A gig in Paradise, or the gig from Hell?

by Black Hart

I knew it would be a difficult gig, but I accepted because the booker was an old pal of mine, Martin, and we have helped each other out over the years. Now, he was not actually the booker but he was helping to organise the evening on behalf of another friend of his. You see how this is already getting complicated! They wanted someone to do strolling entertainment for a promotion night in a club, which belongs to Martin's friend. Well, I have worked in night clubs on many occasions and I know that due to the noise and darkness it can be a bit difficult at times. But as I said, I sort of owed Martin a favour, and it was to be a 'cash on the night' job. Anyway, as I said I accepted. There was however one extra complication, or rather distraction, that I have not mentioned yet. This gig was in a lap-dancing club!

Yes guys, I know, getting paid to work in a lap-dancing club may sound a bit like paradise. But working in a night club has its distractions, can you imagine how many distractions there are in a lap dancing club. I knew from the start that by no stretch of the imagination was anyone going there to see me!

I was determined to rise to the challenge, so on the evening of the gig I arrived at the club with my 'Cabinet of Psychic Curiosities' and entered the fray. I was there just after the club opened and it was not too busy. I was told by the management of the club that I could not work from any of the tables as they were needed for guests. I was eventually given a space on top of a floor mounted bass speaker in a dark corner by a fire exit! Not exactly ideal. Now as I am sure you can imagine the club was full of stunning women who whilst dressed were not leaving much to the imagination. It was nice to find that I was very popular amongst them for some Tarot reading (and I thought it was my good looks).

Anyway the club soon began to fill up. The music got much louder and the 'dancing' began. Distractions, the music - I can cope with that by using a 'loudmouth', darkness - I had a small battery lamp, but have you ever tried to concentrate on a Tarot reading with a beautiful naked lady gyrating a few yards away and right in your line of vision? I can tell you it ain't easy.
So, there I am trying to do some psychic magic in these very difficult circumstances and remember the punters were most certainly interested in other things. I wanted to be able to do something that really made my sitter take notice. I wanted to be able to take them away from the noise and distractions around me. I wanted to draw them into MY world. And you know what? I actually did it.

I needed an effect that was very personal. Something that demanded the attention of the sitter. Something that made them concentrate on me and the effect. I chose to do some very basic and simple pendulum work. I just got them to hold the pendulum and concentrate on it, I made them will the pendulum to move in a circle. First clockwise, then anti clockwise, then in a straight line up and down, then in a straight line across. It worked. To begin with they had to concentrate very hard on the pendulum and when it began to move they were hooked. They were not interested at all in the dancing and music. They had psychic powers. They could move the pendulum with their mind. Wow!

So right there, right in the middle of the noise, the dancing girls, the alcohol, we made a connection. Right there, right in the middle of the noise, the dancing girls, the alcohol. I reached inside the sitter's psyche and touched their emotions. For a short while my sitters were transported to a different world. I had proved again that if you have the right effect, at the right time you can grab the attention of your audience, whatever the circumstances. Psychic magic (or call it Bizarre Magic if you wish) can be that powerful because of the effect it has on the emotions of the audience. They become involved, they are no longer detached observers, they are the effect itself.

Of course whilst they were concentrating on the pendulum I was free to concentrate on other things!

What effect would you have done in the circumstances?


Keith Hart October 2002