Tony Griffith celebrates 25 years as a professional magician

by Paul MacLeavy

Tony Griffith is a Gold Star member of The Inner Magic Circle. His performances encompass adults, children, schools science shows, and trade show work throughout the UK. He has written books on magic, and has lectured extensively in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Australasia.

For many years Tony has put on 'At Home' events at his lovely Somerset home. These have taken the form of a full day of magical instruction and tuition, with breaks for refreshment provided by his very capable wife, Judith. These invaluable and informative days have provided help and advice to the newcomer as well as the more experienced performer. There is much commercial, practical magic using material Tony has created and performed over many years. Tony puts great emphasis on entertainment, subtlety and routining.

Now Tony is taking his At Home on the road. While he can't bring his comfortable home or his capable wife, Tony will travel to a convenient venue in your locality and provide a taste of his At Home events for your group or Society. These sessions are flexible and adaptable to your requirements. Recently Tony put on an evening At Home at the Bath Circle of Magicians, and it was felt by many that it was one of the best evenings we have had in recent years. Topics Tony covered and advised on were presenting and organising a one-man show; close-up/stand-up magic in the real world; promotion, publicity and organisation; trade shows and corporate hospitality; school shows; administration and communication with clients.

But it was not just all talk. Tony performed and explained many of his original routines and the thinking behind them. These covered the wide spectrum of his performance areas, whether it be children, adults or corporate events. At the end of the evening we felt that we had learned much, but also been thoroughly entertained.

Before giving up his day job 25 years ago to become a professional magician, Tony was a teacher. There is an old saying, Those who can do, those who can't teach! Well Tony can do both, and does both very well.


Paul MacLeavy, November 2014