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Ian Keable
A Professional's Repertoire

Ian Keable has been a full time magician since 1990, working principally in Comedy Clubs and at Corporate events. His lecture, Cabaret Magic, concentrates on the theory and practise of what he does for a living: performing Cabaret for adult audiences.

In his lecture Ian performs and explains several tricks from his professional repertoire to illustrate not only how to, but also how not to, do Cabaret magic. Ian also talks about choosing Cabaret material, how to be funny, patter to avoid, dealing with hecklers, using assistants from the audience and other aspects of Cabaret magic which can only be learnt through solid performing experience.

Above all the lecture is designed to be entertaining. He guarantees that even if you don't use any of his tricks or buy his lecture notes, you will still have a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

"I doubt anyone in magic offers a funnier, more effortlessly entertaining lecture... I've no idea what he charges but he's worth double." Ian Rowland (from a report in Abra).

Duration: Up to two hours
Availability: UK, unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse.


Telephone: 020 7263 0261
Home: London

Jez Rose
We Are All Absolutely Beside Ourselves

An Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star (London) and Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (Hollywood), Jez Rose is a highly respected lecturer, presenter and performer. His reputation is built on his ability to explore complicated topics with tremendous honesty, clarity, warmth and humour.

Presented in Jez’s well-known relaxed and professional style, what is We Are All Absolutely Beside Ourselves?

- It is a lecture about taking effects you already perform and creatively making them different, more appealing, more theatrically interesting, entertaining and more magical.
- It is a lecture that will show how 3 seconds can instantly improve your performance.
- It is a lecture about differentiating yourself as a performer and what that means with your existing routines and how it can result in you earning more.
- It is a lecture that will explain how 7 seconds can instantly boost your confidence.
- It is a lecture that teaches some of Jez’s favourite routines, dissecting how to start with a moment, whether a purchased routine or a selection of items, and create something that audiences care about, which immediately makes you - and your magic - more fascinating, in turn creating a ‘category of one’.
- It is a lecture like no other.

Working with theatrical directors, performers and television producers, behind the scenes Jez is sought-after as an “act doctor” for his attention to detail and his sharp understanding of how to elevate performances to become more magical and meaningful, resonating with audiences and standing out from others. With more than 100 appearances on television as a magician and broadcaster and over 18 years as a professional performer, his creative work in magic is often behind the scenes and his performances under a pseudonym. For the first time he is offering his collected thoughts and advice to the magic community.

“Jez is always at the top of his game. His innate ability to entertain has enabled him to develop a solid business as a much in demand corporate entertainer.”
Marc Paul

“One of the most refreshing performers I’ve seen in a long time."
Anthony Owen

“Jez has a deep passion and understanding of magic, both theoretical and practical and his personal performances have always been delivered with real professionalism.”
Richard McDougall

“Jez is a phenomenal performing magician - not only a wonderful performer but a font of information in the history of magic and magical effects. There are very few people who have the diversity, appreciation and magical knowledge that Jez has.”
Paul Roffman

Available as anything from 30 minutes to a full day workshop worldwide. As Jez is often working abroad, please contact his PA, Steph Middleton-Foster, in the first instance to check availability:

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin has enjoyed several decades working as a professional magician including Exhibitions and Promotions, Corporate Events and Private Functions.

He has previously lectured or performed at many UK and European magic societies and events, was summer resident magician at 'Accademia Italiana Arte Magica', has enjoyed competition success at the likes of London International Convention and European Championships (Vienna) and is a member of magic societies such as FFFF.

Lectures includes sleight-of-hand magic suitable for almost all conditions using no special props so lending themselves to impromptu situations and can be pitched for any standard of magician from novice to very accomplished.

There are no articles for sale but everyone will gain something from the evening.

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Availability: Worldwide subject to availability

Telephone: 07805 481040
Home: Midlands

Leveridge Legerdemain
The brand new lecture from Mark Leveridge
All new material extracted from the E-Club Pro archives
Available in both Zoom and In-Person formats from January 2022 onwards

Mark says: For the last few years I have successfully presented lectures containing varied, practical effects from the E-Club Pro vaults. Leveridge Legerdemain is the latest collection of this material, all of which is completely different from that used in previous E-Club Pro based lectures.

“On behalf of the Ring 205 in Indianapolis I wanted to say thanks for the E-Club Live lecture. Lots of wisdom, logic and jewels were in the information you shared with us.”
Chris Topel

As usual, I perform and give full explanations of all the included effects. The lecture contains magic that is suitable for a close up show, mentalism, parlour work and strolling.

“Mark’s current lecture is to be thoroughly recommended because it’s the ideal society lecture. There is no padding, just a series of highly commercial effects expertly performed and fully explained. There is material for the working pro and the young newcomer, nothing is difficult to do and some items are virtually self-working. There is not even a table with stuff for sale, which makes a change, because no special props are required other than some simple DIY.”
Keith Downs, Peterborough Society Magicians

With over 40 years experience of presenting lectures to magicians all over the world, I believe that I can offer a presentation that is professionally delivered and which has no associated sales attached, thus making it a true lecture and not a thinly disguised dealer dem!

“It was a pleasure to have Mark give his E-Club Pro-Live lecture. His easy going and professional style were the perfect backdrop to some varied, engaging and thoughtful magic – all workable and a great addition to any act either as standalone effects or using elements to enhance routines that you do. We would recommend him to any magic club looking to build their lecture programme; you won’t be disappointed.”
Derek Oliver, President, Home Counties Magical Society

Clubs can choose from two different formats – Zoom or In-Person. For further details and to watch a video trailer, go to the web link shown below.

Availability: Worldwide

Telephone: 01392 490565
Home: Exeter

Oliver Tabor
Stage Magic - Perceptions on Principles and Psychology

Oliver is a full time stage and close-up magician, specialising in visual stage magic and regularly performs his stage/cabaret acts in theatre shows and cabaret venues around the UK and in London including the Hippodrome Casino. His London show, West End Magic, is celebrating 10 years at the Leicester Square Theatre next year and is embarking on a UK theatre tour. He is the recent president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring.

During his lecture he offers effects, routines and ideas for close-up, mentalism, stage and children's magic. He’ll explain his process and inspiration behind a bubble act, which includes magic and basic manipulation with bubbles, balls, and a bottle appearance. He also covers his thoughts on stage magic with an introduction into how the techniques, psychology and rules followed by stage manipulators can easily be applied to all performance situations: from cabaret to close-up and from parlour to children's shows plus he explains the thoughts and workings of a dove steal and how this method can be easily adapted to produce a range of different objects.

Lecture notes and products are on offer to purchase afterwards.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Availability: Worldwide

Telephone: 01702 543242 or 07900 543384
Home: Essex