Readers' emails

"You really help spread the word of events in the Magic community. Thanks again from The Bath Circle of Magicians and me."
Roger Nicot

"You do a great job and service for magic at MagicWeek."
John Constantine

"Many thanks for all you do for the magical community."
John Clayton

"I must be one of the first people to read MagicWeek each week. I have a little reminder on my phone that pops up at midnight on Friday"
Richard Young


"It’s always so lovely to feature on MagicWeek having been such a fan of the site for so long." Fergus Flanagan

"Thank you for continuing to share all the wonderful news in your MagicWeek postings."
Nigel Quinn

"MagicWeek continues to deliver on so many levels each week. Long may you continue to do so."
John Styles

"Thank you for continually supporting the magic community!"
Craig Walker

"...and thank you for all you do."
Alistair Brien

"Keep up your excellent work with MagicWeek!"
Chris Wardle

"Amazing how MagicWeek has continued for all this time; massive congratulations."
Kevin Gallagher

"Thanks for all you do every week to provide this wonderful magic news platform!"
Mark Leveridge

"Thanks for keeping the site up to date, I check it every Saturday!"
Gary Craswell


"Thanks for your continued work on MagicWeek, always and especially over the last few months. Always a highlight of any Saturday and often late Friday if I’m still awake." Darren McDonald

"Many thanks for your ongoing work and making MagicWeek happen"
Augusto Corrieri

"Thank you for the wonderful service you give to magic"
Giuseppe Nastro

" job on the MagicWeek front by the way"
Mike Ingham

"Thanks for all your good work"
Chris Stewart

"I've been an avid reader of MagicWeek for many years"
Paul McCrory

"Thank you keep up the good work with MagicWeek"
David Michaels


"I realise what an epic thing you’ve done in always keeping MagicWeek going and up to date." Mark James


"I've enjoyed reading MagicWeek over the years and it's been very useful." Jeremy Hayward

"I'm sure that I speak for magicians around the world, in saying that MagicWeek is an important weekly insight into the world of magic and it is very much appreciated."
Mike Sharples


"...still enjoying my weekly dose of MagicWeek." Jake Banfield


"You do a great job." Ian Kirk


"Many thanks for MagicWeek. It's a great resource for our industry." Peter Kidd


"Thanks so much, I keep using your site as a great resource" Vincent Gambini

"You do a great job!"
Danny Lee Grew


"Your hard work in keeping your weekly MagicWeek going is amazing and it is always informative." Roger Woods

"Saturday mornings wouldn’t be the same without MagicWeek. Well done for keeping us all up to date with the crazy world of magic."
James Green


"Love the Magicweek website!" Ritchie Rosson


"...always a MW fan!" David Fung

"Thank you for the amazing MagicWeek."
Ian Brennan

"Thank you so much for your kind help, service, and hard work in helping me sell on my magic on your great website."
Malcolm Fairhurst


"Thanks again for your great work on Magic Week." Peter Kidd


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you do. I always read MagicWeek on a Saturday morning before getting up. It sort of starts my weekend. I have sold and bought many items over the years also. It is where I find out all the info on my favourite magic conventions. All this we really take for granted, so I just wanted to say a big thank you, it is appreciated." Rowland Valentine

"Really enjoy your mag every week, here in Spain."
Robin Hargrave

"Well done for all your work at MagicWeek."
Chris Neave

"Many thanks for your continued great work with MagicWeek. What would we do without you? (Don't answer that!)"
Peter Kidd


"Thanks once again for providing such a useful service to British magicians." Joe Mckay

"Great website! Keep it up."
David Bishop

"Thank you for the great service you are providing."
George Bleeks

"Many thanks for your website which has helped me enjoy Magic and keep informed for years."
Stephen Fowler

"Just to say thank you for the hard work you do with MagicWeek."
David Gardner

"...and thank you also for your splendid work on MagicWeek - such a valuable resource."
Peter Kidd

"Many thanks for the great service you provide week in, week out. I don't know how you manage it - but magic would be much the poorer without all your hard work."
James Ward

