renowned illusionists and escape artists such as Adelaide Hermann (one of the first female magicians), and cunning con-artists such as George C. Parker (the American who "sold" the Statue of Liberty). Explore a range of topics such as: made-up monsters, alien conspiracies, doctored photos, disguises and pseudonyms, April Fool's Day pranks, and much more. Perfect for readers young and old who delight in a bit of mischief. To order visit


Freaks/The Unknown/The Mystic: Tod Browning's Sideshow Shockers on Blu-ray. Early Hollywood’s edgiest auteur, Tod Browning drew on his experiences as a circus performer to create subversive pulp entertainments set amid the world of traveling sideshows, which, with their air of the exotic and the disreputable, provided a pungent backdrop for his sordid tales of outcasts, cons, villains, and vagabonds. Bringing together two of his defining works (The Unknown and Freaks) and a long-unavailable rarity (The Mystic), this cabinet of curiosities reveals a master of the morbid whose ability to unsettle is matched only by his daring compassion for society’s most downtrodden. To pre-order via Click Here. 2.9.23


Trevor Duffy 'Thinking with Intention' Lecture - Zodiac Magical Society, 6th September. Donato Capitella writes: On the 6th of September the Zodiac will be hosting Trevor Duffie's Lecture - Thinking with Intention. The lecture will consist of several close-up and parlour routines using banknotes, coin to impossible location, card magic, diminishing cards and much more! This event will take place on Wednesday, September 6th, from 8pm - 10pm at our club room located just a five-minute walk from Northfields Tube station on the Piccadilly Line. There is a charge for visitors. Please email to let us know that you are coming. You can follow us on Instagram at @zodiacmagicalsociety for updates. 2.9.23


Trevor Duffy 'Thinking with Intention' Lecture - Sheffield Circle of Magicians, 7th September. Peter Hammond  writes: Trevor Duffy from South Africa has been performing pro for 30 years and has a wide range of experience between Close-up, Family and Corporate work. His new lecture, Thinking with Intention, consists of several Close-up and Parlour routines using banknotes, a coin to impossible location, cards magic, Diminishing Cards and his favourite Rocky routine.

The lecture is extremely user-friendly and woven together with meaningful gems for anyone wanting to add more value to their art. He guarantees a fabulous evening! Hosted by Sheffield Circle of Magicians on Thursday, 7th September, at 7.30pm prompt. Free to paid up members. Guest magicians welcome £15. Venue: The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5TG. Any questions contact Also see


Steve Gore lecture, Home Counties Magical Society, 7th September. Robert Wilson writes: Join us at the Home Counties Magical Society for our Steve Gore lecture, on Thursday 7th September. Don't miss his brand-new lecture 'Classics Eeimagined!' Visiting Magicians welcome for a £10 door fee. Steve Gore is officially known as "the happiest magician on the planet!" according to Google, and is a truly versatile magical entertainer who regularly performs magic of all types and has been performing magic professionally for over thirty years. Steve Gore will be lecturing from 8pm-10pm. Visiting magicians welcome. £10 fee on the night. Thursday 7th September at 7.30pm when the doors open at Maiden Place Community Centre, Maiden Place, Kilnsea Drive, Lower Earley RG6 3HE. If you would like further information, please visit our site. 2.9.23


Self-Working Wonders by Chris Wardle - back in stock! After completely selling out on its initial release, Chris Wardle's 'Self-Working Wonders' is available again. This is an A4 sized book of 25 effects covering magic of the mind, cards, coins, Gilbreath investigations, a low-numbers, easy Magic Square and several cut and restored illusions, plus a specially designed gimmick on the back cover to cut out and use. 62 pages, plus additional information and a foreword by The Linking Ring columnist, Michael Breggar. 'Self-Working Wonders' just received this 5 Star Review from 'Vanish Magic Magazine. "What I love about this book is that the magic is super strong so just because it says 'self-working' doesn't mean the routines aren't good, the opposite it true... This is such a great book filled with solid material and tricks that are practical and easy to do." For more info and to order visit 2.9.23


Kevin Gregson Lecture, Northamptonshire Magicians Club, 5th September. David Miller writes: Kev Gregson presents his lecture titled 'Parameters' sharing a delightful blend of both published and unpublished material with cards, cubes and everything else, showcasing his versatility and ingenuity in creating magical effects. Non-members welcome, admission £10. 8pm at Brafield Working Mens Club, 35 Bedford Road, Brafield-on-the-Green, Northampton NN7 1BD. 2.9.23


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