Best of Peter Duffie Volume 4
Overlooked by Al Smith
Card Magic with Principles. Electronic Book. More than 40 tricks. Plus a bonus four-trick manuscript: 4Most.
Available from the author at Peter aka Alternative Magic.
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Prior to the appearance of ebooks, Peter Duffie published any number of limited edition manuscripts, most of which are hard to find these days. Recently Peter has been sifting through his master copies of these books, extracting various plums and offering them as “Best Of” collections. As the title of this current effort clearly puts it, this is volume [4].

Peter Duffie is a heavy duty knuckle busting sleight of handster but his books almost always favour card magic built around subtlety and clever principles rather than sleight of hand. This one follows the trend, using concepts from such cunningly clever clogs as Norman Gilbreath, George Sands, Karl Fulves, Roy Walton, Bob Hummer, E.G. Brown, Si Stebbins, Marty Kane et al.

Actually, what I think is really the Best of Peter Duffie is not so much the routines, which are stand alone and diabolically clever, but the way his routines stimulate my own thinking. What passes for my own little grey cells become very active whenever I work through Duffie’s deceptions.

I have most of the originals, but they’re in the box-that-cannot-be-found, so this and the earlier three books are a thoroughly modern way of regaining access. Less ancient card fans than I will be harvesting Duffie material for the first time and enjoying the ride. If you haven’t yet started your Duffie collection, this is a good place to begin. If you’ve already got the first three “Best Of” volumes, you’ll want this.


© A. E. Smith, July 2011