"Thank you and keep up the marvellous work!"
Henk Linders


"Keep up the good work" Bob Loomis

"Great work as ever with MagicWeek"
Roger Woods

"Many thanks for your continued support and a great weekly news site"
Steve Majes

"Thank you for your continued work, as always greatly appreciated."
Matthew Garrett

"Thanks for your generous free ads. Much appreciated by all of us. Long may you continue!"
John Keenan

"Thank you again for the brilliant service you provide for us Magicians. Cheers."
Gerry McCue

"Such a useful resource."
Matthew Le Mottée


"I enjoy reading your comprehensive weekly offering as it keeps me informed with the goings on in the UK." Charles Gauci


"Essential reading every week." Dan Hanton


"First can I thank and congratulate you on MagicWeek. What a fantastic resource. Keep up the GREAT work." Peter Kidd

"Thanks again for running MagicWeek, it's really great."
Dan Farrant

"I know you know this, but MagicWeek is so brilliant, I honestly look forward to it every Saturday and have a flicker of disappointment whenever I finish reading it. Thanks so much for doing it week in, week out. It honestly is appreciated."
Andy Nyman

"Great looking site" Steve Butler

"All best and keep up the good work!"
Patrick Garrett

"Many thanks for the great work you do."
Aaron Calvert

"Congratulations on the redesign of MagicWeek. It's great. Here's to the next 16 years!"
James Freedman


"Thank you for your time and for the awesome publication which is MagicWeek" Ian Brenanan

"Congratulations on the new graphics and styling of MagicWeek. It has professionalism written all over it. Good luck for the future."
John Derris

"Loving MagicWeek BTW. Keep up the great work"
Max Butler

"Brilliant site"
Pete Hathway


"Keep up the good work on MagicWeek" Kevin Bird


"Thanks again for your excellent site." Phil Hitchcock

"Thanks for continuing to provide such a brilliant platform for UK magic news and information. The UK magic scene would be a much poorer place without MagicWeek!"
Mark Leveridge


"Keep up the good work!" Roger Woods

"Have been a fan of your site for a few years now and regularly visit it."
David Baker

"And thanks for your ongoing work to bring us magic week each week."
Patrick Garrett

"Your website has to be one of the most valuable sources of information for magicians Worldwide, but I know from talking to other magical
friends how much we British magicians especially treasure your service. A genuine heartfelt 'thank you' again from myself and Alison."
Alan Buckley

"I really love the site."
Tomm Evans

"Thanks again for the GREAT service you provide."
Brendan Lambe


"I have been a devoted reader of MagicWeek for donkey's years now!" Luke Lamont

"...once again many thanks for the superb service you offer us Magicians via MagicWeek."
Gerry McCue

"...thanks for all the great work on MW. Still my only 'appointment reading' blog."
David Meade

"What a great service MagicWeek gives to all those who love and perform magic."
Michael Chandler

"Thanks for the wonderful service your provide to the magical community."
David Hutchinson

"Can I first thank you for all the effort you put into the site. It's great."
Mike Stannard

"You do a superb job with MagicWeek"
Neil Kelso

"...thanking you for all the good work that MagicWeek does for our Art."
John Learoyd

"Thanks again for providing such a useful site"
Alan Chitty

"...thank you for your amazing site which I use regularly!"
Adrian King

"Must say you are doing a grand job and I enjoy reading every week."

"First, thanks for MagicWeek - I look forward to looking at it each week."
Phil Tilston


"Great website. My first view every Saturday morning." James Green

"Love the website."
Tom Binns

"You offer a brilliant free service all round for which I'm certainly very grateful."
James Ward

"Thanks for the great service you provide!"
Brendan Lambe


"...and as usual, thanks for your weekly source of happiness." Dafedas B

"Thanks for a great site! Very useful."
Patrick Garrett

"Thanks for all you do for the magic fraternity week in week out!"
Andrew James

"...thank you for all of your continued hard work with MagicWeek."
Alex Cahill


"Love MagicWeek, thanks for all the hard work." Ken Kelly

"Once again many thanks for the superb service you provide us Magicians."
Gerry McCue

