A brief history...


Sav has been performing magic for over 20 years and was introduced to magic, aged 9, by a Haven Bluecoat (Mr Malcolm Norton) who now runs Top Secret Magic in Plymouth. He has been a Member of Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians for the past 11 years and is also a member of The Magic Circle.

Like most of us Sav relentlessly practiced through his school years, "I was a sad, obsessive kid" laughs Sav, and then made his first foray into professional corporate magic whilst at De Montfort University with a need to subsidize his grant whilst studying Fine Art (Ba Hons) in 1995/97. Sav worked as a resident magician in various restaurants in Leicester, including Man Ho, Chekios and Joe Riggatonis. He also performed "Hit and run street-magic" long before David Blaine was heard of and caused quite a stir, but unfortunately no money or fame. After university, a trip to the US turned into something of a magical tour when he met up with magicians Eric Mead, Shawn Popp, Simon Lovell, Dan Harlan and Lee Asher - which lead to many impromptu performances including sessions at The Tower Bar Aspen CO.

Reliable sources have portrayed Sav as a positive, yet unassuming chap. "He has a laid back disarming manner", of which he has thankfully taken note.

Currently, Sav can be found performing at London's celebrity haunts and most fashionable bars/parties. "I have performed at some of the world's most ostentatious events where I use our slightly devious powers to beguile and charm the most prevalent of egos, (Ha Ha!) quietly knowing that moments earlier I've normally used the same secret on-route aboard the Number 38 to cheer up the miserable conductor."


Performing regularly worldwide for almost every Blue Chip company; also dozens of Celebrities and a few Hollywood movie stars / Pop Rock icons to boot. Engagements have ranged from, private party for Michael Keaton to a party at Esquire's 50 sharpest men.

Media wise, Sav appeared in the recent 'Astounding Celebrities' series on ITV and has also appeared many times on BBC Radio 1 with his good friend and magic convert Chris Moyles.


Sav Facts

1. His childhood hero was Bruce Penhall, he would race most Saturdays.
2. He has an encoded tattoo on his right inner forearm.
3. Sav doesn't like Cheese at all.
4. His Birthday is on April Fools day.
5. Sav has three pet goldfish. (Big Vern, Sly and Baker)
6. Favourite Cocktail a 'Rye Old Fashioned'.

Top Trick?

Card in mouth! Great for getting reactions for publicity shots, just tell Mr Photographer to press the shutter as they look up!

Top Book?

At the moment I'm reading the 'Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram', great book, fantastic ideas, and very clearly written and Illustrated.

Also the Classic Magic of Larry Jennings - loads of great material. Other favorites would be 'Greater Artful Dodges' - Eddie Fields and 'Professional Presentations' - Al Koran (one of my first books, SUPERB).

Top Magician?

Max Malini. I liked how he made his magic appear to be truly impromptu using the notion of rising to a challenge. I think there's a lot to be learnt from how Malini sold himself to prospective clients (no undercutting in his day!). The guy had sheer gusto, conviction in his beliefs and no doubt iron clad balls! Also I think Al Baker was an all around fantastic magician, so many creative ideas in almost every field of magic. Many of his ideas still are still used today with no credit!

Other magicians that I respect/admire: Simon Drake, Jerry Sadowitz, Dan Harlan, Paul Harris, Malcolm Norton and Gazzo.

Top Magic Quote?

"Don't run when your not being chased!!"


"The hand is faster than the eye" - Great quote for the laymen, I'd love to find out who came up with that one!

Top Magic Moment?

Performing for my favourite band 'The Red Hot Chili Peppers' at an after show party was a good laugh. Hmm thinking about it, performing at the Miss Hawaiian Tropic finals in Vegas a few years back scores quite highly as well!


MagicWeek 2005