74th British Ring IBM Convention
22nd - 26th September 2010, Eastbourne
Update 5, April 2010
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Mr Manual Muerte. On hearing or looking at his name you may think he comes from Spain. Not so. He is German and hails from Hamburg. It is a name that in this country a large number of magicians are not well-acquainted. This will change after he is seen at Eastbourne in September when he performs in the Saturday Night International Magic Show, the International Close-up Gala and has delivered a lecture. For over ten years he has been performing internationally and multilingually as an entertainer and magician.

What is the background to Manuel? It was in 1977 that he obtained his first magic kit becoming a freelance magician in 1986. It is interesting to note that in 1988 he was German Champion of Magic before graduating nag from college in 1988. He toured central Europe with various bands between 1990 -1994 coupling this with being a student at the faculty of cultural arts in Luneberg. Further awards came his way when he was crowned World champion of comedy magic and presented with the ‘Sarmoti’ award by Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas. He is proud to have finished in the silver medal position for close-up magic at the Lisbon F.I.S.M. in 2000. Whether at the close-up table or on stage Manual gives a wide variety of original performances by mixing the art of magic with his dazzling entertainment qualities to create his own unique brand of comedy magic.

In his stage show he treats his audience to a series of good humoured digs at the expense of established magical entertainment by impersonating an ageing magician by mixing the traditional school of show-biz with modern comedy. The main victim of his cultivated chaos is his charming assistant Silvana Busoni who not only sings like an angel but is often in danger of becoming one. His close-up show combines irreverent comedy and brilliant magical skills performing with cigars, banknotes, white mice and a whole lot more. His lecture provides an insight to his magical techniques. He has lectured all over mainland Europe as well as at the F.F.F.F. Convention and the Magic Castle. For many it is predicted Mr Manual Muerte will be the highlight of their Convention.

The line-up for the International Close-up Show has been completed with the confirmed addition of Sean Carpenter. It’s going to be a great show!

In contrast to the relatively unknown magician in this country to one who really requires no introduction to Conventioneers is Peter Scarlett close-up and corporate magician, inventor and dealer. Magic came into Peter’s life in 1950 when he read in the Christmas issue of the ‘Meccano Magazine’ of that year a trick described by Norman Hunter with wooden blocks. He set to and made it up in cardboard and performed it at his school’s Christmas party. He was fortunate enough to meet Bill Fargie ‘The Vest Pocket Magician who became his early mentor and who introduced him to his first magic club ‘The Sussex Magic Circle’ where he became a student member alongside Nick Lewin, Peter Steadman, Janet Clare and Cynthia Neptune all now professional magicians. They must have been some outstanding tutors in the Sussex Magic Circle to turn out such a distinguished quintet of magicians!

With Marconick’s ‘Silken Bombshell’ and Lewis Ganson’s ‘Bags of Everything’ Peter won his first talent competition at the first ever Burgess Hill ’Goose Fayre’in 1956. His first experience of appearing on a full size stage came when he met Len Jennings and became a member of the ‘Bognor Regis Magic Circle’. Each year they produced a magic show at the town’s ‘Esplanade Theatre’. It gave Peter the chance of becoming a regular performer on the show. For him it was an opportunity he eagerly awaited each year and most especially at Easter 1961 when the show ran for a whole week.

The first trick he invented, manufactured and marketed was ‘Twin-set’ an effect that just keeps on selling. He formed Sound Ideas in 1990 changing it later to Peter Scarlett Magic and becoming a full time dealer/performer in 1993. In twenty years of dealing Peter has brought to the magical fraternity a multitude of commercial effects that have become regular items in many professional magicians’ acts.

His early magical influences were Slydini, Al Koran and Marvyn Roy but it was Ken Brooke demonstrating the vanishing card case and diminishing card routine at a Harry Stanley Day at Victoria Halls in London that gave him the very effects he was looking for to open his act, two effects that he still uses to this very day.

As a compere Peter is superb giving precise introductions to each act with assurance at the same time, if required to do so, provide fitting and amusing fill ins with an unbelievable confidence ease and with such panache. To have Peter Scarlett in any show is a prodigious asset.

Here are another two of the Stars of Magic that you will be able to enjoy by being at the British Ring Convention in Eastbourne September 22nd to 26th. Make your registration today!


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, April 2010. www.britishring.org.uk




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