"I continue to enjoy reading MagicWeek every week - fantastic work!"
Roger Woods

"Thank you for continuing to provide an excellent service to your fellow magicians."
Alan Buckley


"Many thanks again for MagicWeek - it's superb." Neil Kelso

"Enjoying MagicWeek very much!"
Joe Ridgely

"Thanks again for all your terrific support."
Russell Levinson


"You have a great site" David Vaughan

"...a great service to magic."
Tim Meadley

"Thank You for the wonderful service that you provide the fraternity with"
Keith Norman


"Love the MagicWeek website!" Mike and Julie Evans


"Thank you for putting Magic Week out each week. Much appreciated by all who avail of your services." John Keenan

"Greetings from a loyal reader in Sweden. During the years I have got information on new books, items and also got in touch with children's magicians in UK. Thank you!"
Conny Ray

"Noted this is edition 700 how brilliant is that? Congratulations"
Tony Davies

"...and thanks for all you do to raise the standard of magic! It’s been my homepage for ages!"
Chris Woodward


"Great work with the site as always." Darren Campbell

"Magic week is a fantastic site that all magicians should read every week without fail."
Jason Fry

"...I really enjoy reading all the news and reviews on MagicWeek."
Rodney Hogg

"...great on-line Magazine always full of information."
Tony Draper

"Firstly, many thanks for all your hard work on it is a superb site and a geat resource for magicians."
John Brookes

"MagicWeek is excellent"
Ricky Gardiner

"Thanks again for keeping the Magic World up to date. You site is invaluable, and the regularity with which you post the news each week is phenomenal!"
Kevin McMahon


"...many thanks for the fantastic site that MagicWeek has proved to be." Brian Taylor AIMC

"...keep up the fantastic work with"
Richard Young

"MagicWeek is fantastic and by far the best way to keep in touch with the magic community."
Ginny Owen

"Your weekly website is fantastic."
Ian Adair

"Thank you so much for your great website."
Shawn Kam

"...wonderful site"
Chris Cox

"excellent website"
Andy Cooper

"Keep up the great work with your own website"
Duncan William


"Thank you for allowing my adverts on the for sale boards.......... it's been a godsend......... I've sold a few tricks, and I think its brilliant that you allow us to use this service" Brian Groves

"Another great update - is it sad that it is the first thing I do on a Saturday before anything else...!!!? Many thanks for the continued fantastic content....!!"
Chris Jenkins

"I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your work running magic week, especially maintaining the For Sale and Wanted listings. That must take quite a bit of time to do!"
Rob Sharp

"I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for the enormous task you do diligently to provide us with MagicWeek, such dedication for others benefit is quite rare these days."
Karl Karl Bartoni

"Your weekly outlook on the magic world is essential!"
John Holford

"Love the site."
Steve Legg

"Great site by the way."
Jon Stringer

"Thanks for all your efforts at producing the best up to date news for UK magicians."
Matt Pritchard

"...thanks for providing such a great magic site every week. Keep up the good work!"
Phil Peters & Mark Lee

"Once again than you very much for such a great site, it's the first thing I look at every Saturday morning."
Gary Middleton

"You are doing a great job with MagicWeek."
Roy Johnson

"Many, many thanks your Magic Week Website - I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with magical happenings and for me it fills the awful void left by the late, much lamented Abra."
Rodger Neate

"You do an absolutely sterling service to magic :)"
Neil Kelso

"You have a great site there in Magic Week"
Don George

"Many thanks for the fantastic service you provide us all with."
Gerry McCue


"Keep up the good work, Saturday mornings wouldn't be the same without MagicWeek!" Liam Greenhalgh

"I browse your site a lot and find it great for finding magic stuff I need."
Paul Edmondson


"May I just say been using your site for years now and think it's the best one out there!" Scott May

"...great site Duncan"
Tony Junior

"Keep up the great work, I love the MagicWeek site."
Mathew Youngs

"PS. Many thanks for 'MagicWeek' which provides a wonderful service to magicians everywhere; keep up the great work. Thank you."
Steve Cook

"I just want to say thank you for doing all you do to run so fantastically. The service you provide the magic community is incredible, and I for one am very grateful. Thank you for all your hard work."
Thom Bleasdale

