On Saturday 2nd February 2008, the very first Magic Moments Day took place, raising over £11,000 for charities.

MagicWeek provides this web page for the Magic Moments team to post their latest news on.


Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, Magic Moments embodies a simple concept; magicians across the world sharing their gift of magic to raise smiles and funds for charitable causes.

Our mission is simple; to showcase and shine a spotlight on the many altruistic magic projects happening worldwide. To organise, promote and support charities and magicians who wish to use magic in their fundraising efforts. To collectively add amounts raised to the ever-growing Magic Moments grand total.

Magic Moments: 10 years and counting… be part of the magic and contact us today!


Running total: £72,172.16



Magic Moments Update 2018 by Jay Fortune

This update continues the momentum of Magic Moments and also, I hope, inspires others to consider using their magic for altruistic means.

2018 has been a busy year for Magic Moments. Whilst raising money for charitable causes is an important and worthy goal for Magic Moments and for many magicians, this year the team and I have focused on bringing magic directly to those who our fund-raising efforts seek to support.

I designed a specialised magic set and workshop which catered for children with severe learning difficulties and disabilities. Many of these children have limited mobility, living with autism, epilepsy and other complex issues. I devised a magic set which the kids could create themselves, of which some were able, and then learn to perform the magic. One particular piece I was proud of was inspired by Robert E. Neale, with a simple origami model which is easy to construct and allows for many magical surprises. Bob not only granted us permission to reproduce his model for this specialist set, but also gave me his blessing to publish my changes and ideas which added an appearance of a magician within the model. As a long-time friend and fan of Bob’s work, this was a personal highlight for me.

The workshops were hosted by myself and magician Tim Osler and in 2018 we visited over 25 special needs schools, working with over 1000 students. Of the many inspiring moments, a personal highlight was the feedback from a teacher who had introduced us to one of their students who would not communicate. The same evening of our workshop, this student not only spoke - which we were told was a rarity - but came out of their shell and performed a magic show for the family.

We also visited a school for children who have been expelled and/or suffer from behavioural problems. This was very challenging. Gradually, we began to work with them by giving them something they could work on and develop to help them communicate, namely magic.

Magic transforms.

The next day we received feedback from the head-teacher who remarked that we had done something quite remarkable: We had kept a class of 60 highly troubled young men engaged and focused for over 90 minutes, where-as most workshops, we were told, struggled to keep them occupied for 10 minutes.

Magic engages.

Another of our team continued to work one-on-one with terminally ill children, teaching them magic at their own pace. Rewarding and emotional work.

Alongside this, we did the occasional fund-raising show, including Richard Leigh’s family magic shows, putting around another £1000 onto the Magic Moments total all for good causes. Getting hands-on and doing magic in challenging circumstances is by no means new, and we’re constantly inspired by the incredible people out there bringing magic to people in even more challenging circumstances and situations. It’s hard work and exhausting. During any particular workshop your emotions go from joy, to anger, to excitement, to sadness.

So, you may ask, why we do it? For those who have taken a step into this kind of work they already know the answer. It is difficult. It is emotional. Yet, to get that moment, such as when one boy got the bands to jump in his own hand (especially when a teacher informs you that ‘he usually sits at the back and won’t join in’), and to see that spark in their eyes, the smile appear, that moment is magic. You see the mask slip and you see the person hiding beneath.

Magic connects.

2019 will see Magic Moments continue working in these fields. If you’ve been inspired to make a difference through your magic then do consider offering your services to a charity or sector that could use a little magic. You won’t make money, but then there’s the commercial world for that. What you will get is a rewarding, exhausting yet ultimately satisfying experience; not only for you, but for those with whom you share it.

Jay Fortune.



Since the change from being a one-off annual day each year to an ongoing charitable initiative, Magic Moments have branched out into new and exciting directions.

Founder Jay Fortune has been working closely with Tim Osler and together they have taken their Magical Workshop into special needs schools, teaching students and staff easy-to-master magic tricks to help the children engage and develop their skills. ‘Many of these children have severe disabilities and it has been a humbling and incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing their faces light up as they make the magic happen is everything magic should be. It is the feeling of magic. It is everything I ever imagined creating with the Art.’ Magical Workshop is now being scaled out into more special needs schools in 2018, with plans already in place to work with around 20 other specialist schools, catering to thousands of students.

