The Young Magicians Club

by Ian A. Thomson

Many of us were bitten by the magic bug when we were young. But it's a sad fact that for many youngsters this first bite doesn't take. Most of us can remember the difficulties of learning and performing magic when we were small - particularly if (as in my case) you didn't have any sponsor or older magician available for support. For many youngsters this can lead to disillusionment, resulting in them leaving the art.

To help promote magic to the youth of today, The Magic Circle formed The Young Magicians' Club in 1996. It's aim is to encourage and guide young newcomers to the field, helping them maintain and develop their interest. For magicians between the ages of ten and eighteen years, The Young Magicians' Club provides a valuable resource of information and talent, helping its members work on their skills to further the future of magic. The overall aim is to encourage the young magicians of today to become the great magicians of tomorrow.

The Young Magicians' Club offers many services - including free tricks, newsletters and magazines, and an Advisory Panel of expert magicians (including the editor of this e-zine, I might add) available to offer advice on any aspect of magic.

If you know of any young magician who might be interested in the club, please get in touch:

The Young Magicians' Club, Centre For The Magic Arts, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD

Ian A Thomson, PR officer The Young Magicians Club, July 2000