"I have enjoyed the Magic Week website for a number of years."
Matthew Howling

"Keep up the good work with the site I am an avid follower."
Darren Campbell


"I must log on two or three times a week to check out what’s for sale and it’s good to read the latest news every Saturday. Thank you for a great service." Des King


"Great site." Ronan MacGabhann

"Many thanks for your excellent website. It really is the biz!"
Mike Evans

"Being new to Internet, E-Mails and web-sites, I can't believe I didn't get into it before....I just can't wait until each Saturday arrives, as my first duty is to type in the magicweek address to find out all the latest news. Congratulations!"
Ian Adair. M.I.M.C.

"Thank you once again for such a sterling job on I certainly enjoy my weekly fix."
Joe Ridgely

"Really enjoy MagicWeek and the free ads are a very welcome boon! Keep up the good work"
Steve Cook

"Look forward to every issue"
Graham Sargeant

"Reading MagicWeek every Saturday morning is still as exciting now to me as it was when you first launched it, I don't know how you find the time to keep it up the way you do, respect!"
Gary Jones

"Keep up the good work with Magic Week, it's a great read and a quality site, I look forward to reading it each Saturday and catch up with it on my phone if I'm away from a computer."
Phil Smith

"I look forward to my weekly news fix thank you again."
Wayne Goodman

"Thanks for all the work on MagicWeek - I look forward to it keeping me up to date with what's happening in the magic world."
Mark Shortland

"Many congratulations on your continued efforts with Magicweek. It is the first thing I read every Saturday and it is great to be kept informed."
Roger Yates

"Thanks for putting Magic Hands on your website, thought you would like to know the following. Saturday Morning I had an email from Paris asking for a copy as person had hearing problems as well. and will try to put me in touch with other Deaf French Magicians. Since Saturday I have had many requests from U.K., also Russia, USA etc. also a female deaf magician plus some more. Wow! This clearly shows how popular MagicWeek is as I myself have enjoyed it and made many friends."
Johnny. President: Society of World Deaf Magicians

"Keep up the good work. What we all do without you!"
Jonathan Allen

"Many thanks for your excellent work in providing the fabulous MagicWeek."
Mike & Julie Evans

"Thanks for all the good work that you do."
Dave Hutchinson

"Congratulations on 'MagicWeek' which is a great idea allowing the magic fraternity to keep up to date on almost everything we need to know. Well done!!!"
Steve Cook


"...I just thought I would add my continuing congratulations on providing a truly excellent service to the magic world. I am a big fan of MagicWeek!" John Holford (The Great Wizzo)

"I get all the news and so much more from MagicWeek!"
David Prior

"You have a wonderful site."
Neil Sands

"I find MagicWeek first rate for news, the links to other magical sites are useful and the 'sales and wants' always interesting." David Prior

"The site is great, keep it up."
Matt Stuttard

"Many thanks for such an excellent magic resource."
Neil Brown


"'s great - a gem for any magician!" Collin Klaus

"Keep up the incredible work on the best magic website around!"
Chris Jenkins

"Congratulations for this absolutely useful magic place!!!"
Joan Monse


"Your website is fantastic, not only for us pro's, but for beginners too. Keep up the great work on your wonderful site." Americo Serrano

"I'm a frequent visitor to your website and always find it a terrific source of information."
James Ward

"I always visit MagicWeek every week - it's a great site."
David Siracusa

"We have had a massive response for the new club, mainly thanks to MagicWeek"
Wayne Goodman

"Thanks for going the extra mile. I am very impressed."
Rex Stott


"Thanks for the great job and service you're doing for the UK magic community." Matt Pritchard

"Thanks for MagicWeek, it keeps me up to date!"


