IBM British Ring No.25
76th Annual Convention Great Yarmouth 2012
Wednesday 26th September to Sunday 30th September

A = Britannia Theatre and Long Johnís Showbar
B= Marina Centre (Registration and Dealers) and Meeting Room 1
C= Hollywood Cinema


Programme of events Ė subject to alteration

Wednesday 26th September

12noon to 5.45pm Dealers and Registration open. Marina Centre
2.30pm Official Opening and Show Britannia Theatre
4.00pm Dealers Showcase. Marina Centre
4.30pm Balloon workshop with Graham Lee. Meeting room No. 1
7.30pm Welcome to Great Yarmouth. Ali Bongo Micro Magic Marathon and tombola. Long Johnís Showbar.
9.00pm Cabaret Night. Britannia Theatre

Thursday 27th September till 5.45pm Dealers open. Marina Centre
10.15am Close up Competition. Hollywood Cinema.
12 noon Mark Mason lecture Britannia Theatre
2.00pm Andy Greaves lecture Hollywood Cinema.
2.00pm Ladies afternoon - Visit to Pottery.
2.00pm Hospital and Special venue shows. Various venues
3.00pm Dealers Showcase Marina Centre.
3.30pm. Balloon Workshop with Graham Lee. Meeting room No.1
4.30pm Workshop with Michael Vincent. Meeting room No.1.
8.00pm Stage Competition. Britannia Theatre

Friday 28th September

9.15am AGM Britannia Theatre
9.30am till Dealers open. Marina Centre
10.30am Jeffery Atkins Memorial Lecture Britannia Theatre by Chris Woodward
12 noon Nick Einhorn lecture Hollywood Cinema
2.30pmTribute to Van Buren & Co. Britannia Theatre
4.00pm Dealers Showcase Marina Centre
4.30pm Workshop with Michael Vincent. Meeting room No.1
6.30pmConvention Gala Dinner Masonic Centre
8.00pm Nostalgia by Bob Hamilton Britannia Theatre
10.00pm Presentation of awards and Late night show. Britannia Theatre

Saturday 29th September

9.30am till 4.30pm Dealers open. Marina Centre
10.15am Michael Vincent lecture Hollywood Cinema.
10.30am Childrenís Magic Showtime. Britannia Theatre
12 noon All British Close up Gala Hollywood Cinema.
12.45pm Charity Auction Marina Centre
2.15pm History of Mystery Hollywood Cinema
3.00pm Balloon workshop with Graham Lee. Meeting room No.1
4.00pm Workshop with Michael Vincent. Meeting room No. 1
8.00pm Gala of Magic and Variety Britannia Theatre

Sunday 30th September

10.15am Convention Service Hollywood Cinema
11.15am Steve Gore lecture Hollywood Cinema
12.30pm Stars of the future Hollywood Cinema
1.30pm Question and Answer session with Paul Daniels. Hollywood Cinema.
Followed by Presidential Handover and close of Convention Hollywood Cinema.


Issued by Geoffrey Newton PRO, July 2012