Christopher Pratt MIMC, Vice President, The Magic Circle
1947 - 2008

Remembered by Peter & Ilona Scarlett

Our good friend and colleague has left us. Many facets of his life and his achievements will be detailed elsewhere but we wish to remember the ‘moments of fun’ we had in the years we worked and relaxed together. The trip to America when we drove from Los Angeles to New York in a car that broke down almost before we started, the fun we had when it was replaced by a new Thunderbird, the stack of pancakes in Texas, driving round the Grand Canyon, the fun we had organising The Magic Circle Christmas Shows, the fun we had at Meet The Magic Circles, the shows we did together, the parties we had, the bananas and cream, so many moments come flooding back.

Rest in peace dear Chris, the memories will remain after the pain has faded away.

Peter & Ilona Scarlett, August 2008