"Thank you for all the support you have so kindly given us regarding not only the centenary but also all our activities since MagicWeek started." Geoffrey Newton, Centenary President, The Order of The Magi (Manchester)


"I am a big fan of your site. Thanks for your wonderful work!" Andy Lansing

"What a wonderful service you provide, well done and thank you."
David Rie

"Thanks for an excellent website; I never fail to check it out every Saturday!"
Derek Hudson

"Just a quick note of thanks for providing the site. I've placed several ads in the last few weeks and all have been successful. It's much appreciated."
Mark Brizland

"MagicWeek is tops!"
Paul Gordon

"I just wanted to say I really love you magic website it keeps my up to date with all the magic news. "
James Carragher

"Great work with the site, my only regular 'insight' into the magic fraternity!"
Matthew Stokes

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at magicweek for producing such an up to date site. It is a source that is invaluable for people interested in the art of magic."
Sam Strange


"I enjoy your website very much and wish to thank you personally." Brian Role

"Great site!"
Mervyn Heard

"Love the site!"
Mr Zooka


"MagicWeek is great as ever" John Field


"MagicWeek is very much appreciated, please keep up the good work." John Learoyd

"The best magic site on the web"
Paul Stockman

"Great website"
Don Moses

"Thank you again for an awesome website, it's like a special treat every Saturday morning."
Sam Hurst

"Thanks a lot for providing such a great service and a great website."
Joe Mckay

"I regard MagicWeek as the best website for magicians out there"
Gary Jones

"Many thanks for all the hard work that you do, putting together this website."
John Clayton

"Great website."
Matthew Blackwell

"I think MagicWeek is a brilliant idea, not just for the 'market' section but for its general all-round usefulness. Thank you."
John Holford


"Thanks again for such a brill website." James Piper


"The best web site in the world of magic." Etienne Pradier

"I am a long-standing regular visitor to your excellent site."
David Smith

"MagicWeek is the best site ever for magic!"
Chris Philpott

"Many thanks and congratulations for your work in making MagicWeek so useful and interesting - I find it indispensible!"
David Owen

"Many thanks for maintaining such a useful web site as MagicWeek."
Brian Adams

"Thanks for all your efforts - you make my year a lot more fun with MagicWeek"
Nick Einhorn

"Appreciate all the work you do on MagicWeek to make it such a vibrant and reliable source of information for the UK magic scene. I'm sure many people take it all for granted that when they log on on a Saturday morning the latest version will just be there, but I know how much work must go in to this sort of thing and so I just wanted to take a moment to say 'thanks'"
Mark Leveridge


"Many thanks for your excellent work." Mike Evans

"Your website is fantastic, not only for us pro's, but for beginners too."
John Clayton

"Great site."
Steve Sherrington

"Thank you for producing such a good magic site."
James Piper

"Let me say how good the site is and I view it religiously ever since I got stated in magic 6 years ago!"
Dylan Palmer


"Long may MagicWeek continue to be the best recourse for all things magical." John Edge

"Your site is the tops. Keep up the good work."
David Morrison

"Thanks for your continued excellent service."
Alan Cooper

"A big thank you for your splendid and informative site. It’s a real delight."
Neil Somerville

"I want to thank you for the magnificent work you do with MagicWeek every week. It really is like my weekend newspaper for magic."
Richard Young

"Excellent site."
Ian Kendall


"Keep up the good work.. you know we all appreciate MagicWeek hugely!" Jonathan Allen

"Great site."
Nick Richmond


"I always log on to MagicWeek whenever I am away to keep up to date. Thanks for doing a great job." Mark Worgan

"As always well done with it all, it's the first thing I do every Saturday morning..."
Marc Spelmann

"Thanks for the great service with MagicWeek"
David Abel

"Great internet magazine"
Ricky McLeod

"Love the MagicWeek site, keep up the fantastic work."
John Vincent


"If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't be the magician I am today!" Clive AKA The Great Razzini

"I look forward to reading MagicWeek on Saturday"
Malin Nilsson

"Great internet mag...... superb"
Ricky McLeod

"I look forward to my Saturday morning when I can look at what's new in the magical world and thank you for all the hard work and effort that goes into creating the site."
Wayne Goodman

"I don't know how I could cope without this site!"
Magic Sam


"I hesitate to add this, because it sounds so incredibly sycophantic, but MagicWeek rocks, keep up the good
Phill Smith

"Keep up the great work on your wonderful site!"
Paul Tyrrell

"I have been an avid reader of the site since it first came online"
Matthew J

"MagicWeek goes from strength to strength. It feels alive and is always exciting to read."
Allen Tipton

"Great site by the way. I look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work."


