Michael Vincent


Michael Vincent has earned himself an enviable reputation for being one of the finest sleight of hand magicians in the world. Combining superb sleight of hand magic with cleverly constructed routines that tell a story his magic has been showcased at numerous venues both in the UK and abroad.

Michael would be the first to admit though that great technique counts for nothing if it isn't supported by an equally strong presentation. "I believe that great sleight of hand magic combined with a good plot and presentation can make all the difference between the audiences acknowledging that they have witnessed something extra-ordinary."

It is this simple philosophy that has helped Michael define his place in the history of magic.

Key achievements to date:

• Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 1983, 1991, 2003
• Best British Performer at the International Grand Prix 1993
• International Magician of the Year 1995
• FISM Close-up World Ranking 3, 1997

Television appearances to date:

• New Faces 1986
• The Paul Daniels Magic Show 1982
• Tomorrow’s World 1982
• Jim'll Fix It 1995
• Talking Telephone Numbers 1996
• Trick on 2 1996
• Tricks and Trax 1996
• Paul Daniels Secrets 1998
• Heroes of Magic, Channel 4 2002

Michael has become a regular performer and international lecturer at the world famous Academy of Magical Arts, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. His lectures have proven to be as magical and entertaining as his live shows. Michael's most recent lecture, "The Tapestry of Deception," was recently debuted at The Magic Circle, London, receiving excellent reviews.


With the forthcoming publication of his first book on magic, magicians around the world will be able to discovery for themselves what goes in to producing creative and visual magic that holds audiences spellbound. Michael's approach to the performance of magic is very simple: "fool your audience badly, but be nice about it." In other words combine a little laughter with some of the astonishment! This pin-points Michael's great attitude and approach when dealing with people, and his sensitivity to their desires and wants.


Top Trick?
"There are many wonderful effects but my top five effects are. Slapping the Aces by Nate Leipzig, the Conus Aces, Everywhere and Nowhere, the Ambidextrous Travellers and the Ladies Looking Glass. These effects are the most visually stunning effect which can be performed with a deck of cards."

Top Book?
"My favourite books on magic are, The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne, The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic by Robert Houdin, the Expert at the Card Table and the Royal Road to Card Magic. These books are wonderful because they cover every aspect of magic."

Top Magician?
"My top magicians are Tony Slydini, Rene Lavand, Ricky Jay, Darwin Ortiz, Tommy Wonder, Fred Kaps, Richard Ross, Michael Skinner, Larry Jennings, Edward Marlo and Channing Pollock. These performers each in their own way reached the epitome of magical excellence and performance excellence. Each in their own way inspired me to excel and inspired me with a sense of wonder. And astonishment."

Top Magic Quote?
"Fool your audience, but be nice about it." Michael Skinner

Top Magic Moment?
"I have many wonderful memories from my time in magic, both as an amateur and professional. I have met all my heroes from Slydini, Rene Lavand, Jennings, Skinner etc. If I was to pick my top moment it would have to be receiving a standing ovation at the Magic Castle earlier this year."




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