73rd British Ring IBM Convention
23rd - 27th September 2009, Southport
Update 13, August 2009
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

To complete his line-up for the Saturday night headline International Magic Show John Pye has been able to book Martyn James’s new act. Martyn is no stranger to British Ring Conventions having appeared in the 2004 Gala Show and twice in the Friday afternoon show presented by Eddie Dawes.

In his shows Martyn combines sensational illusions backed up with original soundtrack music and a blend of comedy. Joining him on stage are his assistants, professional entertainers in their own right who not only bring glamour but wit and humour to enhance the shows performance throughout.

Like Richard Cadell before him and Safire after him, Martyn in 1995 supported The Chuckle Brothers in their summer season in Scarborough. His refreshing approach to the presentation of illusions combined with his bright and amusing assistants brought instant appeal, an appeal on which he has built upon to enhance his career as a unique entertainer making him popular on cruise ships and at venues throughout Britain. He was acclaimed British Magical Champion at the Blackpool Convention of 2003, a title he held until 2005.

So Martyn James joins a fantastic line-up of magical acts by David & Dania, Hayashi, Nechporenko, Timo Marc, Sean Taylor plus the speciality Hula Hoop act of Dania in a fabulous show of mystery and mirth hosted by Aonghus McAnally.

To many it came as no great surprise that at the F.I.S.M Magical Championships in Beijing Soma of Hungary was declared winner of The Grand Prix for Stage Magic especially after he took 1st prize in the category for General Magic. To take the Grand Prix Soma had to go head to head with Han Seol Hu of Korea in F.I.S.M’s final show. Both contestants received a great reaction from the audience so it must have been an extremely hard and difficult decision for the judges to make a final choice and decide on the winner.

Soma has an individual style of modern magic with his immaculate manipulations with mobile phones. He has long been predicted by his peers as a rising star of magic and last week their prediction was ratified. You will be able to see this top award winning act when Soma appears in the Late Late Gala on Friday evening in the Southport Theatre. It is an act you should not miss.

Tyler Wilson will not only be performing in the International Close-up Show but will be delivering a lecture. Tyler is a close-up magician and stand up comedian from Alberta Canada, who is quickly becoming known for his good creative plotlines, methodology and presentations. To date a small sampling of his work has appeared in both MAGIC and Genii. This is what Joshua Jay has to say about him: ‘Tyler Wilson has a wonderful creative mind. His work with cards is top notch’ and from David Acer ‘Part magical innovator, part North American sasquatch Tyler Wilson is primed and ready to hold the magical world upside down by the ankles and shake it into submission. Only then will he return to the forest’. This is Tyler’s first appearance at a British Ring Convention and for all you Finger Flickers he is a must for you to watch and learn from.

The British Ring Convention is the only one to feature in its programme of events one dedicated to the history of magic. In his Collectors Seminar each year Eddie Dawes invites presentations on various aspects of the History of Mystery. This year it will focus on the four lives of well known magicians of the past. The earliest of these will be Dr Katterfelto, the 18th century empiric and extravagant advertiser, who combined magic with his quack doctoring. David Paton-Williams, who last year published his well researched book Katterfelto: Prince of Puff, will relate the fascinating story of the Prussian who arrived in Britain in 1776, made a lot of money, but sadly died in penury in 1799 at Bedale in Yorkshire, where David’s interest in him was first aroused.

The story of the varied career and triumphs and tribulations of Harry Cameron, the Australian juggler who came to Britain in 1910, turned magician with a spectacular show on the halls as The Great Carmo, and later became a circus proprietor, sadly with disastrous results, will be told by Trevor Dawson.

Former President of the British Ring (1963-1964), Milton ‘Jack’ Woodward, who died in office, hailed from Leamington and his story from drapery business through concert party work to the variety circuit will be illuminated via the medium of Jack’s scrapbook by his fellow Leamingtonian, David Budd.

Finally, the long and colourful career of the internationally acclaimed illusionist Chefalo, which spanned some five decades and took him around the world, will be brought to light and via film to life, by the researches of his fellow countryman Marco Pusterla.

This event always attracts a large audience of those eager to discover more and learn about the History of Mystery. They leave the session well satisfied with the knowledge they have gleaned.

CORRECTION. When reporting on the Micro Magic Marathon an incorrect e.mail address for the organiser Viv Davis was given. The correct address should be www.mysteeny@btinternet.com If you have been attempting to get in touch with Viv by e.mail and have not been successful please do so again with this correct address. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

Ever since 1961 the Hospital, Convalescent Homes and Special Venue Shows have been a feature of the Convention. For the past 16 years these shows were arranged and organised by the late Derek McFaull. To ensure that event was not dropped from the programme Peter Greenwood very kindly offered to take over as organiser. For any of you who are not familiar with what goes on, several groups of magicians volunteer to give up some of their time on Thursday afternoon to provide a magical entertainment to those who are attending special needs schools, are recovering from Illness in Convalescent homes or are members of senior citizens clubs with the purpose of bringing a little laughter and happiness into their lives. If you like to offer your services and partake in these shows please give Peter a call on 07885 802966. It is an opportunity for you to perform and participate in an event that enhances not only the reputation of the British Ring but that of magic in general.

The programme for this year’s Convention is now posted on the Programme page of this website. It is subject to alterations but should any arise they will be immediately reported. So if you have not already made your registration do it today. You can do so from the website.


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, August 2009. www.britishring.org.uk




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