"Keep up the excellent news." Gary James


"Every Saturday the first thing I do is log onto MagicWeek and get all the news! Thank you so much." George Key

"I enjoy reading MagicWeek in New Zealand every Sunday morning!"
Mike Easterbrook

"Thanks for the great site"
Malcolm Jephcott

"Thank you for running such a brilliant website!"
Thom Bleasdale

" the mean time well done on your continued success of MagicWeek"
Wayne Goodman

"Please continue the excellent work you do on your website as I would be lost without it."
Paul Sunderland


"Great website." Arthur Tivoli

"MagicWeek has become my link to English magic! Keep up the good work."
Luke Jermay

"Awesome website. I have checked it every week for the last couple o years, maybe more!"
Magic Sam 'The Peoples Magician'


"After doing RadioMagic I understand just how much work goes into a project like MagicWeek and continue to think it’s the mutts nuts! Absolutely superb. Makes one wonder how one managed before it ever came into being." Jay Fortune


"Keep up the good work with MagicWeek!" Dougie C

"MagicWeek is the best, most informative magic site there is."
Burger Bill


"MagicWeek is a great site." David Randini

"Many congratulations on a first class web site. You are doing a grand job."
Rex Taylor


"Let me congratulate you on the site. First thing every Saturday, I check to read the latest news." Mark Higgns


"I love the website." Michael McMillan


"...can I just say how great the website is. It’s a veritable goldmine of information and makes for great reading." Stuart Turner

"You do a wonderful service to the world of magic with your excellent web magazine."
Jack Stephens

"You provide an excellent service to the magic community. I admire your energy."
Stuart Chalmers

"I enjoy reading your site every week, keep up the good work."
Dave Hendy

"I think you’ve done a great job and provided an excellent service for magicians."

"Great site! Nice to see a site so complete and professional."
Davide Costi

"Thanks Duncan and keep up the good work with MagicWeek – it truly is the first thing I look at on Saturday mornings – much to my wife and children’s dismay whilst their waiting for breakfast!"
Paul Eds

"It is a great site and service you offer."
David Sivell

"Love MagicWeek by the way."
Wayne Murphy

"I love the website Duncan and keep up the good work."
Michael McMillan


"...MagicWeek is as I mentioned a great site and my highest congratulations go to you for the time and effort you put into it. It is easily the best resource on the web." Marc Spelmann

"You really do provide a great resource for magicians with MagicWeek."
Big J


"Brilliant site- well done." Mike Stannard

"...fantastic web-site."
Alan K Parish

"I discovered your website some weeks ago: it is great."
Andy Smith

"...thank you for making my Saturdays so special, my first job Sat mornings is to read MagicWeek."
Gary Jones

"Thank you for keeping me informed about the magic world."
Rob Page

"Many thanks for a great web site, keep up the good work."
Colin Dorning


"Superb site." Andy Leach


"Quick note to let you know how much I enjoy MagicWeek, a very useful and informative internet resource!" John Cain


"I would also like to say how much I enjoy reading Magicweek - I tell every magician I meet about your site." Gary Jones


"MagicWeek is great." Alex Cahill

"Thank you so much for the altruistic service you are providing through 'MagicWeek' for the growth of magical art."


"I'd just like to say thank you for a wonderful website. I check it every week, and I always find something of interest. Well done!" Sarah Jones


"MagicWeek is so informative. I've only recently gone on the net and it's getting addictive." Allen Tipton


"Wonderful website" Magix Paul


"You do a wonderful service to the world of magic with your excellent web magazine." Jack Stephens


"Thanks for a great website." Steve Knibbs


"MagicWeek goes from strength to strength, it is essential reading!" Chris Wardle


"A great site and excellent information." Sheila linnell

"Keep up the good work, it's a great site"
Stephen Barry


"Great site." Jasper Blakeley

"Keep up the fantastic good work with MagicWeek – I check it every Saturday morning."
Roger Woods


