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Would you like to be organised, save time and get more bookings?

Alan Vandome

It’s the New Year and the perfect time to get yourself organised...once and for all!

Many of you know me for the oriental act Tensai, which my wife Caroline and I worked for many years on cruise ships and other top venues worldwide, including The Magic Castle. A few years ago we decided to stop long-term cruising in order to spend more time in the UK. I now perform close-up magic, a solo act, and the Tensai act at private and business events and both Caroline and I are also extremely busy working independently as children’s entertainers. Business is good, but all this new work created a huge problem for us both. A problem that, many other magicians share...

We very quickly became completely overwhelmed with a flood of booking enquiries and paperwork. Running our business in a professional way, logging all enquiries for follow-ups, sending out quotes, confirmations and information packs etc became very stressful and extremely time consuming.

A computer program that would store all of our enquiries, enable us to print out and email, contracts, follow-ups, mailshots...plus other features was needed. Like most magicians I tried adapting existing software, but nothing encompassed all of our needs in one package. We were wasting time on unnecessary, repetitive tasks and we needed a solution...fast!

We commissioned Mark Tait of MAT Systems Ltd, to build us a database and booking system from scratch, to do everything we wanted... in one package. I spent countless hours working with Mark, tailoring the application to do everything that we could think of, but above all it had to be easy to use! The result is MAGI a unique booking system that has quite literally changed our lives!

Magi was initially created for my own personal use and a huge amount of time and effort has gone into the development of the application. However, we believe that Magi is so good that Mark and I decided to join forces and market the product for the benefit of all magicians and entertainers.

Magi has received rave reviews, and is now selling overseas too. Magi has so many features (plus some new ones recently added) that we have produced a NEW website www.magi-software.com which explains all of the main benefits and features of the software, as well as video demonstrations and a FREE trial download. If you have previously downloaded a trial copy, check out the new features. Purchasers have found MAGI hugely beneficial – you can see their comments on the website.

The best thing about Magi is that a leading database design company (with my personal input and suggestions) created it, specifically for magicians. It has certainly saved me so much time and effort; I use it every day of my working life and wouldn’t be without it!


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