Nicholas Ward
4th September 1934 - 5th February 2011

Remembered by Jack Stephens

It is with great sadness that I report the passing away of Nicholas Ward.

Nicky (he was always known as Nicky) was one of the UK's top children's entertainers during his heyday - the 70's, 80's and 90's. Based in Highgate, North London at the time, he was one of the best of a team of magicians working for the premier agency for children's entertainers, Geoff Donald.

Nicky was immaculate in his appearance - his clothes and props always looked like they had just been bought that day. He had a wonderful manner with children, and a very dry sense of humour, which the children loved.

He started his career in magic performing cabaret shows for Warners, after a stint in the RAF as a dog handler. He was also a fine close-up entertainer, but it was as "Naughty Nicky", the children's magician, that he became well known on the party and cruise line circuit.

Another great skill he had was in routining. You could give Nicky any trick and he would spend an evening fiddling with it, and come up with the right patter and routine for it. This was a great skill of his which anyone who ever saw him perform would remember.

In 1999 he left London and moved to Farnham in Surrey to live with his partner Trish. A year ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia and in the early hours of Saturday morning the world of magic lost one of its finest.


Jack Stephens, February 2011