Exposing Yourself
by Paul Gordon

The 'exposure' discussion is a no-win one. (Is any discussion?) However, it's happened (many times) - and it'll happen again. We get fraught because we think the public will recall our methods next time they see our act. Wrong! If you perform well (flawlessly) - they won't recognise your method. Anyway, if you entertain them - that'll be the lasting impression. Let's use the following as an example: Let's assume you watch a documentary of 'the making of an album', starring your favourite pop star. Does it mean that next time you see that artiste in concert you say, "I know how he records that. . ..I saw him do ten takes etc., etc. . ." Of course you don't! You just sit back and enjoy. Most magicians expose themselves anyway. (I know, another controversial statement from Paul Gordon!) But - it's true. By using poor & old-fashioned methods, together with poor handling & technique - we are our worst enemies.


For 21 years I have worked in theatre & artiste management; and I've seen thousands of acts. Aside from grotty talent shows and local 'am-drams' - I've never seen a rotton ballet-dancer, a rotton juggler, a rotton operatic diva or a rotton musician. But, when it comes to magic. . . . ..! That's why magic often has a bad 'name' with laymen & public. We (inc. me) need to be better; much better!



Paul Gordon September 2000