Richard Leigh has continued to perform his one-man magical plays to children with terminal illness, bringing joy and raising smiles in the extremely challenging circumstances experienced by the children, their families and carers. Says Richard, 'What a lovely audience on Sunday (17th September 2017). Families who have terminally ill children came and supported. They broke my heart, but with a smile. We all had an absolute blast, but then as conversations were had with joy on the outgoing, I heard from these incredibly brave people how they wanted to support the fundraising of Momentum as they are wonderful human beings as they are being helped first hand with their own battles on living with a terminally ill child. You would never have known this from reading the audience. They just had fun as a family unit for an hour and a half.’


Magic Moments is a revolutionary concept where magicians across the world can bring a moment of magic into the lives of others on a specified day of the year. Raising money for charity and performing to an audience of their choosing on Saturday 16th September 2017, magicians worldwide will be raising funds, smiles and awareness of magic and charitable causes.

Here's our aim; during Magic Moments Day 2017 for magicians to present a magic show of some description, no matter how large or small, and raise smiles and funds for any charity close to their heart. They may visit hospitals, hospices, raise money for local projects, schools and communities. Or decide to stage a full evening show with members of their local magic society. Maybe even do something online.

Magic Moments: 10 years and counting… be part of the magic and contact us today!


Creating your Magic Moment is easy:

1 - Download a sponsorship form from any of the popular online donation websites. Or why not design your own?
2 - Approach a favoured charity or cause and tell them that you are a magician and wish to do a show to raise funds for them. They will have expert fund-raising staff to assist you.
3 - Seek sponsors and create your Magic Moment!

Do let us know what you have planned. We’d love to hear from you!


Jay Fortune. 29.4.17



Breathe Magic. Jay's series of articles focusing on altruistic magic projects has just had the first instalment published in MagicSeen (July 2016) Click Here. Thanks to the team for permission to upload it here. Breathe Magic is an inspiring UK magic project with professional magicians working with health experts for the benefit of children affected with hemiplegia. 16.7.16


Raising over £2200 for conservation charity ‘Friends of Paradise Wildlife Park’, the production of 'Masters of Magic' was itself a magical transformation of an event marquee in a wildlife park into a full theatrical performance of the world’s best magicians. The sell-out crowd ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ in all the right places as the USA magicians presented a 2 hour show featuring magic that was amazing, theatrical and comical. Highlights included an unexpected audience being greeted by the stars of the show upon arrival witnessing incredible magic close-up and personal through to Jeff McBride performing his full Las Vegas show to close the evening. Thanks to all the supporters, staff, volunteers and friends who made the evening such a success. And of course to the stars of the show themselves; Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and Lawrence Hass – true Masters of Magic! 'Masters of Magic' was a Magic Moments show raising money and smiles through magic for charity. Produced by Jay Fortune with Kenny Roberts and Lynn Whitnall. If you have a Magic Moments idea then why not contact ‘The Magic Moments Team’ (cue copyright music)… magicmoments@live.co.uk.


Magic Moments Team. 12.3.16


Magic Moments Month 30th August - 30th September 2015


Our first month-long Magic Moments was a magical success with many magicians raising £11,495 and many more smiles for charity. Magicians involved during the month in no particular order; Jimmy Carlo, Kenny Roberts, Richard Leigh, Wayne Fox, Tim Osler, Jeff McBride, Larry Hass, Mark Bennett and the entire team at Smoke & Mirrors Bar, Anne George, George Parker, Paul Wade, Mike Sullivan, Jay Fortune and many more. Events took place in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA. Thanks to everyone involved! We’ve also had enquiries about magicians staging Magic Moments events outside of the dedicated month chosen this year, so the organisers are looking at ideas to make the initiative more encompassing as a magical fundraising initiative.


Magic Moments Team. 12.3.16


We’re half-way through Magic Moments Month. A time dedicated to performing and helping those in need, through the gift of magic. Many magicians wonder how to start on this journey of using your magical performance as a unique gifting experience. Thanks to Lawrence Hass, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, George Parker, Robert E. Neale and Rich Bloch who have kindly donated a free download of an excerpt from the inspiring Gift Magic book. Please Click Here. All proceeds go to The Encore Foundation, a 501c3 organisation that assists magicians in times of great need. Please do check out the free download and be inspired to create your own ‘Magic Moment’.


