74th British Ring IBM Convention
22nd - 26th September 2010, Eastbourne
Update 9, May 2010
Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO

Illusion is an area of grand scale magic that only a comparatively few magicians perform successfully in the commercial entertainment industry to day. It truly is making the impossible possible and when performed well makes a lasting impact and creates that sheer ‘Wow’ factor on anybody who is lucky enough to witness it.

Such a performer is Andrew Green one of the rising forces of contemporary breathtaking illusionary in the UK today who for the first time will be appearing at a British Ring Convention. Andrew started his career at the age of 18 after training in theatre, performing arts and dance. Upon leaving college he went straight into working in professional theatre and during the following years toured with several production companies developing his own unique style of magic in summer seasons such as ‘Gaiety Whirl’ at the Gaiety Theatre Ayr, ‘Les Follies Des Paris’ at the BIC Bournemouth and ‘C’est Magnifique’ at the Leeds City Varieties Theatre as well as working with several major cruise lines. The response he continually received from his audiences was one of astonishment and admiration. It was these extended tours that allowed Andrew to develop his skills as a performer by incorporating vocal training, acrobatics, fire-eating and more. His clever blend of state of the art Illusions and magic with dynamic choreography, mime with a fast spell binding soundtrack has made him a much sought after performer.

With his team of top class stunning dancers Andrew produces magical scenes in which mystery unfolds in a bewitching way. He constantly strives to develop new and powerful ways to present his illusions in a spectacular manner and is widely regarded by his peers as a forceful creative thinking magician. He recently stunned a large audience of fellow magicians with his aria ballet scene when a beautiful ballerina floated in the air.

We are all looking forward to meeting Andrew Green and seeing his performance at Eastbourne.

The speciality act Pluck is a comedy string trio who are entertaining audiences all over the world. Their spoof concerts combine music, comedy and theatre in equal measures – Pluck have created and mastered a subgenus that is completely their own.

Pluck owe much in evolving their act to comedic legends such as the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy in presenting classical music like you have never seen or heard it before. Three idiotic characters compete, argue, ridicule and seduce their way through highly popular works from across the centuries, challenging the usual decorum of the classical performance whilst performing fearless physical feats and outrageous antics.

Pluck’s theatre resume is a remarkable story. Formed in 2002 after an inaugural performance at the world famous Ronnie Scott Jazz Bar in London they took their show ‘Musical Arson’ to the Edinburgh fringe in 2003 playing to capacity audiences and winning the prestigious Tap Water Award for cabaret. Since then they have developed two more shows ‘The Specialists’ and ‘The Titanic Show’ each enjoying the same success.

Who comprise Pluck? They are Kit Hussey – violin, Jon Regan – viola and Sian Kadifachi or Flora Allison job sharing cello. At Trinity College of Music Kit discovered the dark arts of Jazz, beer and secret furtive passions that remain with him to this day. He then embarked on a career compassing playing Opera in Chile with the Sinfonia de Santiago, Gypsy ballads in France, Beethoven in the Goan jungle and gothic-organ jazz in Catford.

Jon studied music at Exeter University and conducting at Trinity College of Music and immediately before joining Pluck studied at the Institute of Education. Outside Pluck he conducts the Dorking Philharmonia in Surrey.

Sian went to study cello and jazz singing at the Guildhall School of Music. After finishing her studies she performed with various classical ensembles and pop bands, playing in the Proms at the Albert Hall and appearing in a video with a skate-boarding squirrel.

Flora also studied at the Guildhall School of Music graduating in 2006. Since leaving the Guildhall she has had a variety of experiences, notably performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival and being featured in a comic relief sketch on the BBC. She is thrilled that performing with Pluck gives her the opportunity to enhance her love of performing music and being silly.

Pluck’s act is well summed up by Time Out as ‘… a mixture of music and complete mayhem’.

The Wednesday Night Cabaret in the Floral Hall at Eastbourne with Graham P. Jolley, Charlie Frye and Pluck is going to be a bundle of fun.


Bob Hayden, British Ring PRO, May 2010. www.britishring.org.uk




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