Wayne Dobson

May 2016


Over the years I have met many famous faces and once in a while I have felt a bit starstruck! The first occasion was in 1985 when I was appearing at the Desert Magic Seminar in Las Vegas at the Frontier Hotel – I had just finished my show and whilst walking through the hotel cafe, the very distinctive voice of none other than Dai Vernon called me over to his table to congratulate me on my performance and expressed how much he liked my Five Card Repeat! Now if that wasn’t enough to make me feel like a $1 million, he then asked me to sit down and join him and his friends for coffee – it was then I looked in amazement at his friends sitting round the table. There was Charlie Miller, Slydini, Jimmy Grippo, Johnny Paul, Jay Marshall and Johnny Thompson. I was sitting there for about 15 minutes having a regular conversation with these legends that I had only read about! I went back to my room, wondering if what I had just experienced really happened?

The next time was in 1990 when I was appearing at the London Palladium with Dean Martin and midway through the week I was invited to go to his dressing room. Remember, at this point my recollection of Dean Martin was watching all of his films when I was a kid, however, there I was feeling very dry mouthed in Dean Martin's dressing room being invited by Dean Martin to appear [with him] out in Las Vegas! It was whilst I was working in Las Vegas , Dean Martin had orchestrated for me to go and see the Jerry Lewis and Sammy Davis Jr show and afterwards I went to their dressing room and whilst there I was doing card tricks like it was second nature!

In 1996 I was appearing in the Princes trust at the Palladium and after the show I was invited to a private party with Prince Charles and Diana! I Spent about 15 minutes having a one to one conversation with Princess Di! She was so radiant and stunning! In fact, if you look up the word stunning in the dictionary, I think there should be a picture of Princess Diana!



So, up until yesterday, there hadn’t been any more 'starstruck' moments! So what happened yesterday? My good friend Shaun Ames kindly brought David Berglas over to my house! I have been good friends of David for about 30 years, but we only ever met at The Magic Circle or other social events. I have always been in awe of David and his work (not that he was aware). I remember when he was President of The Magic Circle and I thought he was everything a President should be. He had an air of mystery and had the presence of a real magician! His voice was so compelling you couldn't help but hang on to every word he spoke – it even felt wrong calling him 'David' it felt as though he should be addressed as 'Mr Berglas'. When I learnt that David wanted to come over and see me, to say I was delighted would be an understatement. I was ecstatic and extremely honoured! David Berglas has probably forgotten more, than I can remember! Although 90 years old, he still exudes that enigmatic presence, his voice is still hypnotic and his passion for magic remains! What a great few hours – a day I will never forget – it was very special! I love you Mr Berglas! Wayne X


Wayne Dobson, May 2016