74th British Ring IBM Convention
22nd - 26th September 2010, Eastbourne
Update 4, April 2010
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

More names have been confirmed to join those already appearing at Eastbourne in September. Now included is the Illusion act of Andrew Green, the comedy ventriloquist Steve Hewlett, close-up and corporate magician and magical inventor and dealer Peter Scarlett the magical comical genius Danny Buckler and the classy manipulator Stuart Brown.

Two of the stars of magic Julius Frack and Martin Eisele appearing at this year’s Convention are from Germany and both winners at F.I.S.M in their respective categories, the former in Grand Illusion at Beijing 2009 and the latter in Micro Magic at Stockholm 2006. Additionally they are both members of the Magic Circle Stuttgart ranked the most successful magic club in Germany whose members within the group have over the years created some of the most ingenious magic acts. Three such members are Topaz, Roxanne and Timo Marc.

Julius was with us in 2000 when he performed his ‘Eccentric Tailor’ act in which he combined theatre, mine and magic in a most original act. Just to remind you of this act Julius danced around his attic in an eccentric tail-coat designing an exquisite dress for his mannequin. Reporting on the 2006 Stockholm F.I.S.M. for Magic New Zealand Sue-Anne Webster considered the act to be probably the only one in the world that could justify using thimbles that not only moved to the music but appeared on his toes. Silks were produced to create a dress and his scissors mysteriously floated a la zombie. Finally his mannequin turned into a fully dressed girl.

His winning act in Beijing won praise for its innovation and creativity from the judges. It contains a totally new appearing girl illusion and his own version of the floating lady when he walks through his partner Cindy Keller. Those in Beijing who witnessed the act say the impact on the capacity audience was to create an instant outburst of enthusiast cheering. This was not the first award that has come Julius’s way since he stated performing in 1990. His first was in Dresden in 1996 when he became German Champion of Magic. And it is not only in illusion that he has won an award. For his manipulative skills he took the Bill Band –Neil Foster Award for Excellence in Manipulation in Colon USA 2002.

We welcome back Julius Frack to our Convention and are eager to see his F.I.S.M. award winning act.

If you want to see Micro Magic at its very best you will see it when Martin Eisele makes his debut at a British Ring Convention and performs in the International Close-up Gala. Martin’s introduction to a British audience was at the 22nd Annual International Close-up Competition in 2005. He was persuaded to enter after having two national successes in Europe. He performs a ‘character’ act played to a voice over narration. The voice welcomes his audience to the German Children’s TV programme ‘The little Orange Mouse and the Blue Elephant’ and introduces the guest performer ‘Martin the Magician’ Martin enters nervously with his close-up pad and performs a 5 coin repeat but gives up when the coins become cards with which he performs matrix. The cards grow and he repeats the matrix after which the coins grow. His finish is an incredible matrix and reverse matrix concluding with the dice visibly materialising under the cards. His exit provides yet another surprise. Overall Martin has all the ingredients of a successful entertaining act, skill, imaginative, character work and subtle humour.

Some have expressed the view that a British audience may not appreciate the character Martin is portraying as the TV programme has not been seen in this country. Having seen the act on You Tube this view can be totally ignored.

Martin Eisele will be joined by Charlie Frye, Rich Bloch, Matt Johnson and Manuel Muerte performing a powerful session of modern contemporary close-up magic in this year’s International Close-up Gala. Be warned! A rush for front row seats for this show is inevitable.

Over the coming weeks we will be profiling not only the magicians who will be at Eastbourne but the speciality acts that often are the antidote for any bout of magical indigestion that we might suffer. This year there are some exciting specialities that have not previously appeared at our Convention.

A goodly number of you have already registered for this feast of magic. So why not join them by downloading the registration form of this website or by making contact with the registration Officer Neville Johnson by telephone on 01202 873234 or on his e-mail address nevillejohnson25@aol.com If you have any queries or require further information why not give Bob Hayden a ring on 023 8032 0277 or contact him by e-mail at bobring25@aol.com.


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, April 2010. www.britishring.org.uk




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