Harry Davies
Remembered by Neil Walker

Sad to report that my very dear friend whom I have known for over 30 years Harry Davies, known to many as 'Harry Magic' passed away on the 8th of September 2014 after a long illness, he was 89. His funeral was held at Saint Oswald Church in the village of Worleston outside of Nantwich in Cheshire.

Harry was a president and founder member of the 'Exclusive Magicians Club' a small group of magicians who each month would meet to talk all things magic, he was also a past president and active member of 'Mahatma Magic Circle' Liverpool. He was a familiar face at many magic conventions and for many years was often seen on the dealer stands of Paul Stone's 'Ace Place Magic' and Adrian Harris'. He regularly attended the Northern Magic Circle's 'Easter Parade' as a delegate and was involved in concert parties during the war years in India and the Far East.

Harry had made many friends over the years, including Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee and could often be seen doing a card trick or the 'Endless Chain' which he carried with him all the time... he would often say to me "you must carry a pack of cards and show a trick if someone asks you to, after all we are magicians".

Harry's final months were spent in and out of hospital but he never lost that interest in magic and would always enjoy a chat to his many magic friends to catch up on the latest gossip.. friend and fellow Magician Tony Ashmore gave a fitting speech about Harry's life before breaking a wand and placing this on Harry's coffin, after which we all gave a standing ovation to Harry, something he would have dearly loved to have received.

One of life's gentleman has gone forever.

Rest in peace dear friend, I shall miss you.


Neil Walker, September 2014