Etienne Pradier


French-born Etienne Pradier started his professional life as a pattern cutter and designer in Paris. He believes that he inherited his magical talent from his grandfather Clement Besset, who was a well-known French magician. Etienne has lived in England for 10 years and considers England to be his new home. In 2000 he won The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year Competition. "The Magic Circle is a society recognised worldwide. This is a very great honour and I am privileged to have been acknowledged in this way by my peers."

All Etienne needs to perform his magic is a pack of cards, coins and everyday objects. He enjoys performing directly to small groups of people and says that he delights in being interactive with his audience. As his international reputation has grown Etienne, whose clients include high profile companies, international hotel groups, and holiday tour operators, is often invited to travel to European cities for a single night's performance.


"Etienne's performance turned an already excellent evening into a memorable one." American Express

"His tricks and skill left our guests speechless with admiration." Café Rouge

"We would have no hesitation in recommending Etienne Pradier. He is a real professional." Cartier

"As well as being a gifted magician, Etienne also has a delightful personality." Leisure World

"He is an imaginative and creative magician and I have no hesitation in recommending him for close up magic." Eastwell Manor

"Many parties of young and old have been superbly entertained and we have no hesitation in recommending him as a first class entertainer." Chilston Park

Top Trick?
"Steal a watch for the reaction of the spectators face when I give it back from a sealed envelope."

Top Book?
"The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings - so much stuff."

Top Magician?
"Guy Hollingworth - good friend but the best card man I know, lots of class and really good routines."

Top Magic Moment?
"The Magic Circle Competition last year - and all the jobs I do in Europe."


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