The International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring No.25
78th Annual Convention

Wednesday 24th September to Sunday 28th September 2014












(Other than the Gala Dinner and the Beaulieu trip all events take place at the Pavilion complex)

Wednesday 24th September

12.00hrs- 17.45hrs Dealers’ Exhibition and Registration opens

13.00hrs Official Opening Ceremony

13.20hrs-14.20hrs Opening Show compèred by Peter Scarlett, and featuring ‘The Telepathics’, Pat Fallon and 2 Minds Combined.

14.45hrs-15.45hrs Star Lecture- Michael Carr - ‘A Piece of Me’

16.00hrs Dealers’ Showcase

16.30hrs-17.30hrs Star Lecture - Wayne Fox ‘Out Foxed’

19.30hrs The Ali Bongo Micro Magic Marathon-Hosted by Ian Marriott

21.00hrs Gala of Youth compèred by Christian Lee and featuring Amazing Morgan, Nicholas Lee, Elizabeth Rogan and Sebastian Walton

Thursday 25th September

09.30hr-17.45hrs Dealers’ Exhibition and Registration open

10.00hrs-11.30hrs Zina Bennett Trophy Close – up Competition hosted by Andy Stone and Ian Marriott

10.15hrs Ladies and Gents additional event to Beaulieu

11.30hrs-14-00hrs History of Mystery - Eddie Dawes

12.30hrs-13.30hrs Star Lecture - Terry Herbert - ‘Children’s Magic Past and Present’ (a brief history of Children's
Magic in Britain with a few examples of the types of tricks we could do in those days which would not be accepted in this
day and age due to Health and Safety etc)

13.30hrs-4.30hrs Special Venue Shows - Peter Greenwood

14.15hrs-15.00hrs Star Lecture - Jeton

15.00hrs Face Painting Workshop - Pam Cooper

16.00hrs Balloon Workshop – Snaggers

16.45hrs-17.45hrs Star Lecture - Scott Penrose - ‘Make Magic Magical’

20.00hrs British Ring Shield Stage Competition - Emcee Don Greenberg

Friday 26th September

09.30hrs-17.45hrs Dealers’ Exhibition and Registration open

09.15hrs Annual General Meeting

10.15hrs-11.45hrs The Jeffery Atkins Memorial Lecture - Paul Stone - ‘It Started with a Dream’

12.30hr Star Lecture - Chris Hare - ‘Harebrain Mentalism’

14.30hrs ‘An Afternoon with Patrick Page’ introduced by Max Blake with Janette Page and Family

16.00hrs Dealers’ Showcase

16.30hrs-17.30hrs Star Lecture Fielding West

18.30hrs Gala Dinner (De Vere Suite, Royal Bath Hotel)

20.00hrs Nostalgia - Bob and Sue Hamilton

21.30hrs Presentation of Awards

Late Gala compèred by Mel Harvey and featuring Martyn James, Mat Ricardo and Mr Eerius

Saturday 27th September

09.30hrs-17.45hrs Dealers’ Exhibition and Registration open

10.00hrs-11.00hrs Star Lecture-Shawn Farquhar ‘PB&J’ “Powerful But Justified”

10.30hrs Sooty and Friends Magic Show with Mel Harvey, Jeton & Carmen, Terry Herbert, Richard Cadell with Sooty. (Outside entertainment by Snaggers and Crazee Hazee)

11.30hrs-12.30hrs Star Lecture- Axel Hecklau. “Everything is taken from his active repertoire and proofed in hundreds of shows in front of Lay people. Gene Anderson commented on his T&R Newspaper “Newsflash” as brilliant.”

13.00hrs Grand Auction with Mel Harvey and Keith Cooper

14.30hrs-15.30hrs Star Lecture - Ian Barradell - ‘Tenyo’

16.00hrs 17.30hrs International Close up Gala hosted by Andy Stone and featuring Michael Carr, Pat Fallon, Wayne Fox, Axel Hecklau and Shawn Farquhar

20.00hrs International Stars of Magic and Variety compèred by Keith Simmons and featuring Hans Davis (Belgium), Simmons and Simmons (UK), Jeton and Carmen (Germany), Tensai (UK), Kyla Lingley (Canada), Fielding West (USA), Daniel Dean & Company (UK)

Sunday 28th September

10.00hrs Convention Service - Rev Alan Clarke

11.00rs Star Lecture - Fielding West

12.00hrs ‘Look No Hands Lecture’ - Wayne Dobson - (and in conversation with Brian Miller)

13.00hrs Stars of the Future -hosted by Su Jayne

14.00hrs Free Registration/Grand Draw

Installation of new President - Alan Astra

Geoffrey Newton, Public Relations Officer and Advertising Manager, April 2014