Jay Fortune. 19.9.15


Magic Moments Day 1st November 2014


This year, Magic Moments 14 raised £2,356.87 for www.centrealgarve.org, a specialist holiday centre and the first of its kind in Europe catering for those with special needs. Some of the UK’s best magic acts came together to raise smiles and money over two sell-out shows; Richard Leigh presented a full stage theatrical family Halloween show with the 'Headless Lady', 'Ghost Mirror' and other brilliant pieces. Assisted by Mike Sullivan and Michelle Roberts, kids came in fancy dress and prizes were given to the best dressed. The evening MM14 show, hosted by Jay Fortune and featuring Oliver Tabor, Richard Leigh, The Casablancas, Vox Magique and Chris Cox showed the public’s support for variety shows. Two amazing magic performances in one day. Magic Moments is now in its 7th year and you can take part in 2015. Keep an eye on MagicWeek for future details. 22.11.14


Magic Moments 14 has come and gone. Big, big thanks to: Graham Hey and Danielle; The Casablancas; Oliver Tabor; Tim Osler and Faye Smith; Vox Magique; Chris Cox; Michelle Roberts; Mike Sullivan; Jeff McBride; Tobias Beckwith; Eugene Burger; Larry Hass; Bryce Khulman; George Parker; Steve Saunders; Andy Mahoney; Sammo; Ash; Tina and the team; Matt Stirling and loads of helpers behind the scenes for posting online, running errands, and generating press - thanks to you all! We’ll soon have this years total which will be updated on our Magic Moments page here. Already plans are underway for MM15 and each year the day gets more momentum and more magicians wishing to raise smiles and money for good causes through their magic. A huge thanks to all for making it happen.


Jay Fortune and Richard Leigh: Magic Moments Founders. 8.11.14


Magic Moments Day 21st September 2013


Magic Moments 2013 has come and gone! And what an amazing day it was. Jay Fortune (pictured here with Cash 4 Kids mascot Courage the Cat), organiser of the flagship event, reports a fantastic success raising loads of money for a brilliant cause. "This charity helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children. In the current economic conditions it's difficult to ask others who are also suffering hard times to part with money, but we're delighted so many turned out to help. In no particular order thanks to Richard Leigh, Steve Sampson, Jamie and Anna from Nickelodeon, Magic 105.4's Jamie Edwards, Britain's Got Talent comedy star Kev Orkian, Box of Awesome, OMG for Boys and Girls, Ricky Carusso, Linda Lusardi, Sam Kane, Debbie Arnold, Katy Kerry, Steve Saunders, Mike Sullivan, Lynn Whitnall, Pete Sampson, Alex Smale, Emily Jane, Paradise Dancers, Rye House Go-Karts, Seghire Segways, Peppa Pig, Nik Robson, Pinky, Lennie, Aaron, Craig, Ty, Cam, Matt Boyles, Keith at PSL, Passion for Flavour catering, Mayhem Theatre, Hollyoaks' Anna Phillips, Everyone's A Winner and all of the staff, animals and folks at Paradise Wildlife Park, our friends at Magic 105.4 and everybody else who helped make this a truly special Magic Moments. 28.9.13


Magic Moments in association with Magic 105.4! We're chuffed to bits to be hosting our flagship event this year with one of the UK's busiest and best radio stations. Magic 105.4 will be offering 3,000 tickets to our main event on Saturday 21st September in Hertfordshire; raising money for Cash 4 Kids. Magic Moments 13 is now just two weeks away. If you wish to be part of our main event, drop an email to magicmoments@live.co.uk. Alternatively, be inspired and stage your own event. Please visit our page here on MagicWeek for further details. Thanks for your support!


Jay Fortune. 7.9.13

An open letter from Richard Leigh

I have supported this wonderful venture since day one. Now in our 6th year and with international support from the world’s greatest magicians, performers everywhere are being encouraged to help bring a moment of magic into the lives of people who need it most. Our small team encourage magicians worldwide to make this year’s event the biggest and best ever. Events do not need to be large and extravagant. A simple gesture of presenting a few tricks to a group of people who are ill or need cheering up is very powerful. Use your skill to brighten up someone’s day and let us know all about your event. If it’s a free event, then great, let us know. If you are raising money for a charity of your choosing, again please let us know.

