72nd British Ring IBM Convention - Programme of Events
24th - 28th September 2008, Eastbourne
Update 9, 2nd August 2008.
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Here is an outline of the programme of events for this year’s Convention

(May be subject to alteration)

Wednesday September 24th
12.00 hours Opening Ceremony and Show
14.15 hours Lecture Levent
15.00 hours Lecture Oscar Munoz
15.30 hours Lecture Nick Einbourn
16.45 hours Lecture Michael Finney
20.00 hours Stage Competition
23.30 hours Late Show

Thursday September 25th
O9.30 hours The Dealers Open
11.00 hours Lecture Bill Herz
11.45 hours Lecture Mike Bent
12.00 hours Workshop Bill Herz Magic in the Corporate World
13.30 hours Special Venue Shows
13.45 hours Close-up Competition
14.00 hours Ladies Afternoon
14.00 Hours Egg Bag Workshop Jeff Hobson
16.15 Hours Lecture Bob Kohler
17.00 Hours The Dealers Close
19.00 Hours Micro Magic Marathon
21.00 Hours Thursday Night Show
23.00 Hours Late Night Show

Friday September 26th
09.15 Hours AGM
09.30 Hours The Dealers Open
10.30 Hours Jeffrey Atkins Memorial Lecture Geoffrey Durham
12.00 Hours Juan Tamariz Close-up Show
12.15 Hours Lecture/Workshop Gene Anderson
14.30 Hours Eddie Dawes Show
16.30 Hours Lecture Kalin & Jinger
16.30 Hours Lecture/Workshop “Hard Core Card Session” Jason England and Derek DelGaudio
17.00 Hours The Dealers Close
18.30 Hours Banquet Drinks Reception
19.00 Hours Convention Banquet
22.00 Hours Presentation of Awards
Installation of New President
The Late Late Gala
24.00 Hours Midnight Audience with Juan Tamariz (Paid Event)
24.00 Hours Midnight Session with Paul Wilson (Paid Event)

Saturday September 27th
09.30 Hours The Dealers Open
10.00 Hours Lecture Michael Weber
10.30 Hours Children’s Showtime (Paid event)
11.30 Hours International Close-up Gala
13.00 Hours Grand Auction
14.00 Hours Lecture Juan Tamariz
15.00 Hours History of Mystery
16.00 Hours Lecture Guy Hollingworth
16.45 Hours Junior Workshop
17.00 Hours The Dealers Close
20.00 Hours International Gala Show

Sunday September 28th
09.45 Hours Convention Service
10.45 Hours Stars of the Future Show
Close of Convention

Opening times for Dealers
Thursday September 25th 09.30 hours – 17.00 hours
Friday September 26th 09.30 hours – 17.00 hours (Open during the AGM)
Saturday September 27th 09.30 hours – 17.00 hours

What a Programme! What a Convention!

The British Ring has always prided itself on not just being a ‘Festival of Magic’ by including events not normally found in a magical convention. One of these events is More History of Mystery (the Collector’s and Others Seminar). Annually this event is compiled and presented by Eddie Dawes and has grown in popularity with Conventioneers who are eager to enlarge their knowledge of the history of the art of magic.

This year four speakers, Paul Freeman, Michael Symes, Roy Field and John Palfreyman, will be introduced by Eddie covering a wide spectrum of topics.

Paul Freeman will be surveying some of the magicians who have adopted distinctive noms de theatre and the stories behind their choice in ‘Names to Conjure With’. Michael Symes for his subject examines one of the notable lawsuits that attracted much attention of British twentieth century magic with ‘A Sunshade in a Storm: The Case of the Mutilated Parasol’

When one thinks of British Ring Secretaries the name of Bill Stickland immediately springs to mind since his occupancy of the office lasted for over half a century. But Bill was not the first holder of the office and Roy Field after diligent research will bring to light the interesting story of Dleifsen, the Forgotten British Ring Secretary. Finally John Palfreyman with his ‘Illusions of Grandeur’ will recount his experiences and the role he played in the building of illusions for such icons of television as David Nixon and Paul Daniels.

No doubt the Gold Room in the Winter Garden Complex will be buzzing with anticipation on the Saturday afternoon with enthusiasts waiting to learn more about The History of Mystery.

There has been a terrific interest for the Convention from magicians from home and overseas especially France and Holland. So why not join them by making your registration now! Get in touch with the Registration Officer Neville Johnson by phone (01202 873234) or by e.mail nevillejohnson25@aol.com or you could use the online facility: www.britishring.org.uk Any queries you may have e.mail our Public Relations Officer Bob Hayden at bobring25@aol.com.


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, August 2008




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