Beef Sandwiches and Dressings...

by Kevin Gallagher

Did you see the England v Germany match on 17th June 2000? I did but rather unexpectedly. I was booked to work in a mix and mingle situation from 8:00 until 10:00. I arrived at around 7:40 but had been slightly confused by the distinct lack of people. I eventually discovered that the whole group of eighty odd people were assembled in a room in front of a large screen and the game had not long kicked off.


I stood at the back for a while before someone left their seat to come over to talk to me. He transpired to be the organiser who apologised profusely but explained that at the time that the event had been organised, it had not been realised that it would clash with the game. I was told that I could sit and watch it with them and that if I wanted anything to eat or drink, I should go and ask at the bar and have it put on the tab. So there I sat, pint of cold lager, beef sandwiches and dressings, jacket over the back of a chair sitting back and watching the game. Another guy close by turned out to be the caricature artist in the same predicament.


At half time, I performed for a small group which grew in size before promptly dissipating in a flash to take their seats up again. At the end of the match, I was taken to one side by the organiser, handed a handsome cheque and told that it would be a bit silly to start now because everyone would be disappearing to get changed for a postponed dinner. He apologised once again but said that he had enjoyed what he HAD seen and would try to get me back for a later event. I walked out to the car having declined another pint.


Kevin Gallagher July 2000