Peter McCahon


Over the last thirteen years Peter McCahon has worked as a comedy magician, escapologist and creative communicator for the church in schools, colleges, pubs and clubs. With a bible in one hand and a strait jacket in the other, he certainly presents an alternative image of the church. His interest in magic started when he was ten years old, but was nothing more than a hobby until he went to seminary at the age of twenty. At this point he realised the need for some 'ice breaking' method when talking to young people; unable to sing or even play an instrument he fell back to his old hobby of magic. Swiftly progressing from defying friendly police by breaking free of their handcuffs, to jumping, bound up in chains, into swimming pools and messing with explosives!

Having spent eight years working as a communications officer for various Christian charities Peter now operates as a self employed magician although he admits his market is a little unusual! As well as the usual fare of close-up and cabaret gigs he travels around the United Kingdom, Europe and the States performing his act and promoting creative communication. He is often involved in setting up workshops in magic, theatre, juggling and other allied arts for youth groups, school workers, churches, etc. These are attended by those looking for that 'something different' in their presentations, believing that a professional presentation is vitally important to the church's image. Peter is an associate of The Inner Magic Circle. He is also an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, currently holding the post of European president.

If you think you recognise his face in the world of magic it's probably a result of his being the assistant editor of The Magic Circular, the Regional Day Organiser for The Magic Circle, and a regular participant in the Fringe during the British Ring conventions. Either that or as usual you have confused him for Keith Bennett! "I spend most of my time telling folk I don't sell cards during a convention!"

Top Trick?
"Either the vanishing Neilsens coke bottle or the dynamite illusion! Both entertain me tremendously whilst I am doing them. As far as someone else performing, the list is endless, but includes: Richard Pinner doing Russian Roulette, Marc Paul 'cleansing the aura!' and Mark Shortland doing his torn & restored mouse."

Top Book?
"Not sure that there can be one top book but recent hits have been 'Al Flosso the Coney Island Fakir', and Milbourne Christopher's book 'Christopher's Favourite Routines'."

Top Magician?
"Again loads of heroes in different areas, great comedy guys include Fielding West and my mate John Archer. I love the sheer speed and style of Roy Davenport especially doing the rings! For Mentalism its got to be Marc Paul, David Berglas and Derren Brown... basically I like anyone who's good at what they do!"

Top Magic Quote?
"Either 'If you're not out in five minutes we'll assume you need help..' a friend whilst rehearsing my first swimming pool escape!! or 'trust me it's really simple' - Richard Pinner just before explaining the world's most complicated trick where he swans around on stage looking cool and I almost have a stress coronary back stage doing all the work!"

Top Magic Moment?
Surviving the first swimming pool escape! And ringing James Randi out of the phone book whilst on holiday and ending up going out to dinner with him as a close second!

MagicWeek 2001