Eric Sharp

6th May 1921 - 22nd March 2016

23rd March 2016

Remembered by Quentin Reynolds

Today I lost my magical father, Eric Sharp, just a couple of months short of his 95th birthday.

After returning from WW2 and marrying Muriel, the love of his life, they moved to South Wales where they ran a few small businesses including a Fish & Chip shop and a removal business. But there was a lot of work available in the working menís clubs, where, as part of a concert party, Eric did comedy magic.

In the late 1950ís he met Rex Daina, a retired professional magician who taught Eric Punch & Judy and for the next seven years he was the resident Punch man at Coney Beach, Porthcawl, then the largest caravan site in Europe. After that until 1973 he and Muriel, along with their son Brian, ran two cinemas in Coney Beach, showing the latest films as well as doing morning matinee magic shows.

In 1975 Eric taught me Punch & Judy, and his theories on entertaining children. Being highly opinionated and often controversial, he wondered if his ideas would work for others. Indeed they did and it wasnít long before I was earning a living as a full time professional. He since taught others, the latest being Matthew Powell and Colin Lanfear.

Eric published a series of books on Specialised Childrenís Entertainment, detailing his original routines and scripts. He had a knack of taking a trick disregarded by magicians and turning it into a hilarious and engaging performance piece.

In 2014, at Kidology, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in the field of children's entertainment.

His wife, Muriel passed away three years ago and last September, Eric, with macular degeneration of his vision was hospitalised with a number of complaints and passed away today at The Royal Glamorgan Hospital.


Quentin Reynolds, March 2016