Taking part is easy! First, think of a charity you would like to help. Approach your chosen charity and mention that you are a magician and wish to do some fund raising for them on ‘Magic Moments – the national day of magic’. Most charities have a fund-raising coordinator and their job is to work with you to create something to benefit the charity. It need not be a headache to organise. You just need to make that first step. You will then be raising money for a good cause, and also your profile locally as a magician. The more magician’s who take part, then the more we can raise awareness of magic and illusion. That is a subject very passionate to me, especially as magic is a theatrical art.

Whatever you organise, please let us know and it will be added to our this webpage here on MagicWeek. At the end of your event please let us know how much you raised and your total is added to the grand running total of all monies raised for good causes through the idea of Magic Moments. Magic Moments is not set up as a charity. All supporters of this idea do not take a penny out of this event for administration costs. It is funded out of personal money. This is just a nice thing to do. Especially as we are all very busy people, it is a great feeling to take time out to use our talents for the good of others. Many performers have day jobs or are busy pro’s, often having little time for the many charity requests they receive each year. Perhaps Magic Moments day can be set aside in their diaries to make that one day their charity day and perform for whatever charity that may be.

The next Magic Moments Day is on Saturday 21st September 2013. Whatever you plan, if you need help from us, we’ll do our best to help you. You can drop us an email at magicmoments@live.co.uk.


Richard Leigh


Magic Moments Day 6th October 2012


Magic Moments 2012 has been another success. Even in these austere times, magicians have helped raise smiles and funds for all manner of charities. The grand total this year is £10,792.87 and counting... thank you to everyone involved (in no particular order); Richard Leigh, Matt Barnard, Richard McDougall, Matthew Stirling, Tim Osler, Mike Sullivan, Mick Pearce, Noel Britten, Mark Bennett, Gary Young, Kenny Roberts, George Parker, Anne George, Mark Leveridge, Graham Hey, Phil Shaw and MagicWeek.co.uk for hosting our official web page. Funds were raised for Momentum, Unseen and WHF. All styles of shows were hosted, from black-tie dinners, through to variety shows for all the family. Plus close-up in restaurants, street shows, comedy shows... it was another fantastic day! If you have created a Magic Moment this year, please let us know to add you to our grand total. Thanks again!


Jay Fortune and the Magic Moments Team. 10.11.12


Magic Moments Day 1st October 2011. The events:


Richard Leigh staged four fantastic shows beginning with the now traditional 'First Show for Magic Moments', which finished at 12:01am on the day. His Late Night Magic show in London's West-End sold-out with a the proceeds of ticket sales going to Richard's chosen charity Momentum, www.moment-um.org - a charity in Kingston looking after children with terminal illnesses. On Sat 1st Richard also opened his new weekly show 'The Magic Symphony' at the theatre in Davenports Magic shop, and another production 'The Ice Cave' - a new show for the Barons Court Theatre in London. Sunday 3rd saw Richard also donated the proceedings from 'The Magic Cavern' show. Thanks go to magicians Dee Riley, Michelle Roberts, David Major and Paul Brown for their part in these fantastic shows. All proceeds went to www.moment-um.org. Well done guys!

Noel Britten donated proceeds from his Bizarre Bath walk to the Orangutan orphanage in Borneo, plus donations to UK wildlife charities Friends of Paradise Wildlife Park and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Thanks Noel!

Mike Sullivan (photo) presented his close-up magic at a black-tie event at Brands Hatch raising funds for the future care of Ava Howton who suffers from a rare genetic neurological condition called Angelman Syndrome. The event also featured a raffle and auction. A booker at the event remarked that she had never seen a close-up magician before and now, based on Mike's performance, would book one for any future event show was organising. Well done Mike!

Anne George arranged a cheese and wine party, with magic entertainment. The evening was called 'Around the world in 18 wines' and included entertainment, tombola and a raffle in aid of Parkinsons UK. Nice one Anne!

Jen Allen performed a speed-painting followed by a Q&A session for a ladies luncheon, with the work created in her lightning fast 4 minutes and being currently prepared for auction at Hoopers, Torquay. The final fee will go to MacMillan Cancer Support. Awesome stuff Jen! We'll add the final total when it is sold to the ongoing Magic Moments total. Whilst not 'magic' in the trick sense, the show was undoubtably magical for all who attended.

