72nd British Ring IBM Convention
24th - 28th September 2008, Eastbourne
Update 2, 3rd May 2008.
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Terry Herbert is recognised and respected by magicians throughout the world as being one of the leaders in the field of Children’s Entertainment both as a performer and a lecturer. It therefore comes as no great surprise that last year he was invited to participate in ‘Kidabra’ International Convention in Pigeon Forge Tennessee U.S.A. organised by the Association of Family and Kidshow Performers. Another attending this Convention was Mike Bent, whose work so impressed Terry that when he returned to this country he did not hesitate to immediately contact our Convention Committee and suggest Mike be invited to be the specialist Children’s Magic lecturer at Eastbourne. The Committee agreed and Mike was taken on board without delay.

So who is Mike Bent? Mike hails from Boston with his career in magic began at age 6, when he read his first magic book that he had obtained from the library. This started him on the path to a lifetime love of learning, creativity and performing. At 15 he was performing and by the time he graduated from the Emerson College his original magic and comedy routine had been seen at clubs and colleges throughout the country. For 17 years he has been teaching professional comedy writing at the Emerson College. Mike’s life changed again when he became a Dad dedicating himself to providing quality children’s entertainment. As a performer, parent and teacher Mike knows how to use comedy magic and story telling to educate and motive children.

This is what M.U.M. Magazine; the official publication of The Society of American Magicians reported “There is no one in the universe that creates magic routines and comedy sight gags as novel and astounding as Mike Bent. Throughout the hilarity the magic he performs he doesn’t let the gags get in the way of the mystery. Mike’s relationship with volunteers from the audience is superlative. He brought up a hyperactive seven year old to participate in a hilarious linking ring routine and had things completely under his control, making the child into a hero and masterly playing off the tykes rambunctiousness – turning a potential liability into theatrical asset.”

Mike’s Best lecture is one that is a must for all of you who entertain children.

Over many years at Eastbourne Conventions the production and direction of Children’s Showtime has been entrusted to Terry Herbert. His ability to produce a successful and balanced show is well documented. For 2008 he has again put a show together that will not only bring yells of delight from the audience of youngsters but also will equally bring pleasure to their parents.

So who will be appearing in this years show? Terry himself will not only be introducing his special guests but to ensure that there is laughter right from the onset in the Devonshire Park Theatre he will be performing his own brand of unrivalled comedy magic.

And who are Terry’s special guests? Firstly there is Dave Andrews with his friend Jessica. Dave is an entertaining and polished ventriloquist with an excellent technique and a jocular repartee with Jessica. If you want to see a ventriloquist with a different slant to his act then you will want to see Dave. So what makes his act different? Be in the audience and you will find out.

Following will be The Safire Magic Light Puppets. Over the past months they have been on an extended tour with the Chuckle Brothers Indiana Chuckle and the Kingdom of the Mythical Silk show. Their act has been highly praised and has become one of the highlights of the show. Be warned. This is not a traditional puppet show. The Safire Magic Light Puppets have advanced the ancient art of puppetry to an exceptional height of excellence.

Jonathon Shotton is a young rising star of magic, whose warm and friendly approach endears him to any audience. His multi award-winning act has gained him international recognition. With his likable personality he has the ability to make you relax and be able to fully enjoy the entertainment. Jonathon has style and sophistication at the heart of his act that has a spellbinding effect on those who watch.

Closing the show will be Terry’s very special guest Mike Bent. Mike has devised a state of the art magic show ‘Abrakidabda’ that combines amazing magic, big laughs and hilarious surprises for a completely interactive experience. The children become part of the show. They make the ‘magic’ happen. In his hometown of Boston he is the only magician to have won the prestigious ‘Best of Boston’ award from the editors of Boston Magazine while the Boston Globe has called him ‘wonderfully wacky’ and ‘a brilliantly original talent’. Prepare to be enchanted by Mike best.

As at every Children’s Showtime the IBM Clowns will be on hand to welcome the children as they arrive at the theatre. On the Saturday morning and sending them on their way at the conclusion of the show.

Just a reminder. The show is primary arranged for the children of our host town but Conventioneers are invited to attend. They are however requested to take their seats in the circle leaving the stalls available for the younger audience. Seats at £7.00 will be available from the Theatre Box Office or can be booked by telephone on 01323 412000 from 1st September 2008.

So now you have some more good reasons why you should be in Eastbourne September 24th-28th. If you haven’t already done so register today. Do it now!



Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, May 2008




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