73rd British Ring IBM Convention
23rd - 27th September 2009, Southport
Update 18, September 2009
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Writing in the last two issues of the Budget, Andy Stone listed 20 reasons (with apologies to The Linking Ring!) for you to register for Southport. He has given his consent for them to be reproduced here. So, in no particular order they are.

The International Magic Show: A top class convention gala show featuring magical talent from around the world with the magical transformation act of David & Dania and as an added bonus the Hula Hoop act of Dania. There is Ivan Netchperenko’s original F.I.S.M grand prix winning act, the offbeat magic of Hayashi, the high tech winning magic of Timo Marc, the mental magic of Sean Taylor and the startling new illusion act of Martyn James. Hosting the show and new to the British Ring is one of Ireland’s best known entertainers Aonhgus McAnally.

The Ali Bongo Micro Magic Marathon: A real world close-up magic competition and tremendous fun, when the performers stroll and the winner is decided by the audience vote.

Balloon Modelling Workshop: Mike Stokes returns with his workshop on this popular allied art.

Stage Competition: The British Ring Shield Competition with a chance to see new and original acts with additional awards for comedy, originality and manipulation. Steve Evans introduces the acts and tells a selection of jokes sent in by the conventioneers, the best joke winning a prize.

Stagecraft Lectures: It’s not all about tricks! Brando & Silvana from Argentina give a lecture on ‘Theatrical Magic’, Sean Taylor from Australia on ’Showmanship and Mentalism’, both lectures designed to help you improve the presentation of your magic.

The Venue: The Southport Convention and Theatre Centre having undergone a considerable extension and renovation since our last visit means that all the convention events, shows, dealers and lectures take place under one roof.

The Thursday night Show: A modern show with the emphasis on comedy. Tony Stevens as compère introduces the ventriloquial skills of John Kimmons, the manipulation skills of Tony Parx, the spectacular illusions of Guy Barrett & Company and the comedy magic of John Lenahan.

Dealers Magical Trade Fair: Your chance to browse the latest in magic, ask for advice and watch live demonstrations with many dealers offering special deals for the Convention. No visit to a British Ring convention is complete without a trip or two around the dealers!

Lectures for Children’s Entertainers: John Kimmons lecture ‘Talking to my Hand’ focuses on using ventriloquism in your children’s presentations. Terry Herbert presents a lecture on magic for children drawing on his many years of experience as a top class children’s entertainer.

Stars of the Future: This is where some of the up and coming magical talent show their skills. This year it is in the hands of Jack Clarke, Sanjivan Parker, Henry Cooke and Mandy Fletcher. Jack, the son of member Allan J. Clarke and Henry, who will compere the show, are both Northern magic Circle Juniors. Sanjivan, a pupil at Reed’s School is a protégé of our Chaplain and Chief Welfare Officer the Rev. Alan Clarke and Mandy is the third generation of the Fletcher magical dynasty. It is a welcome back to Mandy, who since her last appearance in the show has developed a new act. Great to see you are continuing the family tradition Mandy!

International Close-up Gala: This show offers a strong line-up putting an emphasis on entertainment as much as skill. Hayashi makes a return visit combining skilful magic and situation comedy. Henry Mayol with his simple and strong effective and very original magic is from France. Ed Ellis is a top card magician from America. Tyler Wilson an innovative magician comes from Canada. Thom Peterson, “The Amazing Guy” whose dry sense of humour combined with his self-deluded belief that he is a magical super hero will leave you laughing. Finally our own John van der Put who won the close-up competition last year is back to show you why.

The Eddie Dawes Show: Once again Professor Dawes returns with his popular show reliving magicians and magic of yesteryear performed by Alan Shaxon, Tim Cockerill, Jonathon Shotton, Bertie Pearce and James Long & Louise.

