Kevin Gallagher



Kevin did not have the start that most people who know him would imagine. His violent, coal miner father walked out on him, his two younger sisters, and his mother, who was partly crippled with arthritis, when he was 15, leaving the family with several tough years.

Despite an impressive record at school, he missed out on the opportunity to go to university and instead had to take the offer of an apprenticeship at a local engineering company. He has achieved a number of successes in an amazingly diverse number of pursuits including a 'blue ribbon' for rowing with the Leander Rowing Club, awards for martial arts, and representing his county at Chess.

A relatively late-comer to Magic at 32, he has won a number of awards for close-up magic including several times winner of the BMS Close-up trophy, 'North of England Close-up Magician', and 'All winners Close-up trophy.'

He has also lectured at a number of societies and magical events, and appeared in the 2001 British Close-up Symposium and British Close-up Championships.

He is now a highly successful close-up magician working both as a Magician and as a Gambler in a wide variety of situations including a six month residency on the Orient Express, Trade stands for Hewlett Packard and many large sporting events including major race meetings, the Belfry golf events, and pro-celebrity days.

Some recent clients: Hewlett Packard, BT, Kenwood, KPMG, Vauxhall Cars, Lever Brothers, BP, Vosper Thornycroft, Nuclear Electric, Lombard Finance, GEC, Rothmans...

Top Trick?
"Card manipulation, because it is the most beautiful magic trick in the world when done well, and because I can't do it."

Top Book?
"'Applications of Non-linear Simultaneous Differential Equations' - because it reminds me not to take Magic too seriously, though I also have a soft spot for 'Classics of Larry Jennings' because it is one of early books that assured my total addiction."

Top Magician?
"Gary Kurtz in his pre-mental days because his excellence shows in all aspects of magic above and beyond mere technical brilliance."


Top Magic Quote?
"F*****'ell", from a completely enthralled spectator who sat bolt upright to make his exclamation causing a mixture of laughs, tuts and headshakes. I responded with 'Thank you sir, for those gratifying words' and I knew that I had captured another of those performing moments that I will always treasure." or "Gallagher, you are a waste of a good brain."

Top Magic Moment?
"Pro-celebrity golf day featuring many well known celebrities and when I looked around, it felt as though the television was watching ME."


MagicWeek 2001