"My Magic Highlight of The Year" 2009
MagicWeek readers tell us their personal magic highlights

"It was pretty early on in the year, January the 10th, when I was asked to take part in a charity event to help raise money for the North West air ambulance at the Marine Hall in Fleetwood in front of a sell out crowd (around 500+). Often walked past the theatre, when walking along the beach, but never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would perform there."



"Highlight of the year for me was interviewing Rene Lavand on stage at the International Magic Convention."

Matthew Field


"Say what you like about it, but Derren Brown’s lottery prediction sparked something of a domino effect of people asking me how it was done. The interest around magic that this stunt caused was amazing. People I don’t even know but had heard I was a magician were suddenly asking me where they can start to learn magic."
Andy Gerlis


"I was pleased to be awarded both the Jim Lumley Cup and NMC Vice Presidents Trophy for close-up magic at this year's Northern Magic Circle convention in Southport."

Alan Mylecrain


"My magical highlights of the year has got to be while on a long holiday in Paphos Cyprus I got to do a couple of gigs one in a Greek taverna and the other on a ship for the evening. The other highlight was I won, for the second year, the close-up comp at the South London Magic Society. What's in store for 2010?...."
Kevin Croombs


"John Kimmo at Southport Convention demonstrating that it’s possible to entertain adults, as well as children, with a ‘kid’s show’."
Ian Keable


"Has to be winning The Magic Circle 'Young Magician of the Year'."
Michael Jordan

December 2009




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