72nd British Ring IBM Convention
24th - 28th September 2008, Eastbourne
Update 1, 11th April 2008.
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Wow! You must be impressed by the vast line-up of world wide magical talent that is being arranged by the Ring’s Executive Producer for our convention in Eastbourne. To be able to see live or learn from the experience of these stars of magic, many of whom are appearing in this country for the first time, is reason enough to make the journey to and be in Eastbourne between 24th - 28th September. In the coming weeks we will be bringing you biographies of some of the performers whose names may not to be familiar to you as well as all the other events.

For magicians whatever their status whether it be professional, semi professional, amateur or hobbyist the Convention should be more than just watching, listening and learning. Writing in the Ring’s magazine The Budget Ali Bongo asks if magicians have forgotten what Conventions are for. By definition he goes on to say ‘it is a coming together, in our case a gathering of like minded souls who perform, watch, buy, sell, discuss and love magic. An assembly of enthusiasts who want to meet friends they may not have seen for a year, to chat, to reminisce, to swap ideas, to grumble about the way things are in the world – in other words to socialise.

To facilitate the chance to socialise Ali has suggested the introduction of an event that would have any number of magicians who wish to perform real close-up magic to groups of conventioneers in a convivial atmosphere in an ‘Micro Magic Marathon’ (M.M.M). This suggestion has been taken on board and is being implemented by the Organising Committee.

Ali sees it working like this. The number of performers will not be limited and each will be given a number. They will perform for as many tables and groups a possible in the time allocated. All conventioneers will have cards to register their thoughts and at the end will put down just the number of their favourite performer. The cards will be collected and the performer with his or her number on most of the cards will be the winner. So as not to compete with the official close-up competition there will be no official prize but some token presentation will be made and the glory and satisfaction of being the ‘Peoples Choice’.

It is up to individual performers how they approach the challenge. How to maximise the number of tables that can be entertained together with the choice of material will be important. Originality, diversity, brevity, stamina, charm and charisma will be paramount. This will be real close-up. The M.M.M. will take place in the Floral Hall before one of the evening shows. The intention is to fill two desirable objectives, more under the nose magic and more socialising. This will make everyone participators instead of being purely spectators.



Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, April 2008




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