73rd British Ring IBM Convention
23rd - 27th September 2009, Southport
Update 2, April 2009
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Among those booked for Southport is Pavel (photo). For decades Pavel has been synonymous with some of the most innovative magic around. Not only has he mystified and entertained the public with his originality he has delighted and inspired magicians throughout the universe with his countless shows and lectures.

It was at Hastings in 1966 we first perceived the creativity of this young Czechoslovak magician when he both lectured and performed in the Gala Show. He had come to the notice of Bill Stickland after he, together with Anverdi and Marconick had, with great success, pioneered their brand of magic into the USA showing and sharing new ideas in stage and parlour magic. He returned again to lecture in 1974, 1982 and 1996 each lecture having a different theme. The first concentrated on a number of intriguing rope effects. As a result several were adopted and introduced into the programmes of many magicians. Even today the influence of Pavel can be detected in the acts of those who utilise rope. Is there a reason why this influence has stood the test of time? It’s because his effects astonish, are easy to follow and are comparatively uncomplicated to perform allowing concentration on the presentation.

In 1996 Pavel gave his Mag(net)ic Tricks Lecture every effect shown being magnet based worked with a particular range of tiny but highly powered magnets. Effects that were particularly memorable were a spoon vanish that turned into a handful of glitter, a broken to mismade restored wand, an interesting Card in Balloon and a rising card using a normal deck. is magic has stood the test of time It is no wonder that the Academy of Magical Arts honoured Pavel with a Creative Fellowship award for his enduring contribution to the art of conjuring.

Have you ever dreamed of being a magical inventor? Pavel’s latest lecture may offer you the possibility of achieving this ambition. Entitled ‘How to Invent a New trick’ it features a large range of his creations using general props such as ropes, cards, silks, balloons, clothespins, colour discs, bills….two dozen different effects are performed and explained. You can rest assured any lecture by Pavel will be overflowing with new ideas and approaches. And what is more his English is fluent, his delivery crystal clear.

If you are wholly a card or coin performer maybe this lecture may not be high on your ‘must attend’ list but if you are seeking some new impressive and commercial stuff be sure not to miss it. You can be certain to learn something that is new and completely different.

Is the name Sean Taylor (Australia) familiar to you? It could be if you lived or are from the Cambridge area or you may have met him when he attended our Convention in the 80’s and early 90’s of the last century. Some 16 years ago he emigrated from this country to Australia and now resides in Sydney.

These days, Sean is known as a comedy magician and mentalist but in a career as a professional magician spanning over 25 years he has performed every style of magic from shows for children to stage magic and strolling close-up, making him an all round magical practitioner.

Sean is one of the most sought after entertainers and speakers in Australia with engagements that regularly take him the length and breath of the country as well as to New Zealand and all round the Asia-Pacific region. He has a razor sharp wit and a cheeky humour which when coupled with an ability to hilariously manage an audience collectively combine to make him a natural for the Aussie corporate circuit. He has been helped in this by a corporate background as a marketing and management consultant, his ability to use body language to its full advantage and a highly development intuition to be able to ‘read’ his audience enabling him to create a truly remarkable mind reading act. And most extraordinary his one hour act fits into a briefcase! It is this act that he has performed in more than 15 countries around the globe appearing in diverse venues as The Loews Hotel in Monte Carlo, The London Hilton and The Sydney Opera House. He has even read minds LIVE on Radio.

As an author Sean has published a number of books for magicians showcasing his unique approach to the art. His latest hardback book Mindstorms has been described as a seminal text and is destined to become a standard work. In Australia he is respected among the magical fraternity as a creative force and works to develop the work of others within his field.

Sean can also present a revolutionary workshop on ‘Selling the Show’, a workshop on how to sell magic as an entertainment. The credentials that enable him to conduct such a workshop come from the seven years he spent recruiting and training people. This seminar he has presented at several magic conventions around the world. If you perform magic for money you will gain valuable advice from Sean irrespective of the form of magic is your particular forte. But remember this workshop is all about selling your magic not marketing it.

For the mentalist Sean has marketed two effects Rhinesence and Symbology. Both are being used by many of the world’s top mentalists as their ‘weapons’ of choice.

Sean is thrilled to be returning to the UK and participating in Southport 2009. Sean, we welcome you back. You have been away far too long.


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, April 2009. www.britishring.org.uk




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