72nd British Ring IBM Convention
24th - 28th September 2008, Eastbourne
Update 3, 24th May 2008.
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Let us turn the spotlight on four of the headliners who will be at Eastbourne this year, three making a very welcome return and one who surprisingly makes his debut at a British Ring Convention.

It was two years ago that we met Las Vegas mega star Jeff Hobson. And what an impression he made on us both as Master of Ceremonies of the International Gala Show and as a lecturer. As Elizabeth Warlock recorded in the Budget of November 2006 ĎHe had the audience eating out of his hands between the acts with his own style of camp pieces with great comedy lines and interplay with members of the audience combined with some wonderful facial expressions and body movements as only he can do themí

In his lecture Jeff not only performed some standard magical effects in his own inimitable style but also was able to show that with some innovation it is not necessary to clone presentations of others derived from a DVD. But his main theme centered around three main rules he has utilised throughout his career, three rules that have put him at the top of his profession. His rules? Dependability, Reliability and Flexibility, rules that should be emulated by all performers.

Jeff Hobson returns his year and we all look forward to be in the company of this gifted performer, astute lecturer and great guy.

The last time we had the opportunity of having Gene Anderson with us was in 1998. The majority of magicians throughout the six continents of the world are familiar with Geneís renowned and unique Newspaper Magic, which he both performs and lectures upon.

Gene is a natural teacher and like so many great teachers he is not only an expert on his specialist subject but he is an expert in presenting it. When you attend a Gene Anderson lecture you will learn. And you will laugh too. Thereís no nodding off when he speaks. Right from his opening remarks you will be enthralled by Geneís presentation, his puckish wit and some inspiring magic. You will come away with a fund of knowledge and skills that you can apply to enhance your career as a magician.

From his earliest performances Gene quickly realised that laughter is magical by itself and by using his twinkling and often-impish sense of humour he skilfully weaves laughter at all levels of his performance. Watch how in his act he involves delightful audience participation pieces and note how carefully he provides the laughs without embarrassment to his helpers.

Welcome back Gene Anderson.

We were disappointed last year when Michael Close reluctantly had to withdraw from coming to Southport, as it was imperative that he remained at home. He made a pledge that he would be with us this year and needless to say that pledge has been fulfilled. It is always exciting to see Michael working whether it be at the close-up table, lecturing or behind a keyboard.

In Michaelís life what came first music or magic? In a conversation with Romany in Las Vegas some years ago he revealed as a child he didnít have any ambitions either way, he just wanted to know everything about jazz. With no teacher available to advise him everything he knows about playing jazz piano he has figured out himself not intuitively but analytically. His library of jazz theory and transcribed solos of jazz players is huge, the same amount of information as in his magic library. He confesses he didnít get going on the piano until he started his masterís degree in composition at 22.

His magic was learnt from books and developed after a visit to the Magic Castle at 19. He had a wonderful mentor in Harry Riser but what he taught him wasnít going to work in a restaurant as he found out in1978 when he was invited to take over a friends job at Max and Ermaís. He was reluctant to do magic as a pro as he was doing music professionally. He developed his own individual style and methods with the reality of the effect being of more importance than being concerned with the technique. To this approach he coupled humorous patter. To Michael comedy is important but has to be injected into any effect so as not to interrupt the normal flow of a trick. There is so much more than just doing tricks.

If you havenít seen Michael Close work donít miss this chance to see this captivating magician in action.

An international magician who is admired and respected worldwide for his magic is Juan Tamariz. It is therefore astonishing that he has never appeared at a British Ring Convention. This serious omission is now rectified as this year Juan will be giving a solo show as well as delivering a lecture. In addition for those of you willing to pay a fee he will be holding an instructional workshop for a very limited number. If you are interested in joining this class, in due course, we will be advising you how you can apply.

Juan with his trademark top hat and sparkling eyes that even his large spectacles cannot obscure he is charismatic cardician, a magician specialising in magic with playing cards. But what makes him so special? By many of his peers he is a true master of his art and is considered to be the authority in the field of misdirection. He is the author of four books in English and many, influenced by his approach, have become winning champions.

Some sound advise to all of you fledging cardicians is that you make sure you are in Eastbourne between September 24th-28th and enjoy a master-class by Juan Tamariz in your specialised brand of magic.

400 have already registered including many from around the world. If you havenít don so do it today by using the on line facility or contacting the registration officer Neville Johnson direct on 01202 873234 or by email at nevillejohnson25@aol.com.



Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, May 2008




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