73rd British Ring IBM Convention
23rd - 27th September 2009, Southport
Update 4, May 2009
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

At the International Festival of Illusionists held in Karlovy Vary Czechoslovakia in 1987 Ivan Necheporenko and Liubov Ivkina with their ‘Magic Tablecloth’ act took 1st prize. So who were Ivan and Liubov? Both had graduated from the All-Russian Studio of Stage Art in Moscow in 1980. Together with their director Michail Kharitonvo they created the ‘Magic tablecloth’ act, an act that was to bring them celebrity status worldwide. From this they subsequently developed an act depicting that favourite hero of Russian folk tales Ivan Tsarevich.

Necheporenko’s Russian Doll act is both unique and graceful. On a bare stage and using only a cloth it has traditional Russian souvenir Dolls of varying sizes mysteriously appearing and disappearing made all the more intense by the accompaniment of Russian folk melodies. It is the act they entered into the 1997 Dresden FISM competition and what was to win them the top prize, the Grand Prix. It became their ‘visiting card’ and resulted in them appearing and headlining in over 20 Magic Conventions throughout the world. It was first seen in this country at Ron and Martin MacMillan’s 25th Annual International Gala of Magic at the London Palladium in 1997. It was the act on the programme that became the most talked about.

If you haven’t yet seen this act be sure not to miss it when it comes to the stage of the Southport Theatre when you will witness some of the most unusual magic you will ever see. It is an act that not only has mystery but novelty and originality. There is no other act like it in the world.

There are few performers who are able to combine highly skilful card magic with situation comedy. One who can is Hayashi. He was with us in 2004 when he performed in the international Close-up Gala and performed some impressive card work. At Southport Hayashi will not only again be in the line-up for the international Close-up but will be performing in the Gala show as well as giving a lecture.

He is one of the most entertaining around and has been extremely active on the European magic scene since 2003 being the first performer in history to have held five 1stplaced European National Titles for Card Magic. This was the same year he won the MacMillan International Close-up competition with an act that even today remains vividly in the minds of the majority who saw it.

Hayashi is known for having two close-up acts, one with cards the other with coins. He now has a third act which he intends performing at this year’s competition at the Beijing FISM Championships. Maybe it will be this act we will be seeing in Southport. You will have to be there to find out. However there is one thing for sure whatever he does you will be amazed and entertained by Hayashi.

His stage act is a bizarre combination of mentalism and traditional Japanese culture. He demonstrates how the Knights of ancient Japan, the Samurai, lived by a code of ethics which forbade them from harming the innocent. His display of authentic Samurai swordsmanship which appears to be death-defying has thrilled audiences across Europe.

In his lecture Hayashi will be concentrating on his cutting-edge work in the fields of cards and coin magic. He will be teaching routines that can be performed with a regular deck of cards and four coins. He carries these items on his person literally every day of his life enabling him to spontaneously do an entire show anytime, anywhere. In terms of difficulty his routines range from amazingly easy to intermediate. Upon request he can go into some of his highly advanced material, but prefers to offer something for all skill levels. So whatever level you perform at you will learn from Hayashi.

In our first Convention News we listed Duane Laflin among those who would be appearing at Southport. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for Duane a long contract he is fulfilling in the States has been extended that includes the period of our Convention. So regretfully, this year, he will be unable to be with us but hopes we will invite him to come to a future Convention. Duane we fully understand your situation and can assure you that you will always be welcome at a British Ring Convention.

Another amendment. We reported that the title of Pavel’s lecture would be ‘Magical Creations’ or ‘How to Invent a New Trick’. This is the lecture Pavel will be delivering in his lecture tour of this country beginning in Glasgow on 31st May and finishing in London on June 19th. From experience Pavel has found that this lecture is not suitable for a large Convention audience. This he finds can lead to an absence of questions and response from the audience. His Create a Trick lecture lasts over 2 hours and is more suited for an intimate club meeting where the actual time is more flexible than for a Convention in front of a large audience with a restricted allocated time.

Instead in Southport Pavel will be giving a lecture entitled’ Best Of’ in which he will be performing and explaining a dozen of his proven and successful effects. A few are ancient (and therefore probably forgotten), with others being the latest hits. Pavel is guaranteeing that all the effects will be 100% different from the material featured in his lecture tour. And for those who might be interested he has written a book on ‘How to Invent a New Trick’ the subject which will be available for purchase. If you are seeking new and commercial stuff for kids or parlour you will certainly learn something you can easily include in your next show.


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, May 2009. www.britishring.org.uk




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