Pavel 1945 - 2011

Remembered by Ian Adair

Although I had known Pavel had been diagnosed with Cancer, it was still a shock to learn of his passing.

Pavel was a superb originator of magical effects, those mainly using silks and ropes. He was also a very good performer and dealer demonstrator. He was also a good friend of mine and has been over the years. I first met Pavel in 1965 when he attended a British Ring Convention. He would return to our shores on many occasions and we would always meet up and chat about ideas and new effects we had.

Edwin Hooper and I were proud to have published The Magic of Pavel (A Supreme Magic Publication) which had to be translated before it went into print. It was a best seller. The company also sold many of Pavel's effects and a series of his articles appeared in the pages of the company's house organ The Magigram.

When I departed from Supreme I became editor of Mag 1, a monthly magazine of magic published by the firm Magic Direct, and again, I managed to persuade Pavel to write a series, which he did.

The last time I actually met up with him was when I invited him to attend an event called The Supreme Bideford Weekend held at the plush Durrant House Hotel. He performed and lectured at this event, joining Karrell Fox from U.S.A. who also starred.

Pavel was a very caring man, one who shared his magic with everyone. He will be sadly missed by all of us within the magic fraternity.


Ian Adair, February 2011