Kenny Roberts presented close-up magic throughout the day at his busy fancy dress, joke and magic shop in Falmouth, raising smiles from everyone who walked through his door. Thanks Kenny!

Jay Fortune performed a family magic show raising money for TeensUnite, a charity for teenagers fighting cancer.

Thanks to kind donations, the Magic Moments African Orphan Magic Trick appeal also collected an amazing 458 tricks! These tricks will now be sent out to the WI in Zimbabwe who work tirelessly in dangerous conditions to look after the welfare of these vulnerable children.

TOTAL RAISED: £14,900 + 458 magic tricks... and counting!


Jay Fortune and the Magic Moments Team. 15.10.11


Magic Moments 2011 - David Berglas' Foundation for Promoting the Art of Magic


David Berglas' Foundation for Promoting the Art of Magic (FP-AM) have given their support to Magic Moments. David said, 'Magic Moments is exactly the kind of charitable initiative that the Foundation are happy to support and we look forward to using our influence and contacts to help put Magic Moments on a worldwide platform.' Organisers Jay Fortune and Richard Leigh say they are very excited about the Foundations' commitment to raising the profile of Magic Moments day. With such knowledgeable and high profile magicians behind this unique charitable and magical venture they hope to make this years event the best ever. Magic Moments day 2011 is Saturday 1st October and full details of how you can take part can be found here exclusively on MagicWeek.


Jay Fortune and the Magic Moments Team. 7.5.11


Magic Moments 2011 - Zimbabwe Orphan Appeal


We are working with the Zimbabwe WI to bring magic to the orphans and Magic Moments needs your help. We've all got a trick or two tucked away in a drawer that we no longer use. Please take your unwanted magic tricks (and please make sure they have instructions with them), grab a jiffy bag, copy the following address on it, whack on a stamp, and on your lunch break bung it in a letter box, smiling knowing you've helped bring a moment of magic into somebody's life. Getting parcels through to the children in this country is difficult and dangerous and we are working closely with our contacts who ensure that the gifts you send will reach the orphaned children. Sue Van Neikerk, from Kariba, Zimbabwe emailed ' ...this is very exciting! Of course the children could do with a bit of magic in their lives!' We're often asked by magicians how they can get involved with Magic Moments besides putting on an actual magic show, and this appeal is a great way to be part of it. Ideally, we're looking for magic tricks that are not complex and that would be suitable for children from 6 - 18 years old. Send your gift to Magic Moments, c/o 24 Cambridge Road, Torquay, Devon TQ1 4QN. We'll be sending all of the donated magic tricks on this year's Magic Moments Day which is Saturday 1st October. Thank you.


Jay Fortune and the Magic Moments Team. 16.4.11


Magic Moments Day 1st October 2010. The shows:

Momentum Magic
Performances of 'Late Night Magic' on Friday 1st October, finishing into The National Day of Magic, The Side Show of Wonders on the 2nd October and The Magic Cavern on Sunday 3rd October, were presented by Richard Leigh as part of this years Magic Moments. Proceeds going to www.moment-um.org. Richard raised £260.35! Well done Rich!


Wizards Tea Party!
Freddie Wilkinson wrote us ‘Bit of a long story but here goes, back in March/April time I contacted quite a few venues I work at offering my services free of charge and explaining the whole Magic Moments idea. Amazingly they all replied saying 'No Thanks' which is odd as one of them has me booked next month and are paying me quite a lot to do almost the same act! The best one was a venue saying 'what a brilliant idea! By the way it’s £500 to hire the venue’! Then I got chatting to a friend on Facebook that runs a charity for people that have lost their pets etc, told her about it all and how annoyed I was at the lack of interest. All was forgotten about and roll on quite a few months down the line and I get an email from her saying 'That Magic Moments Day; I have arranged a wizard’s tea party in a fortnight!’ Freddie’s determination raised £185 and all profits go to the Pet Bereavement Support Group - Registered Charity no; 1104002. Nice one Freddie!


Walk on Stage
Jay Fortune staged Walk on Stage in Paignton. With over 40 acts in one show, this event was a celebration of people. Anybody of any ability could walk on stage and have their moment of fame. DVDs of the show sold-out, and all monies raised went to Paignton Zoo’s various conservation projects. The zoo is a charity and continues to do incredible work internationally. Final funds raised approx. £2500.