Lectures and Workshops: In addition to those lectures already mentioned for the close-up worker one comes from Tyler Wilson a close-up magician and comedian known for his creative plot lines, methodology and presentations, Hayashi an award winning creative and entertaining magician from Germany, Henry Mayol with slick magic from France, Ed Ellis whose lecture at the IBM Convention in America was described by one reviewer as ‘the most informative, practical lecture of the convention’ and Thom Peterson will present a ‘close-up workshop’ showcasing some of his innovative ideas. For the parlour and stage magician Pavel will present a lecture entitled ‘Best of’ in which he will be performing a dozen of his proven and skilful effects. Our own John Styles MBE will give the ‘Jeffery Atkins Memorial Lecture’ talking about his varied experiences during his long career as a professional magician providing an insight into the life of this country’s most gifted entertainers and a consultant on a wide range of film, TV, and theatrical productions. A lecture not to be missed!

More History of Mystery (The Collectors’ and Others’ Seminar): The British Ring convention caters for a wide range of magical interests. Here Eddie Dawes chairs a seminar of a series of short talks about various aspects of the history and heritage of magic. This year the speakers are David Paton-Williams, Trevor Dawson, David Budd and Marco Pusterla. It makes a nice change from learning a new trick!

Close-up Competition: The close-up competition for the Zina Bennett Trophy always attracts a high standard of competitors and for many is the highlight of the convention. The last three winners of the Trophy were Marc Oberon (2006) Steve Dela (2007) and John van der Put (2008).

The Banquet: A traditional black tie banquet with speakers and side toasts. A chance to dress up and enjoy fine food and wine.

The Late Late Show: The after banquet show featuring some of the top acts from around the world. Tony Rix will introduce F.I.S.M. Prix Winner Soma with his award winning mobile phone act, Peki with his colourful flower act, Brando & Silvana with their award winning act ‘The Gambler and Flower Seller’ and the amazing inventions of Pavel.

The Opening Show: Getting the Convention off to a magical start Paul Ray will compere combining impressions with magic. He will be introducing Jonathon Shotton, holder of the British Ring shield, the award winning comedy of Mark Shortland and fast moving modern magic from award winning magician and comedian Sean Heydon.

The Fringe: The fringe is essentially a series of additional free shows organised and financed by Fay Presto and is entirely independent of the British Ring. It features a series of magicians performing real world magic. Fay goes to a lot of trouble to create a good atmosphere with the audience sat around cabaret style tables. She usually rounds up some ‘normal’ people (non magicians) to give the performers a real audience. If the formal convention banquet isn’t your thing, you might like the Fringe banquet. For this you order your choice of takeaway food, have it delivered to the Southport Arts Centre, eat it and enjoy the cabaret.

Children’s Showtime: A chance to see top children’s entertainers in action. Your hosts Clivo and Jeani will introduce the legendary Sooty assisted by Richard Cadell along with the magic of Doug Gregg, the ventriloquial skills of John Kimmons and past holders of the British Ring Shield High Jinx.

Thank you Andy for giving and highlighting these 20 excellent reasons why all magicians should attend the British Ring Convention in Southport September 23rd to 27th. I would like to add an additional two. One is the conversation David & Dania will be having with John Pye about their extraordinary career in show business. The other is having the opportunity of meeting up with old friends, to chat, to reminisce, swap ideas with your fellow magicians, in other words socialise. That is the purpose of a Convention as well as watching and listening.

News just received from Mandy Davis. This will be of interest to junior magicians. For your Junior Workshop on Saturday afternoon the celebrity tutor will be Hayashi. She is hoping that she will be able to secure another personality to attend the session and if she is successful in doing so this will be confirmed next week together with his identity. Remember that this session is strictly for you magicians of 18 years of age and under.

The list of books and manuscripts belonging to the late Fred Hughes and to be auctioned in aid of the Welfare Fund at Southport is now on the Announcements page in the Members Area of this website. Any non member who would like the list please email me with your request to bobring25@aol.com

There is still time for you to register for this year’s Convention by doing it here on line or making contact with the registration Officer Neville Johnson by telephone on 01202 873234 or by e.mail : nevillejohnson25@aol.com If you have any queries you can always contact me Bob Hayden at 02380 320277 or at bobring25@aol.com


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, September 2009. www.britishring.org.uk




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