"Excellent site." Jonathan Chase


"MagicWeek is exceptional - a one off in quality and clarity." Philip Phillips

"Thanks for running such a great news site!"
Mike Guerra

"Love your magic site."
Jay Adkins


"Brill website as ever" Magix Paul

"Love the site by the way"
Phil Michaelz

"Many thanks for running an excellent site"
Mark Thorold


"The best on the web." Herb Everest


"Site is great - I still visit at least every week!" Patti Sinclair


"MagicWeek is superb, it is appreciated by myself and many of my magical friends." Roy Farmer


"MagicWeek - it's superb!" Andrew Todd

"MagicWeek is a like my best friend, keeping me informed of the ins and outs of UK magic whilst I am traveling abroad."
Lee Alex


"Super site!" Geoff Brown


"Love the site, and visit often." Patti Sinclair


"Thanks for an excellent site." Herb Everest


"Just wanted to say thank you for placing the request on MagicWeek. Got loads of responses already... I can't think of any other site that would generate as much interest." Chris Cox


"I always enjoy Magic Week and usually check it out every Saturday. The only problem is that your excellent links usually end up with me ordering more stuff!" Dr Roger Woods


"Many thanks for providing a truly magical site." David Brandwood

"Congratulations on an excellent website!"
David Penn


"Thank you for such an excellent site!" David Meade


"What a wonderful web site." Paul Roberts

"MagicWeek is the only place to go for info and the very latest - keep up the good work."
Geoff Lucas


"MagicWeek continues to be my favourite website. It's the first thing I look at on Saturday. A brilliant job well done." John Field

"I think the MagicWeek site is great, by the way, I look at it every week without fail."
Chris Wardle


"MagicWeek, a helluva good trick Duncan! OK what's the secret?" John Hofner


"Thanks again for your previous support, and the great website." Simon Shaw

"A great website with excellent content!"
Rob Talson

"I Love your site."
David Meade


"Excellent." Des Callaghan


"Congratulations! Your web site is excellent." Prakash Nerurkar

"Fantastic web site."
Roy Critchley

"I really like your website and I think it is of a great value."
Ehud Segev


"Thanks a lot, great site!" Steve Fowler


"MagicWeek is truly wonderful. I check each and every issue without fail. I know I'm not alone in doing so and I just wanted to say a big thank you for your continued efforts." James Nichols

"The best magic news site on the web."
Andrew Lee

"Just seen your website - looks superb."
Michael Colyer

"Great site and so informative."
Sam and Vicki Lane


"Excellent site, I have been visiting for some time now." Nick Menday

"Great site."
Alan Parish

"MagicWeek is fantastic!"
James Fortson


"Brilliant and so very, very useful!" Jay Fortune


"I find your website a great help for loads of things." Peter McNamara


"Many thanks for your prompt reply. I think your site is quite excellent btw!" Bill Clinton


"MagicWeek is a MUST read every Saturday." Graham Nichols


"Thanks for the good work you do for Magic and long may you continue." Malcolm French


"Excellent website. Keep up the good work." Dave Akhurst

"You do a great job on MagicWeek."
Stuart Harley


"MagicWeek continues to be the best magic website around. Keep up the good work and well done." John Field


"I am a big fan of your web site." Chris Nicholson

"Keep up the good work."
Matthew Laskey

"Great website"
Andy Cartledge

"Sincere thanks for all the hard work you put in to making MagicWeek the best read on the web." Barry Allen

"Wow, its great!"


"I don't know anywhere that has the anything like the magic news coverage that you do and your classifieds are a great public service." Paul Duggan

"Thank you for your work on MagicWeek - it may be unsung - but it is enjoyed and appreciated by many in the magic community."
Brendan Kirk


"The web site is great, one of my only regular sources of magic now!" Mat Stokes


"Good to see you are still keeping up the good work at Magic Week" Nathan Newman


"Love your web site by the way!" Kate Rhodes


"Keep up the good work, you do a great job running this site every week." Martin Hobbs


"I check your site religiously everyday... keep up the good work." Shon Paul


"Thank you for a great site." Allan Bishop


"Keep up the good work - great site." Darren James


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