Parkinson’s Disease Society

Jay Fortune also raised money during a show for Parkinson’s Disease Society too; £260.


Gift Magic

Magic Moments, are delighted to have been featured in a new book which is itself a charitable venture. Gift Magic is a collection of tricks which leave the spectator with a souvenir. Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, George Parker, Robert E. Neale, Rich Bloch and editor Larry Hass have created a magic book that keeps giving. Illustrated by Jay Fortune, there are eleven performance pieces, five interviews and four thoughtful essays on gift magic by world-famous performers and teachers. All the proceeds from the book will be donated to the Encore Foundation, a non-profit foundation that assists magicians in need. To order visit www.theoryandartofmagic.com ($25 plus P+P). The Magic Moments team are still counting up the monies raised from this year and will announce the total and next year's Magic Moments Day very shortly on MagicWeek.

Jay Fortune, 23rd October 2010


Support for Magic Moments...


"Nice to know there are people out there thinking of the less fortunate."
Wayne Dobson, 18th September 2010


"Just wanted to say what a brilliant idea Magic Moments is and to wish you every success with it again this year."
Mark Leveridge, 18th September 2010


"Magic Moments – a day to celebrate magic and charity. Give a moment of magic to help someone feel special and once you do you're not going to want to stop. A highly recommended project."
Aldo and Rachel Colombini, 18th September 2010


"This is wonderful work to be doing. I wish you every success."
Eugene Burger, 18th September 2010


"Greetings Magi,
The thought of magicians using their creative talents to raise awareness bring joy to my heart.
We need more uplifting magic in the world. I support your efforts and applaud your cause!
Yours in the healing power of magic"
Jeff McBride. Creator of Mystery School, 4th September 2010


"As Magicians we create memories. It should be our intentions to charge those memories with powerful emotions. Simply because moments go by, memories may last a lifetime and beyond. Periodically I select specific charity organizations and support them with performances, money and good advice. This is part of my personal as well as my business philosophy because I feel I live a very blessed life doing the things that fascinate me and working with people I love. There are a lot of people who are less fortunate and it's not only fair to put energy, time en money into organizations that support them, but you will create good memories about yourself too!"

George Parker, 4th September 2010


"Good luck to everyone involved in the project; whilst everyone appreciates that charitable work is obviously a worthwhile and commendable thing to do, beyond making an occasional donation most people don't take it that extra step to actually facilitate and organise fund-raising events themselves on a long-term basis as you've done. If they did, they'd realise that that extra step actually involves the effort of a marathon and deserves the appropriate ovation at the end of it - well done!"

Paul Zenon, 5th June 2010


"Magic Moments Day is a great way of raising money and I wish the very best of luck to everyone involved."

Geoffrey Durham, 5th June 2010


Momentum Magic - For Magic Momments Day

1st October - Late Night Magic in the West End – last few seats left!
Richard Leigh's long running season of Late Night Magic cabarets in the intimate and luxurious Jermyn Street Theatre in the West End continue with an ever changing programme of top magicians and speciality acts.
Friday 1st October at 10.45pm. Doors open at 10.35pm. Close Up Magic from 10.45pm - 11.00pm. Cabaret starts at 11.00pm.
Continuing the tradition of finishing at 1 minute past midnight, being the first bit of magic presented on Magic Moments day
£14.00, £12.00 Concessions, The Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6ST. 1 minute walk from Piccadilly Tube Station. Box Office 020 7287 2875 or 24hour hotline 08444 771000. Or book online at www.falseimpressions.co.uk

2nd October - The Side Show of Wonders (SOLD OUT)
A family magic and illusion show set in the fairgrounds of yesteryear.
See the Bearded Lady, The Living Head, The Bed of Pain, The French Guillotine and The Man Eating Chicken. Presented by Richard Leigh.
Saturday 2nd October at 11.30am
This Performance has SOLD OUT

3rd October - The Magic Cavern
London's long running magic and illusion show.
Sunday 3rd October 2010 at 3.00pm.
The Magic Cavern show is produced and presented by Richard Leigh. This performance has it's proceeds added to the grand total of Magic Moments.
£12.00, £10.00 Concessions. Group rate and Family Tickets £8.00 each. Box Office
020 8932 4747 (11.00am - 7.00pm) or 08700 600 100 (24hrs with fee).Book Online at
www.falseimpressions.co.uk. The Magic Cavern, Barons Court Theatre, 'The Curtains Up',
28A Comeragh Road, London, W14 9HR. 2 minutes walk from either Barons Court or West Kensington Tube Stations. Full details:


No auditions – live and unplanned!

