Safire are an award winning spectacular act - taking the world of illusion into a new dimension. Their hard work has produced a breathtaking and amusing live show, resulting in them being in great demand and gaining them an excellent reputation throughout the magic industry. Not only have Safire established themselves here in Britain but they have been fortunate enough to break through to America - one of the highlights of their career was to receive an invitation from world famous illusionists Siegfried & Roy to appear in their Convention at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

As the Safire phenomenon continues, so their C.V. grows. Safire's experience and ability to adapt their performance to any situation makes their act ideal for any style of event, from large theatre shows to corporate product launches.

Safire have worked extensively throughout the world of entertainment, creating many of their own illusions to ensure they are always at the cutting edge of their craft. Their popularity has resulted in an impressive list of shows, including:

Touring for six years with The Ken Dodd Laughter Show, and appearing on many Variety Bills. Safire have performed at over 120 British theatres. Performing at the largest "number one" venues throughout the UK including The Birmingham Hippodrome and The Palace in Manchester, and supporting some of the top names in show business including Billy Pearce, Bobby Davro, John Inman, Keith Harris, Phil Cool, Richard Branson, Jeremy Beadle, Kim Wilde, Wayne Dobson, Hinge and Bracket, Cannon and Ball, The Grumbleweeds, Jimmy Cricket, Danny La Rue and Rory Bremner. With seven Pantomimes under their belt they are one of Britain's top theatrical illusion acts.

Their Summer seasons have included Frank Carson's "Its a Cracker" at the North Pier Theatre, Blackpool and two years with Ken Dodd at the prestigious Blackpool Opera House. Whilst performing in Germany Safire, by Royal Appointment, were invited to appear before Prince Lutipold of Bavaria.

Safire's Television appearances include: Pebble Mill, The Pyjama Party, On the Road with Gaz Top, The Quest, The Sooty Show and Top Banana. Safire also performed on Granada Tonight's Christmas Special - The Crusaders, with Noddy Holder (Slade), the cast of Coronation Street and magically produced 'Warrior', star of the hit TV show Gladiators.

Safire's magic ranges from small intimate close up tricks to large scale illusions many of which are unique. Their corporate clients include: Virgin, Nat West, Granada, Channel 4, Anderson Consulting, Magex, Jaguar, Hilton Hotels, Euro Dollar and Mercedes, (where they not only presented their illusion act but also made a car appear!) Safire (Stuart and Jayne) are members of Equity and have no sole agent.

Top Trick?
"As an illusionists my top trick has got to be the Substitution Trunk. It is such an old illusion, it's new. I don't think you can get a much better finale to your act. I've found that if all else has failed to impress your audience, the Sub Trunk normally wins them over."

Top Book?
"My top book has got to be U F Grant's 20 tricks with a Victory Carton, as this saved my knee caps 10 years ago. (It's a long story but very interesting!!) Also thumbs up to the Pan's Book of Children's Magic for the same reason. I also enjoy Rand Woodbury and Andrew Mayne."

Top Magician?
"I would say that of my favourite magicians is Doug Henning. He epitomized the era he was in and wasn't afraid of not being stereo typed as the regular magician that everyone expected. He was creative, and bought humour and light heartedness to all his illusions. My biggest regret is that I was so close to having the chance of meeting him when we appeared at the Magic Seminar in Las Vegas 2 years ago, where he was to be attending, and unfortunately he died a few months previous. I also enjoy Otto Wesley for his outrageousness."

Top Magic Quote?
"My favourite Magic Quote came from Ken Dodd. He said 'You can do funny tricks...or you can do tricks funny!'"

Top Magic Moment?
"Our own Top Magic moment was performing at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas in front of not only the general public but some of the top names in magic, including Siegfried & Roy, Pendragons, Penn & Teller, Jeff McBride and many others."


MagicWeek 2002