A Way with Cards featuring The Diskard Protocol
by Al Smith

Review/Thoughts by Paul Gordon


I don't make a habit of reviewing books, but I had to here! 59 A4 (outsize) Pages. 20 (about $38) available from Al Smith at 17 Osbert Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S60 3LD, England. To buy online, ask Paul Gordon at info@paulgordon.net you can pay by MasterCard or Visa. (Note: I'm only helping sell these as a friendship favour to non-computer Al. I'm not on a commission.)

This is not going to be an in-depth review, but this is the best read I've had in years! Al Smith's Diskard Protocol is a revolutionary maths-based card principle. As Al says himself, the original concept is as old as the hills, but Al has found & devised revolutionary new ideas, handlings, concepts and routines. Intrigued? Well, the only clue is the 22nd card from top.

When I got my copy, I could not put it down. In fact, I missed a business meeting because I was too engrossed in the book. It is so good.

If you like maths-based card magic (Free Cut Principles, Automatic Placements, Deal & Ducks, Reverse Faros etc., etc) you are guaranteed to love this book.

My advice is this: Get a copy now!

Paul Gordon, September 2006