My Glitterballs Promotions present ‘Walk on Stage’ as part of Magic Moments 2010, at the Palace Theatre, Paignton on Saturday 2nd October at 7.30pm.

This is the first show to be announced for this year's annual Magic Moments Day. With Magic Moments now in its third year, we wanted to create a special event where the show itself becomes a magic and memorable moment for those taking part and Walk on Stage is it.

This is your chance to be in the spotlight and live on stage. If you have ever dreamed of being on stage then register online now at www.myglitterballs.com/walk-on-stage.php and you’ll be entered into our Final Showcase Lottery. Names will be drawn at random and should you be lucky enough to enter then congratulations! You will Walk on Stage in our live show on October 2nd.

Co-organiser John Ross said "this is not a talent show. There’s no winners or losers. This is a celebration of people. A show for the people, by the people."

Jay Fortune, 31st July 2010


This Year's Day: Saturday October 2nd 2010

Just why do magicians give up their time and energy for Magic Moments?


Richard Leigh, West-End show producer, and creator/director of London’s longest running magic show, explains why Magic Moments means so much to him.

"Seven months before the first Magic Moments day in February 2008 I was asked by a charity called Momentum (www.moment-um.org) to spend an afternoon with a fan of magic called Laura and her family. Laura was terminally ill with cancer and was too poorly to move from her house. Such courage, such determination, such a positive person. It was a pleasure to spend time with a fabulous family, just doing a few effects to a reaction of absolute joy. Joy, through so much pain.

Two weeks later, Laura passed away.

Magic Moments creates open ended opportunities to do something small, but in doing so, making a huge difference to many.

My first production for Magic Moments in February 2008 was dedicated to the charity which helps makes the lives of terminally ill children and their families at Kingston Hospital a lot better. Like they did for Laura. Laura's family came to that first magic show. An email after simply said that the family had not laughed and enjoyed themselves so heartily since the death of their daughter.

Simple pure moments. I can't encourage people enough to just do something each year, to add their name, event, and add to the total raised for good causes. Together helping continue to promote magic as an art. A subject I am very passionate about.

I will always do as much as I can for this event."

Richard Leigh, 2010


Facebook users:

Join us by becoming a fan of Magic Moments on our Facebook Fan-Page. Here you can interact with other magicians creating their own magic moment, and comment too (click on the logo above).

Jay Fortune, 1st May 2010


The Official Sponsorship Pack for Magic Moments 2010 is now available. This downloadable pack gives you all the info you will need to successfully stage your own magic moment on our annual Magic Moments Day this coming October. Click Here to download your free pack. Thanks for your support!

Jay Fortune, 3rd April 2010


Magic Moments Day 2010

This year's Magic Moments Day will take place on Saturday 2nd October. Shortly we will have our downloadable information and sponsorship pack for you to create your very own Magic Moment on our annual day wherever you live, to whomever you like, raising money for whoever you wish! Last year magicians raised over £7000 for charities through magic – this year we aim to beat that. What will you do to create your magic moment? Stay tuned to MagicWeek for further news on this exciting day bringing the magic community together for good causes.

Jay Fortune, 20th March 2010


Magic Moments Day 2009
From Magicseen Vol. 5 No. 5 "And so it befell. On Saturday 3rd October 2009 those small few gathered to arrange their 2nd Magic Moments Day. Their aim; to create a National Day of Magic, where magicians across the UK would give up their precious time to perform for those less fortunate. And indeed they did. For the second annual Magic Moments Day, performers raised smiles and funds for worthwhile causes. We asked one of the pioneers of this magic initiative, Jay Fortune, to sum up the idea behind Magic Moments and just what it’s all about..." To read the full article, as published in Magicseen Click Here.


Magic Moments Day 2008
In memory of Jeremy Beadle: 1948 – 2008. On Saturday 2nd February 2008, the very first Magic Moments Day took place raising over £11,000 for charities. Our Magic Moments 2008 Press Pack captures some of the moments from the first National Day of Magic (Reproduced with thanks to www.magicseen.co.uk and 'Totally People').



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